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Prayer Coach Prayer Coach : adversity : Page 4


God Send Me Anywhere

Send Me Anywhere, Only Go With Me

    God doesn’t send you anywhere that He doesn’t want to go with you. Look for Him and He will be found. Call to Him and He will answer.

    Does God Have You on a Short Leash?

      People often feel God picks on them the same way. How come some people have blatant sin and God still continues to bless them, while you say a word at the wrong time and you feel God’s conviction? Why does God have some on a shorter leash than others?


      What Motivated Gethsemane?

        Jesus at Gethsemane needed something before going through the suffering that He could only get from prayer. He reoriented rulership of His spirit over body.

        Believe in People

        Do We Believe in People?

          Do we believe in others? As ambassadors of Christ, we have a responsibility to speak life into people. We may be the only one who will ever believe in them.

          If God is For Us

          If God is for Us…

            This phrase, “if God is for us,” is very transformational. Not only do we feel safe in who can be against us, there are 25 other truths we can hold on to.

            Kevin Shorter Quotes

            Prayer Quotes – Kevin Shorter

              Spend your talents lavishly. It reflects the Father’s heart who is generous. | God isn’t a destination; He’s the abundant life. | More Kevin Shorter quotes:

              Jesus Can Protect Your Heart

                Jesus cares about you and over everything. And, as you get His perspective on life, you can know that no matter what happens, Jesus can protect your heart.

                Tangled Review

                Tangled Review

                  Tangled was full of the normal elements: fun, action, love story, evil villain, and a touch of magic. However, the villain’s method of evil was different.

                  Frustrations and Happiness

                    Will we choose to believe God is still good toward us when hardships are all around? Thanksgiving in all things opens us up to God’s redemption.

                    An Olive Tree Flourishing in the House of God

                      But the thing about Liv’s name is that not only is it what we’re praying for God to do in her life, it’s a constant reminder of what He’s done in mine. I too am like an olive tree flourishing in the house of God, and I trust in God’s unfailing love forever. And I thank God because HE HAS DONE IT. It was nothing I could do, but He brought about this amazing healing and transformation in my heart and life.