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Prayer Coach Prayer Coach : worldview : Frustrations and Happiness

Frustrations and Happiness

    Expenses Increasing

    So far 2011 has been for me the year of nothing working out. At first it was merely frustrations – things that had been easy were becoming stubborn headaches. For instance, I was denied health insurance. My wife and I are relatively young and both are in good health, yet they found random items to deny us. Then slowly and surely expenses started increasing. Randomly I forgot to pay a bill which added late fees. I almost lost a $200 check. It felt as if our finances were being attacked.

    Then I got into a car accident which was my fault. Nobody was injured; again it was a financial headache. After the cars involved were fixed, my car started having more problems in the spot it was hit. And, that same day I got a $460 traffic ticket for the accident and found out how much insurance would now go up. Ugh!

    Finding Joy in All Things

    I believe this relates to the last post on Are You Happy. Each event led to increased stress, worry, and frustration. WHY LORD? But in reality I was believing a lie that God wasn’t taking care of me and these events were proving it. My stress over the circumstances was preventing (or at least hindering) God from bringing His provisions. I know my God will meet all my needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus (Philippians 4:19). He has more than enough to overcome each of these financial setbacks.

    Thanksgiving in all things opens us up to God’s redemption. Joy is our natural response to being thankful for ALL God has done for us. As I believe God will work together in all things for my good (Romans 8:28), I can eagerly view hardships as I know something good is coming. It is why we are to consider trials as pure joy (James 1:2-3). They are testing our faith. Will we choose to believe God is still in control and still good toward us? I am walking this out again, and feeling on this side of the hump. God is good… all the time!

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    1. This amazing blog post, “Frustrations and Happiness – prayer coach” indicates that u actually understand what precisely you’re communicating about! I personally 100 % approve. Thanks ,Leonie

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