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Rekindling Faith: Reminding Yourself of God’s Goodness

    Reminding Yourself of God's Goodness

    One of people’s favorite characteristics of the Psalms is their raw honesty. Within these writings, you can find the highs and lows of human emotions that resonate with your own feelings. What I find relatable and inspiring is how the psalmists allow their feelings to draw them closer to God, rather than pushing them away.

    Psalm 13 particularly stood out to me in this regard. As you read the first 4 verses, you witness David bemoaning his situation. He asks, “How long, LORD? Did you hide from me? Have you forgotten me? Don’t you care that my enemy is beating me?” David’s honest approach to God is palpable, and he fearlessly expresses his deepest emotions.

    Then, as I turn the page in my Bible, I come across the next two verses. “But I trust you. My heart is happy with you. I will sing, for you are good to me.”

    The first time I encountered this, I had to double-check to make sure I hadn’t skipped a page. What happened? Where did this sudden change come from? Did God answer? Was everything suddenly better?

    It becomes apparent that nothing external changed for David; instead, he chose to place his trust in God over his circumstances. Yes, I might feel down or overwhelmed, but I am certain that God is good..

    This is often what we need to do as well. We must consciously choose to believe in God’s goodness despite our circumstances, so that we can find joy in His faithfulness even when things seem bleak. In Brian Johnson’s song ‘Love Comes Down’ there is a line that resonates deeply: “I sing out to remind my soul, I am Yours.”

    The world constantly tries to divert our attention from God, but we must constantly remind ourselves that He is trustworthy, He is good, and He is exactly what we need. Take a moment to reflect on the goodness of God in your own life. Don’t ever forget it. God is good.

    2 thoughts on “Rekindling Faith: Reminding Yourself of God’s Goodness”

    1. You are right….We must remind ourselves everyday that God is good….Why?…because our society (including believers) can think that if God is a good God, why did he “allow this” or why did a tornado or hurricane destroy people’s lives, murder or rape happen?….all the evil in the world is around us….and yet God is good because he did not “cause” these things to happen….We live in a fallen world where there is free will….Everyone has been given free will by God to choose right and wrong….therefore pain and suffering will always be with us, but Jesus provides a way out, through his sacrifice….Who would do that for someone??…He loves you so much he died for you and me…The Devil wants only destruction, pain, and suffering in our lives….we need to remember who is truly good and who is not….

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