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Do We Believe in People?

    via Scott Williams
    This video is in Korean, but you will not miss the message. The contestant on the show was put in an orphanage when he was 3 and left the orphanage to live on his own at age 5. You cannot miss that this guy does not believe in himself. As you listen to his story, it is hard to imagine if anyone ever has. The video is inspirational and inspiring, but it also displays the power of belief and encouragement.

    Do We Believe In People?

    We can have a powerful effect on this world if we would just believe in ourselves. If we would just believe that we have something in us that is worthwhile.

    With God as our creator, we have amazing things within us to make a positive impact on the world. Will we tap into it?

    Do we also believe this for our friends? Our co-workers? Our children? Our neighbors? As ambassadors of Christ, we have a responsibility to speak life into others. We may be the only one who will ever believe in them. They may not believe in themselves, but we are called to look for the treasure that God placed there and bring it into the light.

    I have often heard the quote that the world has yet to a see what God can do through a man that is totally devoted to Him. If that is true, imagine a world where everyone was living up to the potential that God deposited in them. Now that is true revival!

    Encourage someone to live up to their potential today!

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