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The Desires of Your Heart

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    “Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” – Psalm 37:4

    God created you and knows what will bring you the greatest pleasure. He knows that if He can get you to do what He created you to do, you will find the greatest satisfaction in your life. Therefore if we are to see ourselves as children of God and to see God as our Heavenly Father, we must see that we are birthed out of an expression of His pleasure. Children are a celebration of love. God wants us to enjoy who He created us to be.

    The desires of your heart are those things that God placed in you to reveal what you were created to do. These desires are opportunities to connect with your heart. This is extremely important because it is from the heart that we connect with God. He wants to connect to the person He created, not the facade that we put on for others to like us.

    For a man the thought of connecting to his heart can be overwhelming. Heart issues have always implied feelings or the need to cry. For better of for worse those were turned off at a young age.

    Connecting with our desires is a non-threatening approach to the heart. It has to do with future and creating what is not yet. It is powerful and manly.

    Delving into the desires of our hearts is a partnering with God to call up the dreams that God has placed in us. Since God was the One who put them there, we have His grace behind our partnership to fulfill them. We connect with the purpose for which we were created and we enter into the abundant life promised. Partnering with the desires of our heart is a holy process. We are ushered into experiencing more of God, and hope fills our lives.

    • What are the desires God has placed on your heart?

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