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What God Wants - What God Does

What God Wants vs. What God Does

    There are things that God wants to do and things that He lets happen. And, the difference between them has a lot to do with prayer. God likes our faith.

    Can I Say No to God?

    Can I Say No to God?

      Sometimes it is easier to turn off our hearts in obedience than to wrestle with God about things we don’t want to do. God wants connection over obedience.

      Challenge Life Faith

      The Challenges of the Life of Faith

        The challenges of the life of faith is real. I’m not trying to elevate my experience, however, I hope to encourage you to press on in your life of faith.

        Where is the Great Joy

        Where is the Great Joy?

          The angels declared great joy for all the people, but shortly afterward great pain entered the region Jesus came. Where is the great joy that was promised?

          God Wants to Hide You From Evil

          God Wants to Hide You From Evil

            When you go into the secret place, you are hidden. You are actually hidden from evil in the tabernacle of the Lord. We must go into that secret place.

            Your Perspective Your Choice

            Your Perspective is Your Choice

              We all have a choice at what perspective we want to have. Do we focus in on the problems or obstacles? What does God want us to focus our attention on?

              Prayers to Build Your Hope

              5 Prayers to Build Your Hope

                Prayers to build your hope is standing in faith for the things God has promised while circumstances tell us He has forgotten all about us.

                Overcome God's Silence

                2 Ways to Overcome God’s Silence

                  We have a God that loves to speak. Pray through these two ways to overcome God’s silence and may you be released into a greater awareness of His voice.