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If God is for Us…

    If God is For Us

    Romans 8:31 asks us the amazing question, “if God is for us, who can be against us?” This question is a source of deep encouragement for believers. Is there any affliction or persecution that can remove our focus from the joy of the Lord? If God is for us, what else do we need?

    This phrase, “if God is for us,” is very transformational as you dwell upon it. I have thought of 26 other endings to that phrase that pull out more encouragement and motivation. Dwell on these truths. If there are any that don’t feel true, meditate on them. Let the ramifications of God being for you sink deep into your soul.

    If God is for us, …

    1. delight yourself in Him.
    2. who can discourage you?
    3. life is an exciting adventure.
    4. joy is never-ending.
    5. you don’t view yourself based on your sin.
    6. stepping out in faith is natural.
    7. His every approach to you is in love.
    8. He will become your focus and not what may hold you back.
    9. your future is bright.
    10. you can expect things to get better.
    11. doubt loses its grip on you.
    12. addictions can be overcome.
    13. you have no limitations.
    14. you can expect His help as you live out your destiny.
    15. you cannot out-dream God.
    16. He is not trying to make you feel bad for yourself.
    17. He is rooting for and enabling your success.
    18. good things will come your way.
    19. He will redeem every bad thing that has happened to you.
    20. He will give you the desires of your heart.
    21. you always have hope.
    22. He always wants to heal you.
    23. bad things are never His will for you.
    24. He will defend you.
    25. He will always receive you.
    26. God will hear your prayers.

    Which phrases are your favorite? Do you have another ending you would suggest? Please add a comment below to share your thoughts.

    9 thoughts on “If God is for Us…”

    1. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!
      Though the security and certainty of the Lord’s Love, His Word and the work of His Spirit, your continued and very encouraging ‘tweets’ today have been that swift swipe of the Sword I have needed- bless you!

      And in His His Truths and ground of Christ’s shed Blood may we stand firm!

    2. One of those cool “coincidences” as this was the passage of focus for our pastor’s sermon this week. I find 21 and 22 most empowering. This knowledge also gives us courage to face our deepest fears about any situation and more so, fears about our own sins and deficiencies.

      1. Thank you for your comment. I’m glad that the timing of finding this post was so providential for you. May the power of know God is for you increase your confidence and joy in the Lord.


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    6. Thank you, Kevin! I challenged the women in my grow group to change the end of that scripture. Here are a few of their responses. If God is for me…I can face tomorrow, my future IS in Your hands, I am never alone, I shouldn’t be afraid, and we are free.

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