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Ultimate Goal of Parenting

    Ultimate Goal of Parenting

    Greatest Day of a Parent’s Life

    This week my youngest daughter expressed interest in the cross. My wife felt God’s leading to make the gospel personal for her, and she eagerly asked Jesus into her heart. When she did, my oldest daughter excitedly declared that she was the same age when Jesus came into her heart. As you can imagine, I am very happy for the girls. But, what do I do now?

    The Ultimate Goal of Parenting

    It seems that too many people focus so much on the event of salvation that there is no plan for what to do afterward. This would be a big problem for my family, because both girls have come to salvation at such a young age. I have at least another 14 years of them in my house, and we have already reached that desired goal.

    As important as that decision was for my daughters, my work is not done. That decision was merely the first step to my ultimate goal for both of them.

    I pray that my daughters will never know a time they didn’t love and trust Jesus, God, and Holy Spirit.

    Now What?

    That decision this week is amazing because both girls were three when they made that decision. Now my wife and I will continue to do what we were doing. Our goals are not different.

    We just saw significant progress; we did not see completion. We will continue to pray with our girls, read them the Bible, allow their hearts to connect with Jesus, dance, worship, etc. We will continue to allow them to see us pursuing God.

    The Goal of This Post

    My wife and I are not perfect. The goals of this post is 1. to celebrate a significant event for which I am truly happy; and 2. to encourage you to set your parenting goal beyond an event. If you are praying for your child’s salvation (or any loved one), I challenge you to explore what you really would like to see in their salvation.

    Change your prayer to something that salvation is a necessary step but not the end goal. God is not solely looking for people to fill heaven. He is looking for more people to experience His abundant love.

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