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Prayer Quotes – Kevin Shorter

    Kevin Shorter Quotes

    1. God’s deep longing for more of our hearts is the same passion God wants us to have of Him.
    2. It is hard to hold God accountable to His promises if we value ours too little.
    3. Spend your talents lavishly. It reflects the Father’s heart who is generous.
    4. You cannot live the life God planned for you without prayer because the things He has planned require His involvement which is found in prayer.
    5. Listen for the word of the Lord going out and join in its declaration. You want success in your prayers? Partner with those words because they don’t come back void.
    6. If you don’t know who you are, you are not going to pray what you should.
    7. You stop hearing God’s voice through disobeying what you have already heard.
    8. Time with God leads us to make request from Him.
    9. God is good all the time. Prayer makes you more alert to those times.
    10. The world gives out of their abundance. We give out of our need believing in faith that we have abundance.
    11. Prayers of worshippers are powerful because they hang out in God’s presence.
    12. Let’s don’t waste our lives living beneath the life Jesus died to give us.
    13. Do we have to see it to believe it? Yes. Faith needs to see it in our hearts.
    14. We can never fully love that which we fear.
    15. We look for definite signs that we can’t deny and God is looking for intimacy.
    16. It is easy to follow God when we don’t understand if its toward something we want. Would we still follow if we think we won’t like the outcome? (Abraham & Isaac)
    17. The greater our gratitude the more we will experience of God.
    18. Many Christians don’t pray for God’s miracles because they fear raising people’s hopes only for God not to show up.
    19. God created you and knows what will bring you the greatest pleasure.
    20. God doesn’t want to punish you.
    21. The more you love God, the more love you have received from Him. – 1 John 4:19
    22. God never motivates us by withholding His love from us.
    23. Our interpretations of our experiences in life result in our beliefs.
    24. If you see yourself as a sinner, you will set an expectation that you are going to sin.
    25. God wants you to know that He has never not liked you.
    26. Once we draw near to God and prepared a place for Him, He comes. And when He comes, all things are now possible.
    27. You have no right to believe anything about yourself that God did not say about you.
    28. God is looking for people who pursue Him with the same intensity that He pursues us.
    29. Rest redefines work, not replaces it.
    30. Our vows are designed to distance us from pain, but what they really accomplish is to distance us from God.
    31. Joy makes way for hope, which leads to faith that creates the atmosphere for God’s miraculous answers.
    32. The life of faith is only comfortable because of the One you have faith in. He makes faith the only comfortable place.
    33. Prayer is us entering the communication of heaven. If we don’t listen, we are butting in. Romans 8:26-28
    34. Prayer affects the plans of God.
    35. You are meant to live a life overwhelmed by the love of God.
    36. We will never overcome this world if we are living in fear of it
    37. Let us pray until all our prayers are answered prayers and that is our expectation of our prayers.
    38. You can have complete confidence with God because He is incredibly in love with you.
    39. Most of our prayers become pleas for God to act because we are more focused on what we want Him to do than we are of Him.
    40. God is good; all the time… Even when we don’t see it.
    41. If the target of our prayers is not for the glory of God, then the answers may turn us away from our Father.
    42. Your fear is the greatest limitation to experiencing the abundant life God has promised you.
    43. Are we honoring God by saying the ramifications of our decisions are too great an obstacle for his cross?
    44. Scripture enables you to enter in prayer and empowers you to have confidence before God.
    45. The things you let your mind dwell on are the things you train your heart to want.
    46. Our beliefs are the doors that keep shutting the passage to the realities that God has promised.
    47. As you let your mind focus on God’s goodness, your faith will rise up.
    48. Oftentimes you don’t know how God is going to answer your prayer. That is what makes prayer so exciting.
    49. So many Christians are immobilized in their lives because they are afraid to get too far in front of God.
    50. We cannot have a expression of love for God that is greater than any He has for us.
    51. Jesus defeated Satan. Good > evil. Don’t let evil [sin, sickness, fears] keep you from good.
    52. This Christmas let the God-man invade your life as He invaded earth. Merry Christmas!
    53. God has placed this light in our hearts to display the face of Christ. To seek His face, we need to dive into our hearts and find Christ there.
    54. The life of faith is grabbing hold of God’s promises and living as if they are true.
    55. God has put in you all you need, and He has removed everything that would keep you from attaining your destiny.
    56. The Emmanuel who came to earth 2K yrs ago still wants to be the God with us today. Pursue Him and He will draw near to you.
    57. May the love of God overflow in everything you do today.
    58. The world’s screaming at us that we are worthless and we have believed it. God is whispering it is not true.
    59. God, You never stop loving me, so I will never stop loving You. – wonderful cycle of life!
    60. Misinterpretations of life & wrong beliefs about ourselves, God, & others create fear that keep us from living from our hearts.
    61. When we know God loves us even in our situation, fear releases its strangle hold over us.
    62. God gives us promises that we may call upon His faithfulness to show how much He wants to give to us.
    63. Never assume what God may do. Assumption kills relationship; it breaks connection and leads to rules.
    64. Our inheritance is the Lord when we give Him ourselves (Lam. 3:24).
    65. Too many Christians are satisfied that earth is the closest they’ll come to hell that they are not willing to bring more of heaven here.
    66. God has good things in store for you and wants to reveal more of you to the world. The world needs all you were created to be.
    67. Children expect their parents to answer them. Illegitimate children don’t expect God to answer.
    68. There are things that we may not like that God loves.
    69. If you are so focused on the techniques of prayer, then you misplace the intended purpose.
    70. May this year be filled with circumstances that you see as confirmation of God’s love for you
    71. We try to put ourselves down trying to make God look better. But that is not an accurate view. God is trying to tell us how great we are.
    72. Jesus loves you and is for you. What are you afraid of?
    73. May you be aware of the love of God in everything that happens today.
    74. Embrace your mistakes in life and allow them to lead you to walking more fully in the abundant life.
    75. The cross is not meant to be a burden; it’s meant to kill. And, through death bring real life.
    76. There are things God is not planning to do but is willing to do through prayer.
    77. Remember God’s previous answers to prayer to have faith for the ones you’re waiting on.
    78. God answers prayers because He loves us. He desires us to pray out of love for Him.
    79. Sin saddens God’s heart not angers Him; He loves us so much He wants us to experience all of the joy in His heart for us.
    80. Are the desires of your heart yours or God’s? Does it matter? God wants to give them to you.
    81. If you spend anytime in prayer listening to the words God speaks to you, you will know He thinks very highly of you.
    82. The one thing most of us need to live in the destiny God has given us is to believe in ourselves the way God does.
    83. When we choose faith that God is going to show up over what looks impossible, God is greatly pleased.
    84. Growth involves trial and error. Some people may leave you for your errors. Jesus won’t. Press on.
    85. God wants us to know that the life He has for us is better than anything the world can even attempt to offer.
    86. You may not know how God is going to come through but you hope because you know God’s love for you.

    Kevin Shorter
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