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Fear Will Disqualify You

    Fear Will Disqualify You

    In the last post, I explained how God has not disqualified you. Today I wanted to provide another point where we often disqualify ourselves. It often stems from the four points displayed by Moses, but since it often yells so loud, it is all we can really hear.

    I would venture to say that everything that keeps us from following God’s call in our lives has some connection to fear. Fear is a powerful demotivator. It reveals what we really believe.

    When the Israelites were at the edge of the Promised Land, they send in 12 spies to investigate the land (Numbers 13-14). The land was all that they had hoped for, flowing with milk and honey, but there were others living there. Caleb and Joshua believed God’s promise, but the rest spread doubt throughout the Israelite camp.

    “We seemed like grasshoppers in our own eyes, and we looked the same to them.”

    Can you imagine the conversation they must have had with the men of Anak? “Would you say that we appear as grasshoppers to you?” Of course they never talked to any of the inhabitants about their size. This was their own issues with fear. They did not believe God’s protection for them to take the land.

    Crisis of Belief

    We all face our own crisis of belief. We receive a wonderful promise from God that we claim wholeheartedly. We have this honeymoon experience with the promises of God, then we realize that there will be something required of us. We will need to take steps of faith where we may look stupid or get hurt. That potential of pain outweighs the potential of the promise to us. We choose to believe that the pain is more real than God’s promise.

    1. God gives us a promise
    2. The promise requires a step of faith
    3. Our beliefs are challenged. Will we believe the promise or what we have always experienced?
    4. We make a choice based on our belief of which is greater: promise or past

    Therefore, we don’t believe God will ever free us from addiction. We don’t believe someone will really love us for who we are. We don’t believe healing is for today. We don’t believe we will ever amount to anything significant.

    Your fear is the greatest limitation to experiencing the abundant life God has promised you. Conquering your fear is also the quickest way to experience the fullness of God in your life. Don’t let fear disqualify you.

    4 thoughts on “Fear Will Disqualify You”

    1. I understand brother, you speak about conquering fear. I dont know how to conquer sometimes.Do you know how? I understand that too can be done by God’s Grace and love and strength alone because it is hard by my own efforts and strength, it is frustrating and painful, So I trust in HIM to help me.

      1. Dear Bunnyb, thanks for your comment. This process may not be “fun”, but it is very rewarding. As you hold onto the promise, God will free you in areas that have hindered your from experiencing that promise. Once done, future promises will become easier to attain because you have greater trust that He will come through. What I’m trying to say is you are in a good place. God is rooting for you. I would love to hear your story you get from this experience. May God be the glory.

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