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We all have a worldview from which we live. How does the Bible affect your view of life, God, and self?

Joy is Central and Joy is Opposed

    I received this newsletter in the mail this weekend from John Eldredge’s Ransomed Heart Ministry. I wanted to share it hear because of his comments about not wanting to pray for his friend. I think they are common doubts for believers and common hindrances to prayer. Enjoy.

    How Can God Make Good Out of This?

      How can God make something good out of this? Whatever painful circumstance you have endured, take it to Jesus. Allow Him to interpret it for you.

      Only You Can Keep You From God

        As Christians, we are always able to boldly approach God. Therefore the feelings of distance are from us not from God. Only you can keep you from God.

        What the Wicked Witch Teaches Us About Satan

          When the witch saw what Dorothy had in the gifts from the good witch, she became very afraid to the point wanting to run. But then she saw into Dorothy’s eyes and could tell that she did not know what she had. The witch knew that she could still make Dorothy her slave because Dorothy did not know how to use the power she had been given. The only thing the witch could do was to deceive Dorothy in thinking she did not have the power that had been given to her.

          Praying for Understanding

            Example of praying for understanding from Graham Cooke: Your favor is designed to make you look like Jesus. It gives you a lifestyle of giving & receiving.

            Killing Insects

              Jesus, help us to love and build bridges instead of killing others because we personally don’t like what they do. Help us to pray according to your desires for people and our world.

              Dr. Bright’s Royalty Mindset

                Many Christians are living their lives with the belief that they have nothing to offer the leaders besides saving faith. Our view of self affects prayers.

                Help for the Hurting

                Do We Have Hope for the Hurting?

                  Do we have hope for the hurting? Whether they admit it or not, many people (Christians included) are angry with God because of hurt that’s happened.

                  Where is the Rest Jesus Promised

                  Where is the Rest Jesus Promised?

                    The problem with rest is that we have the definition wrong. We think rest is doing nothing. Jesus defined rest as doing only what He saw His Father doing.