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Why We Exalt Him

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    Why is it so necessary for us as creatures to exalt, magnify, and worship our God? So often I hear it is to get a proper perspective. We are nothing without God. We must decrease and God must increase. Is this really true? Are we really nothing without God?

    I don’t believe it. What would God want with creatures that were worthless and could offer Him nothing?

    God loves us because He has put something in us that delights Him. To believe that we are nothing without God would lead you to believe that non-Christians have nothing of value to offer the world. Do we really believe that non-Christians have given nothing of value to the world?

    We exalt God because it gives God room to exalt us.

    We are called a royal priesthood and are seated in the heavenly realms in places of honor and authority. God is looking to advance us in His kingdom, but He will keep us from attaining a position higher than our view of Himself. As we raise the bar of how we view God, we are also raising the bar of how we can view ourselves.

    We have long had a incorrect view of humility. Humility is not thinking less of ourselves, but having a proper view of ourselves. And, a proper view is thinking of ourselves as God thinks of us. We are His friends and lovers. He is leading us into a place where He can have complete trust in us to be a perfect representation of Him on earth. When people see us; they see God.

    If we are walking around thinking low of ourselves, people will not see a friend of God – they will see a slave. We do not exalt God to create distance between us but actually to draw us closer.

    3 thoughts on “Why We Exalt Him”

    1. What do you mean when you say, “Are we really nothing without God?
      I don’t believe it. What would God want with creatures that were worthless and could offer Him nothing?”. It sounds to me like what you are saying is that we cannot be worthless because God wants to be with us. Could you clarify?

      1. We can’t be worthless because worth is determined by what someone is willing to pay. God is willing to die for you. That means you are of incredible worth. Does that answer your question? We often confess our worthlessness in order to make God bigger, but can we be of great value and still allow for God to have more worth?

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