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A Season of Hope

    A Season of Hope

    Hope Fills the Air

    One of the best things about Christmas is that it is a season of hope. There are songs about good tidings. Generosity seems to abound. Families and old friends reconnect. People are generally nicer and happier—unless you are in Christmas traffic.

    Even those without any strong religion gets sucked into the festivities. Movies abound that tug at the hearts strings to believe in the benefits of goodness and the possibility of a Christmas miracle. There is an anticipation of something wonderful. Hope fills the air.

    Hope Was Always Intended

    All of this seems to be built into the season. It is the message from the angels, “today, something amazing has happened and your life will never be the same.” Jesus is the Emmanuel; God came to our world.

    I believe this is the intended purpose of Christmas, to be a season of hope. The Bible tells us that without God we are without hope (Ephesians 2:12), but now God came, we have hope. Hope marinates this time of year because it is the celebration of Jesus’ entrance.

    Focus on the Hope

    I don’t know what your year was like. Mine hasn’t been ideal. I made two quick long-distance moves and had a beloved family member pass away and another completely forget who I am due to sickness. My finances dropped considerably. Like many of you, I have plenty of negative things I could focus on.

    Our hope is found in our focus on Jesus. For the hope set before Him, He left the throne room of heaven, came to earth as a child, experienced every temptation we do, loved people He met, and willingly died on the cross. His focus was not on the circumstances; it was on the hope that was coming.

    Grab Hold of the Hope

    Let’s follow His example and grab hold of the hope of Christmas – God wants to be with you. With God, you are never alone, nothing is impossible, and life is an adventure. God is good and will bring good things your way.

    Do what you can to maintain hope. Worship to Christmas music. Pray with friends. Watch movies that help you believe good things are coming, even if some people think they are cheesy. I’d admit it; I watch Hallmark movies. Do what it takes to fill you with hope because hope will give room for faith to grow and add power to your prayers.

    May the love of Christ fill every part of your season that hope may abound.

    2 thoughts on “A Season of Hope”

      1. Dear Golfex,
        Thanks for visiting our site. I don’t really research such items. Not saying they don’t matter, but there are many people who have looked into it with more detail. They consider information about when the angel visited Zachariah and counting months. I like the September birthdate as it puts it near my birthday, but they might not be right either. More than likely it’s not Dec 25th since history shows this date was chosen after Constantine converted and assimilated some Christian holidays into what was Roman traditions.

        You can search Google: If anything, you have some interesting reading. Even if Jesus wasn’t born in December, may you still experience the joy of God entering our world.

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