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We all have a worldview from which we live. How does the Bible affect your view of life, God, and self?

Things Are Not What They Seem

    We live in two worlds—or better, in one world with two parts, one part that we can see and one part that we cannot. We are urged, for our own welfare, to act as though the unseen world (the rest of reality) is, in fact, more weighty and more real and more dangerous than the part of reality we can see.

    Path Not Intended

    The Path Not Intended to Travel

      Did God want Abraham to kill Isaac? Was David supposed to kill Saul? Does God lead us into situations we are to choose to say no?

      What are You Afraid to Ask God

      What Are You Afraid to Ask God For?

        If you do not see God is good, you will not ask Him for things you care about. If you are afraid He will not come through, you will not persevere in prayer.

        IHOP Allyson Prior

        Love You Rightly by Allyson Prior

          Love You Rightly by Allyson Prior has had a great effect stirring up devotion in me personally as I have listened to it repeatedly. I hope it blesses you.

          God Make Good Out of This

          How Can God Make Good Out Of This

            Have you ever thought how Joseph must have felt through the Christmas story? Here he is engaged to be married to a teenage girl, and she turns up pregnant.

            Seeking Jesus in Our Circumstances

            Seeking Jesus In Our Circumstances

              Pursue God to help give you understanding. It was this kind of pursuit that was rewarded for Mary with a visitation from Jesus. Jesus loves to be pursued.

              God Works for Good

              God Works All Things For Good

                How do we interpret life? Life is had and bad things happen. Still we have to hold fast to the truth that God works all things for good!

                Lies Christians Believe

                Lies Christians Believe

                  What are some of the lies Christians believe? I was surprised how many I believed about God and myself. No wonder I couldn’t fully give my all to God.

                  How Do We Respond to Delayed Answers to Prayer?

                    You haven’t blown it, Daniel, and God isn’t holding out on you. The angel goes on to explain that he was locked in hand-to-hand combat with a mighty fallen angel, a demonic power of dreadful strength, who kept him out of the Persian kingdom for these three weeks, and how he finally had to go get Michael (the great Archangel, the Captain of the Lord’s hosts) to come and help him break through enemy lines. “Now I am here, in answer to your prayer. Sorry its taken so long.”


                    Lord, Don’t Give Us What We Deserve?

                      When we placed our lives in Christ, we exchanged our lives for His. We have no more fear of judgment of sins. We now deserve everything God died to give.

                      Facebook Confessions

                        Confession in our personal prayers often takes the form of dredging up every possible sin to bring before God. There is a scene in the movie, Luther, where Martin Luther is spending long hours in the confessional of the monastery to the point where the other priest is getting bored with him. Now I do not think God ever gets bored of us coming to Him. But I do think God wants us to know that sin has been dealt with. The purpose of confession in our prayers is not to get our sins forgiven. They are already forgiven. The purpose of confession is to remind ourselves of this truth and to thank Jesus for the forgiveness given to us. Confession is not to rehash the shame of sin, but to annihilate shame’s very existence in our lives.