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Prayer Coach Prayer Coach : worldview : Page 18


We all have a worldview from which we live. How does the Bible affect your view of life, God, and self?

Tale of 2 Fathers – Isaac and Jacob

    Isaac fathered Jacob who felt alone in the world. Jacob fathered Joseph knew he was special and had value to give. A father can great play role on a child.


    Stop Giving Power to Sin

      God is not pushing people away because of their sin. He wants to wrap them in His arms and wipe away every tear. Stop giving power to sin and let love win.

      How to Pray for Love

        Most of us know that we are lacking in love. With these directions on how to pray for love, you are now clear to receive the promised empowerment to love.


        With God We Always Have Hope

          While it can be very scary, transition is so good. It allows you to dream what your life can be like. Transition brings life to your soul and spirit.

          Why Am I Depressed Over Christmas?

          Why Am I Depressed At Christmas?

            Many people have noticed being depressed at Christmas. You are not the only one. Here are some reasons for the anxiety and some ways to overcome it.

            What Do You Want From God

            What Do You Want From God?

              Don’t be well-rounded. Be who you were created to be and change the world doing it. What do you want from God? Become every bit the person He meant for you.

              How Do We Network as a Christian?

                Networking fails when it becomes all about what the other person can do for you. God’s kingdom doesn’t work that way. How do we network as a Christian?

                Love the Bully and Victim-bg

                God Loves the Bully and the Victim

                  Can God love one without hating the other and still maintain justice? He has a huge heart of love for each person. Can we release others into His grace?

                  Is This How You View Prayer?

                    We pour our hearts out in a one-side communication to our God who we hope has affection for us. Our prayers are cast out into the empty sea of quietness.