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What Do You Have to Say for Yourself?

    singing Jesus Loves Me in Chinese

    “I am powerful, and what I believe changes the world!
    So today I declare:
    God is in a good mood.
    He loves me all the time.
    Nothing can separate me from His love.
    Jesus’ blood paid for everything
    I will tell nations of what He has done.
    I am important.
    How He made me is amazing.
    I was designed for worship.
    My mouth establishes praise to silence the enemy.
    Everywhere I go becomes a perfect health zone.
    And… with God
    Nothing is impossible!”

    Corporate Readings

    Throughout the centuries the Church has been practicing corporate readings as a part of worship. Nowadays apart from corporate singing, this practice has waned.  Recenlty I found that my daughter has been reciting the above creed during her children’s church, and I couldn’t be happier. She is being trained to believe things about herself and God that is opposite to what I believed about myself as I grew up.

    My Personal Identity Statements

    I grew up without much direction into who I was. I remember words that I was embarrassment and that I never do anything helpful. There were also circumstances that I didn’t know how to interpret, which spoke words that I was messed up, that I was unimportant, and that I was a burden. O, how imporant are the words that we say of ourselves. (My parents were not bad. I’ve made some poor choices in my words to my kids as well. The point is that words are powerful.)

    The Power of Our Words

    God spoke creation into being. And having been made in His image our words create new realities. If we speak words that are in agreement with our enemy, then we create greater bondages for ourselves. I still have to work at releasing myself to enjoy things for fear that I may be an embarrassment to someone. I know successful people that are still trying to overcome statements of being stupid or being a failure. Our words create our realities.

    Proverbs tell us that our words have the power of life and death (Proverbs 18:21). The enemy can only distort what God intented for good. Therefore just as we can create negative realities with our words, we can also send out life with what we say. We need to proactively speak out new realities that bring God’s kingdom to earth.

    Why Worship and Praise Are Powerful

    Worship and praise are powerful because they put words and emotion behind virtues in God’s kingdom. Jesus Loves Me is more than a precious children’s song when you think of how many of us need to know we are loved. I may feel unlovable, but I will declare with my song that Jesus loves me.

    Speaking truth is not the pill to cure all your troubles in the Christian walk, but it is important. There is a reason we need to declare with our mouths in addition to believing in our hearts (Romans 10:9). There was a reason that Jesus spoke God’s promises to the Satan (Matthew 4:1-11). Let’s proclaim the goodness of God. Speak out the things God wants to do in this world. Listen for the word of the Lord going out and join in its declaration. You want success in your prayers? Partner with those words because they don’t come back void (Isaiah 55:11).

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