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What Do You Want From God?

    What Do You Want From God

    What Do You Really Want for Christmas?

    Kids young and old are currently finishing up their Christmas lists. Growing up, I would look through the big catalogs and circle things I wanted. It would end up being a giant wishlist which rarely included things I REALLY wanted. Now that I’m older, the list is shrinking. This year I would like three things: an iPad, a trip to Italy, and my house paid off.

    What is it you really want to get this Christmas? Is it merely a passing whim or a strong desire? What are you actively seeking out? I believe God is looking for people who know what they want.

    What Simeon and Anna Wanted?

    The Christmas story tells of at least two such people—Simeon and Anna (Luke 2:22-40). They gave themselves to God. Simeon held to the promise of seeing the Messiah before dying, and Anna worshiped the Lord night and day, fasting and praying for close to 60 years. God honored these two by allowing them to see the baby Jesus and gave them as examples to us.

    In this world there are many things that can call for your attention. Most of them have no inherent evil. Simeon and Anna made a conscious decision to deny some acceptable choices in order to go after the one thing they really wanted. I believe God is desiring the same from us.

    What Is Burning in Your Heart?

    While the desire for Jesus is commendable, 24/7 prayer vigils is not God’s call for everyone. What are the passions God has put on your heart? Do you want to help boys to grow into manhood? Women free of fear? Communities transformed? New businesses created? Find your desire and pursue it. Pray about it. Listen for God’s heart about it. Research it. Find people of with similar interests. And, take steps to see it fulfilled.

    Don’t worry about being well-rounded. Go after who you were created to be and change the world by being that person. What do I want from God? That I become every bit the person He created me to be. May this be the Christmas wish of us all.

    image of Presentation in the Temple by Ludovico Carracci


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