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How Do You Remember What God Has Taught You in Times of Struggle?

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    Maintaining Your Mountain High

    Anyone can have faith when things are going well. The Christian community has just finished all of their Christmas/Winter/New Year conferences where thousands of believers joined together to worship and encourage one another. Hope was distilled and people sent home flying high with what God can do through them. Now many are back home and are struggling how to put feet to the declarations they made just a few days ago.

    Life gets tough. Your past will try to pull you back into your former lifestyle. None of this discounts conferences because they can be wonderful life-changing experiences. However, how do you remember what God has taught you later when you need it? How can you remember that excitement for the Lord in your everyday life? Even more, how do you remind yourself of God’s goodness when you are really struggling?

    We Need to Run With Others

    The best answer is relationships! You were not created to be alone. You were not even created to only you and Jesus. You need the body. Adam had the perfect setup-he got to stroll the garden walking with God. Even so, God said it wasn’t good for him not to have another human around. You need people.

    David when he was running away from Saul got severely depressed. You can read some of the Psalms and see his struggles. On one particular occasion, Jonathon went and found him to help David find his strength in the Lord. he reminded David of the promises of God toward him, and he reminded David of his own commitment to David (1 Samuel 23:15-18).

    You need people in your life that will keep pointing out to you what God thinks of you and will keep affirming their commitment to you. Let us continue to encourage each other daily (Hebrew 10:24-25). Speak life in each other.

    Find People Who Push You to Be You

    Too many of the accountability relationships we put ourselves into are just pointing out what we do wrong. That is not how God leads us into the life He calls us into. It is God’s kindness that leads us into repentance (Romans 2:4). God has too many wonderful things to point out about you to be interested in your failures. Focusing on sin does not stop sin.

    If you want to stay committed to the devotion you profess for the Lord, cultivate good relationships who love the Jesus and love you. As you keep yourself open before them and God, you will remember who you are. Being your true self positions you to receive favor from God and unhindered communication with Him.

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