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We all have a worldview from which we live. How does the Bible affect your view of life, God, and self?


Jesus Prayed That We Would Be One

    Jesus prayed that we would be one, yet we get caught up with denominations that tend to create barriers between Christians. How do we come together?

    Our heart - God's throne

    Down In Your Heart There is a Temple

      The access point to knowing God is through our hearts. He looks for intimate lovers and friends. He will give us as much of His heart as we give Him ours.

      Promise to God Bad?

      Are Promises to Follow God Good or Bad?

        Why are promises to God common among Christians? Because we are afraid of sin, so we create rules to prove to ourselves that we are worthy of His sacrifice.

        The Problem with Promises

        The Problem with Promises

          Promises to ourselves are designed to distance us from our pain, but what they really accomplish is to distance us from God and the life He has for us.

          5 Reasons Why We Need a Father

            Fathers instill into their kids they will be provided for, will be protected, have a purpose, and will enjoy life. Check out these reasons we need a father.

            If God is For Us

            If God is for Us…

              This phrase, “if God is for us,” is very transformational. Not only do we feel safe in who can be against us, there are 25 other truths we can hold on to.

              Why Does God Have to Whisper?

              Why Does God Have to Whisper?

                So many are hungry to hear the voice of God, desperate for something to bring understanding to their situations. Why can’t God speak up?

                God is Never Late

                God is Never Late

                  People criticize Saul for his pride by doing the sacrifice. But, many lives would have been lost. He had to consider that, right?

                  Fear Will Disqualify You

                  Fear Will Disqualify You

                    Your fear is the greatest limitation to experiencing the abundant life God has for you. Conquering fear is the quickest way to experience God’s fullness.

                    Why Do You Think God Cannot Use You

                    Why Do You Think God Cannot Use You?

                      I have good news for you: God isn’t in the business of disqualifying any of us. God is doing everything to let us know He has qualified us. God can use you.