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Prayer Coach Prayer Coach : worldview : view of God : Down In Your Heart There is a Temple

Down In Your Heart There is a Temple

    Heart Sketch

    Down in you heart there is a temple
    Come and kneel before its throne
    Be still and know that He is God
    Be still and know

    Pursuing the heart of God is a goal of all believers. What is it that pleases Him? What is it about us that He likes? What makes God tick? This is not a pursuit so we can put Him in a box, but it is so we can be more intimate with the One who loves us.

    A person’s heart is not only the place where all the blood circulates from, it is the source of all life for that person – physical, emotional, and spiritual. To understand the heart of God is to make sense of all of life. Why did He create everything? Why He lets us have free-will to sin?

    The good news is God wants to reveal His heart to us. The access point to knowing the heart of God is through our hearts. God is looking for intimate lovers and friends. He will give us as much of His heart as we give Him ours. He may give a little more than we give, but that is His attempt to entice us to share more of ourselves with Him. Therefore we hit a roadblock with God when we don’t know what is in our hearts.

    The degree with which we don’t know our own heart is the degree that we will be hindered in knowing God’s.

    Most of us don’t know what is in our hearts. We are still praying for clean hearts when God said He already exchanged our hearts of stone with hearts of flesh. Therefore if we have been given everything in our source of life to devoutly follow God, why do we still have a hard go of it at times? It is because our misinterpretations of life and wrong beliefs about ourselves, God, and others create fear in us that keep us from living from our hearts. We have let our minds overrule our hearts instead of using it to supplement the good that is in our hearts.

    God wants to be intimate with your true self. If you come to Him trying to make yourself look good or appearing to be someone you are not, it creates a barrier for Him to meet with you. Dig into your heart, spend time there, and meet with the everlasting God there. He loves you. He knows what is best for you, and the best is connecting from God with your true self. Only then we you see that you are loved and respected exactly by being who you are.

    2 thoughts on “Down In Your Heart There is a Temple”

    1. Yet again, thank you for these words. I am seeing/realizing more and more how our hearts, that ‘wellspring of life’, seem to have the same life or death importance as do our physical hearts. Hardened/ ‘diseased’ hearts risk our death, so seems to be the case with our spiritual ‘hearts’. Appreciate your words.
      bless you!

      1. Dear Karen,
        Thank you again for your kind words. It is amazing how hard it is to live out of the heart. And yet, it is vitally important. Guard your heart. Nourish your heart. Live from your heart.

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