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How Do We Network as a Christian?

    Network as a Christian

    Networking often implies who you know. Business is all about this. One of the greatest strengths of business school is the relationships you make and the benefit they will provide in the future. One of the common theories regarding business is: “it is all about who you know.”

    Networking fails when it becomes all about what the other person can do for you. People know when you are trying to use them, but more importantly, God’s kingdom doesn’t work that way.

    We are called to love others and be God’s ambassadors on this earth. As ambassadors we represent God’s kingdom to all without hesitation. God offers everyone love, life, and hope. To view networking as God does, then we are to freely give love, life, and hope.

    • Can some people get special attention?
    • Can some be completely ignored?

    Special Attention – Absolutely

    God honors alliances. When you find others of kindred spirits as yourself, then it is beneficial for you to give special focus. David and Jonathon of the Bible are good examples of this. This is not flattery or positioning; it is building friendships. It is tapping into the resources and provisions of God. God is a relational God and often helps us along in life through the relationships He gives us.

    Completely Ignored – Absolutely Not

    In business, just as in life, you will come across people who are not fun to be around. This should not prevent them from experiencing your love, life, and hope. You do not need to pursue such people, but as God opens doors of relationship, you seek to bless.

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