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How to Live in the Will of God

Each of us have a specific and unique plan for our life. God knows what will give us purpose. This post will show you how to live in the will of God.

Prayer Community

Ask and Answer Questions About Prayer

We have such a great wealth of wisdom in our readership that we have created a semi-private group where we can share thoughts and questions about prayer.

Glorify Me

Father, Glorify Me!

For most, our form of Christianity doesn’t allow this: Father, glorify me. It doesn’t sound humble. It feels self-aggrandizing. But, is it a good prayer?

Jesus Did Not Entrust Himself to Them

Jesus Did Not Entrust Himself to Them

The multitudes believed in His name, but Jesus did not entrust Himself to them. Why the distance? How can we live so He will entrust Himself to us?

RC Sproul Quotes on Prayer

R.C. Sproul Quotes on Prayer

This collection of 30 R.C. Sproul quotes will renew your mind on how you think about prayer. Which one of them is your favorite?

God Gave You a Brain, Use It?

In response to the accusations of non-believer about us having blind faith, our family tells us, “God gave you a brain, use it.” Is this really God’s idea?

Add Power to Prayer

2 Ways to Add Power to Your Prayers

Jesus’ life is awe inspiring which leaves us admiring Jesus. However, Luke 8 shows us how to add power to our prayers and have a life like Jesus.

Teach Us Through Sex

God Wants to Teach Us Through Sex

God wants a relationship with us where we are naked and not ashamed. God wants to teach us through sex, so He can pour on you the fullness of His love.