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Add Power to Prayer

2 Ways to Add Power to Your Prayers

    Jesus’ life is awe inspiring which leaves us admiring Jesus. However, Luke 8 shows us how to add power to our prayers and have a life like Jesus.

    Teach Us Through Sex

    God Wants to Teach Us Through Sex

      God wants a relationship with us where we are naked and not ashamed. God wants to teach us through sex, so He can pour on you the fullness of His love.

      A Call to Everlasting Joy

        Do you have a problem that is too big for your God? Your God is powerful and for you. Nothing can steal your hope. Therefore you can have everlasting joy.

        Bible Verses on God's Passionate Love

        Bible Verses on God’s Passionate Love

          God’s not just casually in love with you, but most Christians miss it; He loves with a passionate, unfailing love. Read these Bible verses on God’s love for us.

          How Much Should We Love?

          How Much Should We Love?

            We read the Psalms and see prayers for God to take care of his enemies, and we rather this model than Jesus’ request to love them. How much should we love?

            The Second is Like Unto It

            The Second is Like Unto It

              We seem to understand loving God with all our heart part. What is strange is how the second is like unto it? How is loving your neighbor like loving God?