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Prayer Coach Prayer Coach : prayer quotes : R.C. Sproul Quotes on Prayer

R.C. Sproul Quotes on Prayer

    R.C. Sproul Quotes on Prayer

    1. Prayer prompts and nurtures obedience, putting the heart into the proper “frame of mind” to desire obedience.
    2. To omit adoration is to cut the heart out of prayer.
    3. What prayer most often changes is the wickedness and the hardness of our own hearts.
    4. Prayer, like everything else in the Christian life, is for God’s glory and for our benefit, in that order.
    5. When we pray, we must remember who we are and whom we are addressing.
    6. Prayer is both a privilege and a duty, and any duty can become laborious.
    7. Christians are to pray for the manifestation of the reign of Christ and the emergence of His kingdom.
    8. An attitude of reverence toward God is vital to the effectiveness of our prayers.
    9. I’m certain that the disciples clearly saw the inseparable relationship between the power Jesus manifested and the hours He spent in solitude, conversing with His Father.
    10. Prayer is an exercise of passion, not of indifference.
    11. The prayers of the great saints, the prayer warriors of church history, are marked by their fervent adoration of God.
    12. It is our privilege to bring the whole of our finite existence into the glory of His infinite presence.
    13. Prayer is to the Christian what breath is to life, yet no duty of the Christian is so neglected.
    14. People who don’t believe that prayer matters, or that prayer works, are people who simply don’t pray.
    15. The closer we are to God, the more the slightest sin will cause us deep sorrow.
    16. The unbeliever rationalizes his sinfulness, but the Christian is sensitive to his unworthiness. Confession takes up a significant portion of his prayer time.
    17. The neglect of prayer is a major cause of stagnation in the Christian life.
    18. We have no right to come before God at all, apart from the finished work of Christ.
    19. Although we are to come before the Lord in an attitude of intimacy, there is still an element of separation.
    20. If we fill our minds with His Word, our inarticulate stammers will change to accomplished patterns of meaningful praise.
    21. If we want to learn how to pray, then we must pray – and continue to pray.
    22. The sovereign God cannot be manipulated, for He knows the hearts of all who pray to Him. True prayer presupposes an attitude of humble submission and adoration to the Almighty God.
    23. To forgive ourselves after God has forgiven us is a duty as well as a privilege.
    24. We don’t need to be afraid of the reproach of God, provided we are sincerely seeking His will in a given situation.
    25. We must pray that the kingdom of God will become visible on the earth, that the invisible will be made visible.
    26. We pray to glorify God, but we also pray in order to receive the benefits of prayer from His hand.
    27. When all our prayers are either vague or universal in scope, it is difficult for us to experience the exhilaration that goes with clear and obvious answers to prayer.
    28. When God promises us that He will forgive us, we insult His integrity when we refuse to accept it.
    29. When I pray, I do not come before God as an isolated individual, but as a member of a family, a community of saints.
    30. When we pray, we are not passive observers or neutral, detached spectators. Energy is expended in the exercise of prayer.
    R.C. Sproul

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    11 thoughts on “R.C. Sproul Quotes on Prayer”

    1. Hi Kevin,
      Wow, this is quite amazing that you chose the subject of prayer for this post. During the past week, I have been really wondering about the details of prayer. Some of the quotes of Sproul cleared up some curiosities I have had. But I am still wondering about other details. I talk with God constantly throughout the day, and most of the time, I am not asking requests; I’m just talking or expressing my feelings. But I often wonder if God thinks of my endless talking as rambling. When Jesus discussed that we should not pray with rambling or endless words, what was He talking about? If I confide in Him too much, does He get irritated with me? When does confiding turn into complaining? I am so afraid of being disrespectful of God or offending Him. I constantly apologize to Him because of my negativity or sadness that is often in my prayers. I always thought (because other Christians have said this) that prayer is just talking with God. But deep down I thought that there must be more to prayer than just talking. But I never knew what it was, so I just continued with talking. Now, after reading R.C. Sproul’s quotes, it puts prayer into perspective. I recognize the truth of his quotes, however, it makes me somewhat discouraged, too. I want God to enjoy being around me.

      1. Dear Rachel,

        These quotes are intended to give insight on another’s journey with God that may help lead us further on in Him. They are not meant to discourage by comparing your journey with theirs. Continue talking with God about everything that is on your heart to speak about. The more you hear His feedback the less discouraged you will be about your time with Him. He is always kind, patient, and never irritated when we want to speak to Him. The idea about endless words is when you ask God for something, then ask again over and over again as if the more you ask for it, He would eventually give in. Dad, can I have a pony? Can I have I pony? Please give me a pony. I would really like a pony. And on and on.

        I don’t think there is anything wrong in bringing things back up, but sometimes the continual act of non-stop asking exposes a belief that God doesn’t want to answer us. When we are talking about things that interest us but we think shouldn’t interest Him, that doesn’t irritate Him. It is an expression of sharing your heart. By doing this you will start to gain more of His heart and you will notice the things you talk about starting to change. Give it time. God is patient, and He loves the time with you.

        Rachel, God loves to hear your voice, especially when it is directed to Him. You are precious to Him, and the fact you want to spend time with Him gives Him pure joy.


        1. Hi Kevin,
          Thank you for answering me.
          Yes, I do find myself repeating requests endlessly, especially when I am extremely worried over it, which is more frequent than not.
          I have a question. When you say as I spend more time with God, I will gain His heart and my topics of conversation with Him will change, what exactly do you mean? And does that mean that what I have to say now is wrong or displeasing to God?
          Thank you for taking the time to reply.

          1. Dear Rachel,

            I apologize for suggesting that what you know say is displeasing to God. We are all growing in walks with God. As we spend time with Him, we will get more of His heart and the things we talk to Him about will change. It is the outcome of growth in the Lord. I think we have to try very hard to be displeasing with God when we are coming to Him in prayer. However, our conversation will mature over time. As we get to know Him better, we will have more to draw on in our conversations. It is just the same for friends. The longer you are friends, you start having a history to draw on.

            I hope that helps to clarify. God is excited having you come to Him.


            1. Hi Kevin,
              Thanks for clarifying. I think I understand it a little better now.
              If I have any more questions later, may I ask them?
              Thank you.

      2. Dear Coach,

        These are good quotes. Your illustration “Daddy, i want a pony, please, get me a pony…….” makes me smile. I’ve been praying for a few things daily and sometimes, i kind of feel that i am disturbing but then i send His words back to Him “Daddy, you said i should give you no rest as a watchman” (smiles). I love God. I love that He is my father and ready to direct me. I may make mistakes in my approach but His love will teach me with patience. I am not afraid of praying wrongly, i am only afraid when i don’t pray.

        Many teachers make it look as though prayer is just talking to God. Yes its true but i agree with Sproul that Prayer is also a duty. It could be so laborious. oh! how i desire to be zealous in prayer especially intercessory prayers.

        My favorite quotes are 3,4,6,9,14 and 21.

        Thanks Coach for the compilation. Thanks for your consistency. Well appreciated!

        1. Dear Sandra,

          Thank you for your comment. Those are some good quotes you highlighted. There are definitely seasons to prayer. I still would believe that prayer is talking to God, but you are right there are times when you have to force yourself to make time. There is a great prayer quote… “Pray when you feel like it. Pray when you don’t feel like it. Pray until you feel like it.” – Stephen Olford ๐Ÿ™‚


      3. Hi Kevin, it’s me again. I just wanted to comment on something that Sandy said. She said that she isn’t afraid of praying wrongly, just afraid when she doesn’t pray. This kind of made the light bulb turn on in my mind. I shouldn’t be so afraid of praying incorrectly that I cease praying. I guess I should just keep praying, even if I am not doing it perfectly. Then, over time, I will get better at it. Will you pray for me, though? I have a hard time trusting Him, and I tend to go back to my ways of fear and doubt.
        Thanks, again, for letting me comment.

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