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Your Perspective Your Choice

Your Perspective is Your Choice

We all have a choice at what perspective we want to have. Do we focus in on the problems or obstacles? What does God want us to focus our attention on?

God Send Me Anywhere

Send Me Anywhere, Only Go With Me

God doesn’t send you anywhere that He doesn’t want to go with you. Look for Him and He will be found. Call to Him and He will answer.

Keep Believing God's Promises

Keep Believing God’s Promise to You

Jesus came that we may have life abundantly. For us to actually believe this as true, we will be called to believe Him for things that only He can do.

Billy Graham and Bill Bright Preaching

Preach the Message You Were Given

Find out what stirs your heart; ponder how God is this for you; study the Scripture to find support for this; speak to others about what you are learning.

What are You Afraid to Ask God

What Are You Afraid to Ask God For?

If you do not see God is good, you will not ask Him for things you care about. If you are afraid He will not come through, you will not persevere in prayer.

What Radical Faith Looks Like

What Radical Faith Looks Like

People lose faith when God leads us differently than we expected. We are called to pursue the word of God in every situation. This leads to radical faith.

How to Resist the Devil

How to Resist the Devil

Most discussions on how to resist the devil reside in knowing more Bible. We forget the devil used the Bible to tempt Jesus. There’s more to resisting satan.

Where is the Rest Jesus Promised

Where is the Rest Jesus Promised?

The problem with rest is that we have the definition wrong. We think rest is doing nothing. Jesus defined rest as doing only what He saw His Father doing.