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This One Action Helped Lead Millions to Christ

    Lead Millions to Christ

    Seriously, One Action?

    What one action could actually help lead millions of people to Christ? It was overcoming offense. Now that I have removed all suspense, let me explain how this happened.

    Some of you are probably thinking of Jesus on the cross asking God not to hold their sin against them (Luke 23:34). Or, maybe you are thinking of Stephen who did something similar (Acts 7:60). No, this is something a lot more relatable… something we have all had to struggle with at some point.

    Bill Bright Meets a Salesman

    The story comes from Dr. Bill Bright in his biography, Amazing Faith. Early in the history of Campus Crusade for Christ (or Cru as it’s now called), Dr. Bright brought in an experienced salesperson to talk to all the staff. This man shared how every good salesperson has a script they follow when trying to sell something to a potential customer. Having this script allows them to stay focused and move the person along towards a sale.

    In order to explain his point further, he mentioned that he believed Dr. Bright had a script that he went through whenever he shared the gospel to people. While he may not have a pre-written script, he more than likely would have a course in which each conversation would go.

    Dr. Bright Was Offended

    Dr. Bright was offended by this comment. He tried to treat every person as a unique conversation and trust the Holy Spirit’s guidance. He was offended that this man would dare belittle him in from of all his staff.

    Over time, Dr. Bright calmed himself down to think through this salesman’s comments. Did he really have a script he was using with people?

    It was this man’s talk to the staff and Dr. Bright’s struggle with its implications that led to him developing the ‘Four Spiritual Laws.’ This tract has been translated and used all over the world, and millions have accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior through it.

    What If Dr. Bright Stayed Offended?

    Can you imagine what would have happened if Dr. Bright had held onto his offense and never considered the implications of what was being said? The history of the church could look radically different.

    The point of this is that God may say something to us through someone who offends us. They may be uneducated, unsophisticated, and even a non-believer. If God was willing to speak to Balaam through his donkey, we have to believe God is willing to speak to us in ways we would not expect.

    What Does God Want to Do?

    One powerful way to learn to hear His voice is to let go of any offense you may feel. When you are offended, you feel like you are right and the other person is all wrong. You just negated everything they said because of the way they said it or who said it. And, blocked any directions God may use through them.

    God likes to use anything and everything to speak to you. So, it would be good to always maintain an open connection to Him.

    I love this story and love Dr. Bright for living it out. Let’s remove all offenses and see how that may change our world.

    2 thoughts on “This One Action Helped Lead Millions to Christ”

    1. Dmmsfrontiermissions

      This is so true! Love this article and how Bill Bright lived it out. Thousands in the Kingdom are a result.

      1. I agree. I think you would like his biography, Amazing Faith. It is rich in stories of his life and encourages you on to greater faith. The link is in the post.

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