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Benefit Sharing Faith

You Benefit By Sharing Your Faith

    Sharing our faith reminds us of God’s truth applied to real people. And, those words reveal to us more of those good things God wants us to have as well.

    Hell is a warning for Christians

    Hell is a Warning For Christians

      People who die without Jesus will have made a terribly bad choice, but hell is a warning for Christians. It should compel us to tell of God’s love.

      Christians Embrace Halloween

      Should Christians Embrace Halloween?

        Some Christians condemn Halloween, some create a family-friendly harvest festival, and others will embrace Halloween completely. How should you navigate it?

        Why is it hard to follow God?

        Why Is Following God So Hard?

          There are two main reasons following God is so hard. If we can overcome these, we will find the abundant life that Jesus promised is not far off.

          Can I Say No to God?

          Can I Say No to God?

            Sometimes it is easier to turn off our hearts in obedience than to wrestle with God about things we don’t want to do. God wants connection over obedience.

            Make This Year Amazing

            4 Easy Steps to Make This Year Amazing

              God wants to make this coming year the best one yet. We’re powerful in determining what type of year that will be. Here are 4 steps to make it amazing.

              how to fix your marriage

              How to Fix Your Marriage

                To fix your marriage, there is one thing that you can start today that will head you in the direction of a fulfilling marriage that most people don’t do.

                two trees in garden

                There Were Two Trees in the Garden

                  There were two trees in the garden: one was forbidden, the other we lost access to. What is God trying to tell us? How are we to respond?


                  There is Still Good in Them

                    Jesus didn’t come to remove the evil and put in the good; He came to remove the evil so that the good could fully shine. There is still good in them.

                    God Wants You to do Nothing

                    God Wants You To Do Nothing

                      We are not transformed by the patterns of this world. We give a constant ‘no’ to the world every time we take time to what the world would call nothing.