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Prayer Quotes – Ben Jennings

    Prayer grows in proportion to its grounding in God’s Word.
    Prayer is more than something you do; it is something God does through you.
    Prayerless decisions lead to tragic loses.
    Prayerless is an insult to God.


    25 Prayer Quotes By Mother Teresa

      Prayer is putting oneself in the hands of God, and listening to His voice in the depth of our hearts. – 25 Mother Teresa quotes on prayer to inspire you.

      Stay Focused in Prayer

      #1 Way to Stay Focused in Prayer

        Our minds can be very hard to corral wandering from one thing to another. Staying focused is difficult. Here is the #1 way to stay forced in prayer:

        4 Keys to Effective Prayer

        Four Keys to Effective Prayer

          Prayer is the key in the hand of faith; prayer is the key to heaven. Journey with me and my personal examples as I share four keys to effective prayer.

          Sex Teaches Us About Prayer

          What Does Sex Teach Us About Prayer?

            What does sex teach us about prayer? Techniques of both prayer and sex are not the source of pleasure. The source of pleasure is the depth of relationship.

            Why Do We Pray?

              Is the purpose of prayer to get what we want? Absolutely not! We can all agree to this, but how many of us practically live this out? We come to God with our lists, then we question the significance of prayer when we don’t get what we pray for. Since we don’t see the answers, we give up. Maybe the reason that so many have had a hard time with prayer is because our focus is incorrect.