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Prayer Quotes – Ben Jennings

    • Every prayerless day is a statement by a helpless individual, I do not need God today.
    • Failing to pray reflects idolatry–a trust in substitutes for God.
    • Neglecting prayer is not a weakness; it is a sinful choice.
    • Prayer and theology both deal with God , but from different perspectives. Theology, like a telescope, views the distant stars of His qualities. Prayer, like a space vehicle, moves us among His qualities. Theology studies God and prayer engages Him. Both are adventuresome. Both necessary.
    • Prayer completes the circuit of God’s action in the world.
    • Prayer grows in proportion to its grounding in God’s Word.
    • Prayer is more than something you do; it is something God does through you.
    • Prayerless decisions lead to tragic loses.
    • Prayerless is an insult to God.
    • Prayerlessness is an insult to God. Every prayerless day is a statement by a helpless individual, ‘I do not need God today.’
    • Praying makes your Christian life supernatural; God gets His work done through your praying.
    • When you pray you step into the operation of the Trinity.
    • Without its biblical principles being taught, prayer is unstable. Without our catching the principles by applying them to our lives, it is sterile.
    • Your praying is training for reigning with Christ.
    • Ben Jennings

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    2 thoughts on “Prayer Quotes – Ben Jennings”

    1. This is to say ‘hello’ to Dr. Ben Jennings, if he’s still around. ‘Hi Ben! I am re-reading your excellent “…Arena…” book. It is utterly motivating and good. Thank you for writing it. I did get married; did you hear? Seventeen years ago. She is wonderful and beautiful, and such a person of prayer. I am translating and teaching the Bible, and evangelizing. I still raise support, thank you Ellis Goldstein. Okay, bye for now. Best to Mary Jean. With love, Chris.

      1. Dear Chris,

        I also enjoyed Ben Jennings’ book, The Arena of Prayer. It was helpful in my understanding of the roles of the different persons of God in prayer (the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). I don’t know if Ben Jennings will see this comment, but I hope he sees your encouragement.


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