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Prayer Coach Prayer Coach : prayer guides : 10 Things to Pray to Increase Love in Your Life

10 Things to Pray to Increase Love in Your Life

    10 Things to Pray to Increase Love

    Earlier this year, I started a many posts on love. I felt that this would be a year of love, a year where we would be truly known as Christians because of our love. As I have thought about this, I realized we would need more and more of the Lord’s help to really love as He loves. Therefore I have pulled together 10 things to pray to increase love in your life.

    1. Lord, I choose to open my heart to receive more of Your love today from wherever and whomever You choose to give it to me.
    2. Lord, open my eyes to see when and where you give me these opportunities.
    3. Lord, help me to give love even when it is difficult because I believe as I give love, I will receive more love.
    4. Lord, show me how to love even the random people I pass each day. Allow me to find way to express Your love for them even in small ways.
    5. Lord, I choose to believe I am worthy of love. Help my unbelief.
    6. Lord, I will take time today to actively think about Your love for me. I am willing to be completely overwhelmed emotionally by the powerful force that I am loved by God.
    7. Lord, I am willing to feel all my emotions because You have given them to me so I may fully live.
    8. Lord, I know You have given me people who will love me. Help me to know who they are and be willing to open myself to them.
    9. Lord, I chose to forgive people who have hurt me because You said forgive and you will be forgiven and those that have been forgiven much, love much.
    10. Lord, what are some ways I can show love today to those that are important to me?




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