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Prayer Coach Prayer Coach : worldview : A Christian Response to ‘Let It Go’ – Finally

A Christian Response to ‘Let It Go’ – Finally

    Christian Let It Go Disney

    After over a year of Letting It Go, has Christianity finally found a musical response? ‘Let It Go’ and the new ‘In Over My Head’ are worthy of comparison. Both songs show hesitation about what to do next. Both made a choice. Both will pull on your heart. But only one is the response God wants for you.

    I will admit. I like Disney’s Frozen. I have two small girls so I get to watch it multiple times without feeling less of man. It’s a great story of love between sisters and how miscommunication and fear threatens to break it apart. Still the main song actually will lead people to more isolation and fear.

    After years of hiding who she was, Elsa finally decided she was going to embrace her unique traits, whether or not it hurt others. The movie ends with a great balance to this step, however the song, ‘Let It Go’, is all about being who I want to be no matter who gets hurt along the way. ‘Let It Go’ has been a national phenomena; it’s a beautiful song. But, its lyrics are not leading us to God’s best for our lives.

    This new song, ‘In Over My Head,’ by Bethel Music’s Jenn Johnson is finally a great response to Disney’s, ‘Let It Go’. In the song we are led through a point of decision where there is more in life, but are we going to go after it? This song, instead of following after personal relief, responds to the voice of God. Just as in ‘Let It Go’, this decision to change affects your life. But freedom is not in letting go of the rules that once held you down; it is in finally giving all to God.

    Will we make the decision to follow Him to the point where we no longer determine the outcome? Will we put our foot out on the water not knowing whether or not we will fall in? God is always faithful. He is always good. But we don’t always know what He will do. Will we still believe? Will we still go?

    Are you tired of all the rules holding you down? Are you ready for a change? Let’s abandon the pull to ‘Let It Go’, and realize freedom is being ‘In Over My Head’.

    This song is on Bethel Music’s ‘We Will Not Be Shaken’, which just released today can be purchased on iTunes ( I was not asked to give a review of this album or song. I freely give this review as I feel this song can bless you.

    In Over My Head – Lyrics

    Jenn Johnson

    I have come to he place in my life,
    I’m full but I’ve not satisfied
    This longing to have more of You.
    I can feel it; my heart is convinced:
    I’m thirsty, my soul can’t be quenched.
    You already know this but still
    Come and do whatever You want to.

    I’m standing knee deep,
    But I’m out where I’ve never been.
    I feel You coming
    And I hear Your voice on the wind.
    Would You come and tear down the boxes
    That I have tried to put You in?
    Let love come teach me who You are again?

    Would You take me back to the place
    Where my heart was only about You,
    And all I wanted was just to be with You?
    Come and do whatever You want to.

    Further and further my heart moves away from the shore.
    Whatever it looks like whatever may come I am Yours.

    Then You crash over me and I’ve lost control but I’m free.
    I’m going under; I’m in over my head.

    Whether I sink, whether I swim,
    It makes no difference when
    I’m beautifully in over my head.

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