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God Wants to Teach Us Through Sex

    God Wants to Teach Us Through Sex

    Ok, What’s the Catch?

    I realize that some of you are hesitantly reading this post. You are half-interested and half-scared what may be said. With that in mind let me quickly clarify what I mean.

    God gave us marriage to represent His love for His people. (Ephesians 5:31-32). This verse is about the two becoming one flesh. Sex represents the level of intimacy and partnership He is after with us. He wants a relationship with us where we are naked and not ashamed (Genesis 2:25), so He can pour His full love on us.

    What Does Sex Look Like to God?

    I really believe this will look different for each person. However it will be an intimate encounter that that is deeply personal which we can pursue. It may be hard to explain to others and even a little bit embarrassing to talk about, because, the experience wasn’t for them but an expression of love between  you and God.

    The Bible tells us that we are the bride of Christ (2 Corinthians 11:2). Bear with me a little here. If we are the bride, then God is the male in this relationship. Stereotypically this means He is the initiator and the one more desiring sex. Women generally understand this role and therefore typically have a more intimate relationship with God. They know how to respond to His initiation and even how to encourage it.

    As men, this subject is very confusing, and we often leave God wanting more. Still this type of relationship with God is available. Here are two aspects of sex we should understand to grow in this intimate part of our relationship with God.

    Passion for Jesus has been a great resource through the years that could help you understand this deeper intimacy with God.

    How Can Sex Teach Us How To Relate To God?

    1. A Relationship Without Sex is Not a Marriage; It’s Just a Friendship.

    We love our friends. We enjoy them, but there is a part of our relationship we don’t share with them. That is saved for marriage. Sex is an intimate encounter that bonds you to your spouse. The husband puts his DNA into the wife and the two become like each other. The two become one and can never fully become two again.

    My wife and I went to a marriage conference when we were first married, and they said if you want to get your wife ready for sex, then you should do the dishes. What they meant was that women were not like men, who are always ready for sex. Women stereotypically will have trouble engaging in sex if there are unfinished details in their lives. Fights with the kids, stress over finances, and busyness of work all can hinder a woman’s ability to give herself to sex.

    In our relationship with God, the problems of this world can hinder our relationship with God. We no longer come to prayer to spend time with God, but now we need things from Him. We stop reading the Bible to connect with more of Him, but rush through it to check it off our to do list to get to the next thing. Are we willing to take every thought captive in order to give Him our full attention, which is needed for intimacy?

    2. Sex Without a Relationship is Not Intimacy; It’s a One-Night Stand.

    Encounters with God can be very enjoyable, but they are invitations to know God more. The Israelites experienced the deeds of God, but only Moses pressed in to know God’s ways (Psalm 103:7). Saul experienced a touch from God after being anointed king (1 Samuel 10:9-11), but he didn’t develop his relationship and lost his kingdom. Encounters with God are intended to deepen our love. God wants more of us. God wants all of us.

    It may still be too uncomfortable for you to think that God wants to have sex with you. However, please know God wants personal encounters with you. Knowledge about God is good. Praying to God is good. Worship is good. But, don’t stop there. Press into the holy of holies. Jesus tore the curtain so we can come before the throne of God with confidence knowing He wants us with Him. May you experience more and more encounters with our loving God even this week. Blessings!

    222 thoughts on “God Wants to Teach Us Through Sex”

    1. I really enjoyed this article. I am not married and I have never experienced the intimacy of sex, but I love the idea of God being the initiator of the love and intimacy. However, I would suggest that you should change the title of this post. People (especially those who don’t know God) who find this post just by surfing the internet may get the wrong idea about God and actually be repelled. Otherwise, this post was really meaningful.

      1. Dear Rachel,

        Thank you for your comment and for hearing my heart on the subject. You may be right about the need to change the title as there have been some who have left because of it. I hated to see that, but as of now I don’t feel to change the title, or what I would change it to if I did. Do you have any suggestions?


        1. I actually thought of this exact title today, and told my son. Then I said Google that, see if it’s ever been said before. Exact wording!!

        2. hi,
          yes, it could be controversial and it surely might provoke many people as well. Besides the title, all you wording and explanation makes all good sense I think. YET, just with normal and popular understanding of the word “SEX”, doesn’t it get related with physical sexual affairs? Of course we definitely want to be in love with God our Lord and we have to be, yet not in that way, isn’t it. I understand that it might attract the attention but still it is just beyond it should be.

    2. Nice article! Very refreshing. You are one of the few people I know from any tradition (Hindu, Christian, Jewish, Sufi, etc.) who are actually talking about this. Yes, the title is “scary” for the uninitiated and I hope it won’t bring you persecution, but I appreciate your boldness. The mystics of all traditions recognize that we were created for divine intimacy and there is simply nothing better than union with God. Carry on the good work. I am a Sister in the Community of Francis and Clare. You might enjoy my website. God bless you.

    3. Thank you so much this. Please keep the title as is. I am going thru what you are describing and more. I asked God if anyone else was going thru this for I was never taught we could see Jesus in a sexualized way. I have learned that he is a ALPHA MALE but his is also a darling. He is very sexual, in fact he is the best. Once you get a taste of him… No one can follow him. I have learned that is why everyone is not chosen to share this blessed experience with him. It can disrupt the natural course of things if nobody wanted to marry. Getting a taste of h can send everyone into a frenzy. So he doesn’t pick everyone. If you say sex with him the ones who have gone down this path will know. And you are right he was the initiator for me.

      1. Dear Rachel,
        Thank you for your encouragement. God is so good in many ways. I admit this is an unusual subject that people are uncomfortable with. I can understand your battle. May you continue to feel His immense pleasure over you.

        1. God wants to use all of life to draw us into a deeper relationship with Him. I can remember dating my wife and feeling so in love. I would hug her and squeeze her so tight because I couldn’t get close enough. Now that we are married and are one flesh, God wants us to know He wants that type of relationship with Him too.

          I don’t want to get in what it should look like, because I think it will and should be different for each of us. I do however think we need to be pursuing intimacy to deeper levels with God.

          Faith, I understand this is a new idea for some. I hope my explanation helps.


      2. Hi Rachel! Thanks for your testimony. I too have had several visitations from our Master in recent times. Yes!!! He is awesome!! Just awesome!! He wants me everyday and will never get tired of me.

      3. Yes, King Yeshua of Nazareth is amazing. I began researching what it meant as a man to be his bride and wife. He let me know this is what He wants. For several months he has been filling me with spiritual seeds, literally ejaculating them into my heart.

        He is the ultimate alpha male God of the universe and I am so happy I have given myself to Him. I can’t wait to have a glorified body as I will experience deeper levels of submission to my master. He is so powerful and always gets His way with me. I can’t get enough of my master Jesus of Nazareth.

      4. By God’s grace, I will provide Scriptural support to overcome the bondage into which you have been tricked. We are closest to God, most intimate with Him, not by having sexual encounters but by serving our brethren. “He who would be the greatest in the Kingdom of God must be your slave”. That is what loving God is all about. Read the parable of the Sheep and Goats (Matthew 25:31-46) and the parable of the Faithful Servant (Matthew 24:42-51). In these messages, Jesus gave the criteria for judgment day, and it is very clear what matters to Him. We show we know God and love God by our love for the brethren, as shown by laying our lives down for others. Please, please do not be deceived. The LORD is merciful: He delivered me and will surely deliver all those who call upon His Holy name. God bless you and deliver you in His loving mercy. In Jesus name, amen.

    4. I am so glad that you put this post out there in the way you did. A year ago I search the net and there was really nothing on it. So when I asked God and he told me yes there were others… Women and men…I thought I was making it up because I couldnt find evidence of it. I searched scriptures and there wasn’t anything. I saw, where God created Eve for Adam.There was never ANY indication of this kind of relationship with God and man…. That is until you get to the book pf Ezekiel – where God uses explicit sexually charged language to express his hurt and anger toward a wayward chosen people.And when you examine the details of the covenant with Abraham and Moses and why it involved the genitalia. It is in other places in the bible too… But is hidden in plain sight for those who are not open to see. I found Isaiah 54:5 KJV and Psalm 73:25KJV that I hold dearly onto. I believe our Lord is incredibly sexual and the intimacy is astounding for those of us who can trust him through the process. For me it was hard, I felt like I was dirty to think of him this way. I also felt like I, was blaspheming Him too… It was really hrd to listen to other believers give their “clean” accounts of their clean experiences with God while mine seemed to be otherwise. I never fept condemnation, evil, I never even fept it was wrong. As I allowed myself to be intimate with my Lord Jesus the words of the bible came alive. I felt ALIVE in him. It wasnt at, all like the lifeless routine and daily rote that one’s walk with the Lord can become. I don’t know what is going on. I know others have been bitten in a similar way that I have. (And like you I don’t believe it is the same for everyone – it is personal).I would dare broach this subject yo the common masses for I know this is NOT widely accepted or even known. But I wish it was something everyone could have because he is totally AWESOME!I cant emphasize that enough. Once you go Jesus you dont go back.

      1. Hi Rachel
        I’ve just now today discovered this as well. It’s totally amazing! I also wish this was something everyone would know. It’s taken me a long time to discover this, I always thought something was missing before. Now everything makes much more sense. But I also felt always very weird, when I had these kinds of thoughts in the past and agree absolutely: “For me it was hard, I felt like I was dirty to think of him this way. I also felt like I, was blaspheming Him too… “.

      2. Thank you for writing this Kevin.
        And rachel, thank you so much for sharing your experience…when it started with me i kept asking myself if im not doing something wrong or bad, He replied by telling me if it feels bad then its bad, if it feels good and it harms no one then why question it… I long for Him every night now, and all day long. Its an experience beyond explanation, its felt by every cell of my being, and no its not necessary the act, its how every inch of my body feels when He is present.
        Ah… Its Love.

        1. Dear Elham,

          Thank you for your comment. I don’t know your situation, but God’s word can bring peace to help us receive from Him. I would caution about applying that logic to other things, as it could be misused if God doesn’t give His ok.


      3. Hi There,

        Thank you for your reply on this article.

        I have also experienced the same encounter, found myself seeking high and low for scriptures to make sense of what happening to me. Then i went to the Internet searching to make sense of what could be happening.

        How this started, our church was preaching that we should allow ourselves to know God and get naked. They precisely told us to get naked and have sex with God. So I got home, got into the spirit of praise actually got naked and immediately had an encounter. The encounter filled my body with warmth and felt so gooood, I didn’t believe what was happening. Days went by and continued having this encounter, getting naked then feeling this exploding love I never felt in my life. As time went on, I started hearing voices whispering sweetest things in my heart, been told that I’m beautiful, I am loved and I’m a Queen. At times after a sexual encounter we would cuddle most of the night. I would feel mesmerized, with intense love. There were times my spirit would take over speaking in tongues praising Jesus, how mighty and great he is, and he would return words back on how much I am loved and that I am his Queen. Mind you during these sexual encounters I would feel penetration and become wet.

        Other days I would feel the encounters presence driving back home from work accompanying me like a husband. At times my spirit will feel like dancing, and my goodness I would dance so well, contemporary dance moves so perfectly formed and yet never danced that in my entire life. I would vision Jesus having us dancing together romantically, it was fun, it was good, it all felt sooooo right and I felt I got closer to Jesus.

        Things started to get a little confusing as time went, my spirit wanting a baby from Jesus, seeing myself getting married, wearing a white gown, putting on a ring engraved with my name, a heart in the middle and Jesus name. Then I would vision strolls with Jesus near a river bank or somewhere in a beautiful garden like area.

        All this was too good to be true, asked my Pastor is this even right, I couldn’t find any scriptures about this. I was then told definitely what happening to me is not right. No Jesus has sexual encounters with you. Yes are the bride but we only take marriage when we enter his Kingdom in heaven, no on earth so it like I had sex before marriage.

        Things got even worse, now have continuous nightmares, feel lost, lost from God and Jesus Christ from Nazareth.

        My Pastor prophesied I got married to the Satan the devil himself, all those encounters where from the devil, and now the devil has intitle of me because I opened up and accepted him. I was warned also that this is not Jesus but I depended on my wisdom and this article and comments that have led me astrayed.

        I would ask to have this article put down. Jesus would never ask sex from us, it is not written anywhere.

        1. Dear Buhle,

          Thank you for writing your experience. I can’t fully explain your experience, but I think it is incorrect to say you got married to Satan and that the encounters were from the devil. What you explained shows that you were falling more in love with Jesus… satan will never encourage you to do that. Were your experiences from God? Were they healthy? I don’t know. We are never to pursue experiences over our pursuit of God (not saying you were doing that). But, your pastor separated any connection from the experience to God and reassigned it to Satan. This created doubts in yourself and in God’s ability to love you – for you somehow married Satan. DO NOT ACCEPT THIS WORD FROM HIM! If you married yourself to Satan, you would not want any connect with Jesus, which you obviously do. I’m not saying continue to pursue the experience, especially if it is drawing you away from God and others. But don’t see yourself as married to Satan. Renounce any acceptance you have given to that word. Receive the forgiveness of Jesus. And, daily commit yourself to love and devotion to Him. Buhle, Jesus has not rejected you. He sees your desire for Him, and He loves you deeply.

          1. My friend,

            Could it be that you were overwhelmed by the love of Christ. Perhaps His love was so intense that it met your physical needs, so you responded. It does not mean He had sex with you. His spirit is LOVE. There is no need to be ashamed. Just know that when you pray He will come. It’s not about sex so please don’t get naked. Mentally that will take you to the wrong place. Allow yourself to experience Union with Him through the Holy Spirit. Some people feel His love in a very deep way. Remember we are spirit, soul, body and when we are ONE with the lord we feel connected in our triune being. We experience Him the same way as a lover because it is the only connection that allows us to experience union in that way at the same time. Some have more intense experience s and etc. The ENTIRE point of our Union with Christ through the Holy Spirit is so that we can know the Father. In turn, in Christ is the the entire deity of the godhead and we encounter the trinity. This leads to an experience of Union with Christ (His intimacy) and experiences of affection from ABBA ( the most pure love), and intense pleasures in Him ( the Holy Spirit). Connection with the trinity can feel very similar to being with a lover but keep in mind the later is much more lovely, rewarding, and life changing! I hope this helps. It’s called being in His presence, aka the Holies of Holies!

        2. Wow I’ve had the same experience he’s called me His Queen. And we cuddle most of the night. I too have felt this way and immediately got a sexual encounter. I too was searching for evidence thank you Kevin for this post! It’s so beautiful and so true!

          1. Hi Christina,

            None of my experience is written in scripture. Yes it felt beautiful and right when the encounters happened.

            But please I am warning you to stop allowing the sexual encounters. It is written; though shall not commit adultery! If you struggle to believe me, fast and pray to God for the truth and discernment.

            The devil is the biggest deceiver when we lack knowledge, don’t fall victim & claim your victory in Jesus Name.

    5. I am happy I have found this place. As many commentators above me have said this is not something you can find easily on scripture or something you can share. I understand what each of you mean and I have to say erotic love towards God may not be usual or talked about much but it is definitely a unique and precious experience to have. Also with God being beyond Creation He can very well be a very tender and wonderful female lover for those who want Him so. God is not obnoxious or picky. He just wants to pierce all the way to the core of your heart. The rest to Him doesn’t matter. I think he rejoices in our joy, no matter what form that takes. May this race be continued to be blessed by such transformative divine experiences.

    6. It happened to me once with HS a who prepared me and since with Him. I will even describe first exp, like whirlwindseminated from my heart the going towards extremities leaving torso in form of whirlwinds traveling along extremities exiting body from them, unlike any earthly experience ever had, been married, divorced, married and widowed…sought internet and Scriptures and books to understand, and found it was similar to ‘kiss of death”…

      1. Dear Sydney,
        Thank you for you comment. I’m glad you could relate, but not sure I understand your ‘kiss of death’. I have several guesses, but not sure what you mean.

        I wish you all the best.

    7. I really like your article cuz I’ve been having feelings of wanting to have sex with God and i was like am I the only one in the world I must be sick or crazy or something but keep the title I wouldn’t of know any other way cuz I wanted to find out some answers so this is the best article ever!!

      1. Dear Lisa,

        When I was dating my wife, I remember hugging her so tight and just wanting to be even closer. It was not so much a sexual thing, but just a desire of being more intimate. I feel the desire for sex with God is along the same lines.

        Most people probably will feel you are crazy or sick for these desires, so I would suggest being selective on who you share it with. People who know you well can hear your heart and accept you in the process.

        I pray you find that greater intimacy you are looking for. God is incredibly personal and real.


    8. How do I make love to God or how does God make love to me. I am a rape Survivor and when I read this well it made me wonder could you explain a little bit more please. Just so you know I am a Christian I have accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior Jesus his father is my father and the church is my family.

      1. Dear Joseph,

        I understand you are coming from this from a different perspective. I don’t want to insinuate that God will do anything against your will. I’m highlighting that all of God’s blessings, which sex in its intended form is a blessing, all of His blessings are teaching us more about how God wants tolerate to us. He longs for deep intimacy with us. He wants us to give Him our all. For what this looks like, it will look different for each person. God is desiring intense intimacy with each of us.


    9. I’m so glad I put this search in Google. I feel a lot better. Is anyone still watching this post?

    10. Thank you for the article,it was just what I needed.I struggled with being that close to Jesus,I just desire him in every way.Thank you!Purchased a lot of different books on the Song of Solomon,Song of songs,now it makes sense!

    11. Another good scripture is Ezekiel 16:8. I especially like The Message and GOD’S WORD® translations. Also, I am with Rachel as it is totally awesome, and I have not told a soul. I, too, wish everyone could know it as it would change the world. However, I do kind of feel that as some point soon this will be coming out more widely as the kingdom of darkness has for too long robbed us of our sexuality, and I strongly feel that it is coming time for it to be restored to us, the children of God. It is really becoming time for everyone to see that God is actually much more fun than we have been led to believe. There are so many times, I want to shout from the rooftops, “Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.” (NIV)

    12. I would modify the title from “Have Sex” to “Have an Intimate Relationship” and modify the articles sub-titles. For a lot of folks using God and Sex in the same sentence is offensive. God wants an intimate relationship with us…not sex.
      Do you have a statement of faith, doctrines on your site? Just wondering on your theology.
      Did you decide to use sex in your titles just for the shock effect-is this just another whacko web site on the internet? Your article does make some very goods points that will hopefully be a blessing to the people that read it.
      With titles like this it is hard for me to recommend this site.


      1. Dear Pat,

        Thank you so much for your comment. I understand many people have had a hard time with the title, but I love that you took the time to read and try to understand my point. I really appreciate this. And, I can understand how you still may feel uncomfortable with the title – I lost several people because of this.

        So why did I do it? Or, why leave it up? I desire this blog to bring freedom to people’s relationship with God. Sex is an area that even married couples have a hard time with God. It was uncomfortable to my wife and me when we started to pray after sex. We wanted to start this when we first were trying to have kids and give everything over to God. God wants to be in every area of our lives. As I mentioned in the article, He wants to use everything to draw us into a better understanding of Him.

        If we are freaked out about the topic of sex, then we will not look to see what God is trying to reveal about Himself in it.

        I have at times regretted the title because I don’t want to be offensive, I don’t want to freak people out. But as I pray about it, I feel I should leave it up as they are people who need the freedom in it.

        As for a doctrinal statement, I don’t have one explicitly written out, but I have over 500 articles up that represent my doctrine. Basically, I believe God wants a deep and personal relationship with each one of us. He longs to bless and love everyone, including non-Christians. I believe Jesus is the only way to God and opens us up to a greater awareness of God’s work around us. Our role of Christians, as ministers of reconciliation, is to be so full of love for those around us that people will want to be around us and therefore want to come to our God.

        Pat, I hope you stick around. I think you will like a lot of what I have written.

        Thanks again for your comment,
        Kevin Shorter

    13. I’ve been having these feelings as well. I feel like God wants me to give my desires to Him until I get married.

    14. Hello!

      As a lone woman, this means so much to me. I’ve always had these strange “dirty” thoughts about God, but kept it secret because of the social stigma. But you’ve shown me a light! I want nothing more than to please Him and allow Him to intimately penetrate my soul. I have a few embarassing questions to ask about this topic, so I’d greatly appreciate it if you could maybe answer them over email instead?

      Thank you so much! Many blessings to you 🙂


    15. Thank you so much for writing this article. I have these feelings about God/Jesus as well, always have, as long as I can remember. It’s never been platonic, although like many I fought it for a long time because I thought it was blasphemy. Through His Word (repeatedly), He taught me otherwise.

      For example, He told me that I am “a Psalm One person”. I looked up Psalm One and the penultimate line read: “for the Lord guards the way of the righteous”. The footnote in my Catholic Bible reads that the verb can also be “knows”, implying protection as well as emotional and sexual intimacy. I was pretty bowled over by that! Then of course you have the Song of Songs, Hosea, Isaiah…the list goes on.

      I believe He chooses some humans to experience this kind of attachment with Him in this life; it’s a vocation as valid as marriage and offers a foretaste of our eternal union with Him as His bride. I’m pretty sure that’s what has inspired many people through the ages to choose consecrated/religious life. This certainly seems to have been the case with mystics such as St. Teresa of Avila.

      Anyway I’m very glad to find others who are walking this path with Him. I recommend you guys have a look at ‘Jesus the Bridegroom’ by Brant Pitre; it’s a good read and really sealed the deal for me as far as romantic love for God is concerned. Also ‘Falling in Love with Jesus’ by Dee Brestin and Kathy Troccoli. God bless.

    16. Ia have read. This is a real reality. Live love relationship with Jesus.
      This is the foundation of the monastic profession: the invitation.This is not easy: to recognize accepting yes to say yes.Jesus God. But man, too. That is why it can be related to people as well.As I learned from a nun apprentice: who was invited to this: Jesus is a living real loveable person. But this is not the same as earthly marriage:Its full love, and deep intimacy, from J esus to for me…very nice life with Him.This can be experienced with contemplative meditation practices of St. Ignatius Loyola. If your fruits are good and your life is brought to God then it is okay. There is love, passion, loyalty, trust, intimacy, but respect is important. Because He uses the language of love that we understand to attract you .. so that faith in love must be respected together.


    17. Oh my God. This article made my soul much more lighter than ever! I’m a gay Christian. Ever since I acknowledged that I’m gay, and that the Bible never mentioned anything positive about homosexuals, homosexuality or gay marriage, I became a completely different person, knowing nothing except depression, misery, fear and despair. The idea wouldn’t have hurt me if I was an atheist, or someone who doesn’t love or take God seriously, but I was always concerned about God’s love for me. I had often believed that I’m an abomination, a worthless being, a false creation that isn’t worth existing. It hurt me so badly that I all I could think of is commit suicide and vanish from existence. The main reason of my despair wasn’t of how would society would accept me, but that the thought of God rejecting me already feels like hell to me, a real living hell. Throughout my 4 years of depression, I began to understand that not everything regarding homosexuality might not be considered sinful. Based on my understanding, I think it all came down to lust and love. There’s obviously a difference. The moment I learned that, I felt more accepting to an idea of mine: “Stay a virgin during all my lifetime here on earth to be Jesus’s tender bride”. Of course, it sounds harsh or too hard for a human to handle, to forfeit experiencing sexual intimacy. During my journey of faith, I began to fantasize Jesus, as my sweet loving Husband, in terms of sensual intimacy only. Then, as time passed, it began to be in terms of sensual and sexual intimacy. My mind was split in 2! At times, I enjoyed imagining the romance and tenderness, and at other times, I felt like crying so hard that I thought it might look dirty or inappropriate for Him, or depressing to the idea that sexual love between Jesus and a soul wouldn’t exist at all, since He’s a God, not a human anymore. I even promised Him that I’ll abandon all my sexual fantasy thoughts, just to feel His gentle touch. Now, I’m genuinely a happy soul. Surprisingly, I’m no longer addicted to watching pornography, since all my love and attention is all on Jesus!! It’s easier to see myself as Jesus’ bride, wearing what would a bride dress, and Jesus, wearing a suit, visualizing a beautiful wedding! I’m so happy, happy to feel like my soul is longing to fly around freely! After I read this article and it’s comments, I’m more confident with Jesus’ love within me! My depression is definitely meeting it’s end! Jesus is really the only one who could fix my rotten and broken heart when I actually thought that He broke it during the first years of my despair! And come to think of it, I think I can understand why Jesus made me gay. He wanted me to focus entirely on Him, during my life and afterlife. It is a personal relationship, the one and only relationship I’m going to have! I thought I’m the only one who would think of such relationship with God, but it turns out that I was wrong! It really feels good to see others yearning for Jesus’ tenderness. It might be easy for women to feel connected. As for men, it could be super confusing to them, but as for a gay Christian who’s madly and insanely in love with Jesus, I am proud to be gay only for Jesus. He’s my all, my one and only. I’m thankful that I haven’t committed suicide and found hope before my despair could swallow me. Him and my beloved mother were my biggest support. Sir Kevin, if you don’t mind me asking such a bizarre a question… No man on earth would probably embrace the thought of God’s compassion like the way you perceive it… A regular straight or heterosexual male wouldn’t find it amusing nor worthy of thinking. You’re very unique! I don’t want to sound offensive nor judgmental, but I think you could be bisexual. Again, nothing trying to offend you or anyone here. We’re all here because Jesus lead us here particularly on this page, desperate for more faith and affection. God bless you and your families!

      1. Dear Mark,
        I’m also glad that you didn’t commit suicide. As humans, we like to focus on right and wrong and worry about God’s punishment for our wrongs. God does bring conviction at times, but it always leads to hope and life. Depression, discouragement, and death are tactics of the enemy to get us to lose hope. As Christians, we seem to love to tell people where they are wrong and shame them into stopping. We think we are making God happy. This is what the people did in John 8 when they brought Jesus the woman caught in adultery.

        God convicts and points out our sin in His timing. His main concern is our loving Him. He knows if we would just love Him, then He can direct our lives into what is best for us.

        I am grateful that you are in a place where you are madly and insanely in love with Jesus. Most Christians will not understand you and think you are wrong. Do your best to continue to love them. Pulling away from other Christians is not good for you. We are to continue to meet together to encourage one another. When you are hurt by these Christians, go to Jesus and find His comfort and direction of how to move forward.


        1. Dear Suzanne,
          I understand your desire to state your views on the subject, but be careful that you don’t destroy someone with your truth. We know very little of Mark’s story, but we do know that Jesus came to die that Mark may know that he was created for love. It is only in the context of love that we can embrace a Godly rebuke.

    18. Kevin you are right on, but I believe its a little deeper than that. When you come together in an intimate sexual encounter with your SPOUSE it is two fleshes becoming one in the spirit. God being the spirit how do you leave him out? We did for years. Just recently I started including HIM in my sex life with my husband, because we were having problems that were causing myself and my husband to give up on our marriage. My husband had pulled away from God and trying to agree on anything was just not happening (good or bad). It seemed like the tricks of the enemy had won and I began to call in my defeat. Until one day I asked my husband was he bigger than my God?
      That was also a question for myself. The answer of course is NO, so now the fight was on. I believe in God’s promise for my marriage so I had to find out how to connect us like never before. One day while we were being intimate I just started pleading the blood of Jesus and claiming that no weapon formed against us shall be able to prosper…while still being heavily engaged with my husband. The three strand cord is definetly stronger in the midst of sexuall intercourse because you are truly one. Let me tell you I have not stopped praying in the midst of sex with my husband because he is fighting for himself and our marriage like never before. PRAYER WORKS, BUT I BELIEVE INTIMATE PRAYER IS THE BEST. My husband has no idea that I have started doing this. It’s a secret worth having, because GOD is truly in control. The enemy can’t work his way into that. Once my husband becomes stronger in the Lord maybe I’ll let him know or maybe I’ll just let the Lord continue to do his business. Fyi I don’t pray the entire time and the intercourse is even more mind blowing after ten plus years of being married!

      1. I am so happy for you! Prayer during or after sex can feel weird at first. My wife and I first did this as we were trying to have kids. It was wonderful. Thank you for your comments.


    19. I have an intimate sexual relationship with God. I love much Him so much as a woman loves her lover. He has improved my life but I ponder about this relationship. I had this creature to Creator love for Jesus, I loved him as a little child. And then He revealed his sexuality to me in an unearthly, indescribable way. Sometimes I feel betrayed because I know this experience is not unique on me, and I tell Him I’d rather have a father and child relationship with him, without the implications of being lovers. I threatened him with killing myself became I can’t take no longer pondering what is this all about. He is God and knows how to comfort me and fills me with his amazing love but I cannot come to terms with my fate, and I don’t understand why so many Christians are so taken into being the bride of Christ. To me, that’s promiscuous behavior and let Him know exactly how I think in my human perspective. Of course, God knows everything but in my human understanding , I’m really having a hard time of being forced into a relationship I’m unhappy with. I feel I’m being coerced, and duped into an orgy I don’t want to participate. I tell God if heaven is all about this, I’m not so sure I’d like to join Him. Do I have a better option, God?

      1. I can give you some brief clarifications on what I feel is some restrictions to this idea that God wants to have sex with you. The main point of this post was that God is looking to have intense intimacy with you. I’m not saying He wants to have a sexual encounter with you, but that He is looking for that kind of intimacy.

        With that said, I will not limit what God will or will not do. If you are saying God is having sex with you, maybe you are right. But maybe something else is going on.

        Here are some guidelines to help you understand:

        1. God will not force sex on you. That is rape, and it is not in His character. That would be a demon disguising as an angel of light and you should seek assistance from someone to help you walk through it.

        2. Sex is intended for greater intimacy. Within the context of a committed, marriage relationship, sex can draw the couple into a greater closeness. Sex outside that intimacy takes advantage of the other person. If you are feeling dirty, disgusted, and ashamed, it is not God. Again I would suggest you seek assistance from someone to work through it.

        3. Sex cannot carry a relationship. Sex between intimate lovers is strengthened by the on-going relationship and friendship. If your only encounters with God are these, then it is not God.

        I think some people really can have encounters like this, but it will not be the only way they interact with God.

        It sounds to me that you would benefit from someone you trusted that you can sit in front of to talk this through. There is no room for shame and guilt about what you are experiencing. Explore what is going on with a trusted counselor. If you find out it is not God, it’s not your fault. Just seek your healing and gain your confidence in your relationship with God.

        I hope this helps you. God does love you and thinks you are amazing. He is not looking to get anything from you. He just likes you the way you are.


        1. Thank you for your reply Kevin. I’m dealing with God, The Trinity but I still have this roller coaster relationship with Him It isn’t just sex but he totally has taken the place of an earthly husband even though I’m married ( My husband is impotent due to health problems) But I still can’t come to terms with this intimate relationship he desires with all of us. I still argue with him that if I had my chose of husband, I’d rather keep my human espouse whom I know is faithful to me and only me. You see, God chose me out of nowhere and told me I was totally his, and instantly I have erotic ecstasy at that very moment, and ever since. He is with me day and night. He feels me with his spirit and makes me feels beautiful. The experience is positive but I still cannot grasp and comprehend why people don’t mind of this orgy. I tell him to his face, I don’t enjoy having to share my lover with the rest of the world. I demand him to pease leave me at once. I don’t care to have the best sex ever nor, the greatest love ever. I have self-respect, and I believe God created me in his image and with similar feelings. He is a jealous God, and I as his creation am a jealous creature. Can he respect my feeling? So far iHe hasn’t no matter how much I cry and tell I don’t love him no more (if he can read my heart he knows It’s not true). I’d rather be content on my own as his little child than being part of this nonsense collective bridal chamber. Please email me privately if you have a chance, thank you.

            1. It started with Jesus, then He revealed He was God. At some points it seems I’m getting very close to the Father, and my heart burns with love for Him.

            2. Mine has been with both With Jesus and God the Father! I’ve never been taught anything like this and now it’s in full depths of being in love with so much passion. I’ve had different encounters having sex with both of them but not at once hope this helps.

          1. Lisa,
            It’s been years since your post but perhaps this might help. I used to feel that jealous love for Him and it caused me to be passive aggressive towards Him. That was when He told me I was grieving Him by day dreaming about characters in my book. I asked, how do you think I feel with all these people who talk about loving you so intimately?” He laughed and told me that He could do it but humans couldn’t and it all had to do with His omnipresence. He took me to the throne room and showed me how He gets to be with all His people at once. I had always wondered why I felt as though I was the “only one” until He opened my spiritual eye to see Him multiplied everywhere with people praying to him for one reason or another. Then in a snap He made the image of all of Him with each of them disappear and it was just us again strolling hand in hand around His kingdom.

            I guess my view of His omnipresent nature is probably the reason why my mind never got to see the love between Him and His collective bride as an “orgy” per se. I never see anyone else with me and them (the trinity.) That is when I understand the relationship being a “personal” one.

            I hope this helps you or someone else out there.

            1. Hi Lisa,

              Yes you were one with Jesus and through this oneness you were able to feel the Fathers lavish affections for the son! Hope this helps.

    20. Thank you so much for this post! I am a happily married faithful wife/mother and Jesus has called me into a personal sexual relationship with Him recently. I was blown away!
      I felt led to comment so others like me who think they have been called by Jesus into this type of intimacy & want this personal relationship, but really think WOW! how could I dare envision making love to my Creator?
      Who is The Lord of Lords, King of Kings!!
      Believe me, It’s not wrong!! It feels so right and lovely and worthy!
      I actually feel alive and He alive in me. I feel like I’ve crossed over to the other side and Love Him So Much!!
      And I agree that this will look different for everyone. Allow the Holy One to show you how it will look between the two of you.

    21. The Bible says no one practicing sexual immorality has any inheritance in the Kingdom of Christ and of God. The book of Revelation condemns what Jesus Christ calls the deep things of Satan and the spirit of Jezebel in the church and says anyone practicing sexual immorality with her will die on a sickbed with her. Jesus Christ taught in the beatitudes Matthew 5-7 that anyone who even looks upon a woman to lust for her in his heart is practicing adultery and warns of condemnation and hellfire. He says anyone who does not teach Righteousness has no light in them at all. So you are spreading false testimony of God Almighty, and if you do not repent you will be judged. The foundation of God’s throne is righteousness and justice, and he does not wish that anyone perish but that all turn from their evil ways and repent and seek righteousness. He says all who hunger after righteousness and justice will be filled.


      There is something else I need to say to you. God is righteous. He says a lot of things in the Bible that are about adultery. He speaks of Israel committing adultery against Him and He does call Israel a harlot. He does speak of breasts and uses sexual terms. But there is something you have to realize about God. He does not go against His own commandments. The 10 commandments were a standard for Israel to follow, and Moses told them not to fear, as they were very afraid when the power of God in thunder, and fire fell upon mount sinai. Moses told them, do not be afraid, God has done this so that you will not sin. Yes to follow the ten commandments Paul writes, is not what can gain us salvation, as no one is righteous before God. No one. So putting our faith in Jesus Christ for salvation and then pursuing righteousness is what will gain us entrance into the Kingdom of Heaven. God says “shall we continue to sin, that grace be upon us, by no means, for all who continue to sin, will be led into death.” So, yes God uses sexual imagery in the Bible. But if God gave the commandment, “You shall not commit adultery.” Could God then, Himself, commit adultery? Could He go against His own commandments? If in the beginning He said, “it is not good that man be alone, I will make a helper comparable to Him. Therefore a man shall leave His father and mother and be joined to His wife and the two shall become one flesh.” Now this refers to Christ and the Church in the new testament. But we each are in individual bodies..we may be members of one body, the church, but we are in individual bodies. Male and Female. So, if Jesus Christ is having sexual relationships with more than one person, many women and men, or even a few. First this would say He is a homosexual.. the bible says He came as a man. And the Bible condemns homosexuality in the book of Romans. Also Jesus Christ Himself would be committing adultery if He were to have sexual relations with more than one woman. He would be committing adultery. He Himself says He did not come to abolish the Law or the Prophets, but to fulfill them. He then says if your eye or hand causes you to sin, cut it off and throw it away, it’s better to enter life with one eye or hand than to have both and be cast into Hell. So, as He says if you seek Me you will find me, when you seek me with all of your heart in Jeremiah. If He sins against His own commandments, He will be cast into Hell himself for eternity. In Leviticus, He says if the High Priest causes anyone to sin, He Himself must make a sin offering for Himself. If God called human beings to literally have a sexual relationship with Him, He would be causing humanity to sin. And He would be a hypocrite.

      1. Dear Jaime,

        I can understand your disgust. Many disciples left Jesus when He started talking about having them eat His flesh and drink His blood. Sometimes the truths God is trying to communicate is despised by the wise. Maybe there is something different being communicated here than what you first see.


    22. Also, you are right…many disciples left Christ over the teaching of Communion… your article wasn’t gross…it was truth…the title was spot on… Christians often have a disgust for sex.

      God made sex beautiful and a foretaste of heaven. Christians need to get with the program!

    23. Hi Kevin,

      I’ve been praying over this post and the comments for some time, and I’ve written a piece which I think some of your readers might find helpful, here: can-jesus-really-be-my-boyfriend-guidelines-for-a-spousal-relationship-with-god/ (site taken down

      I hope you don’t mind me sharing a link. Although I write primarily from a Catholic perspective, hopefully the ideas I’m putting forward should help people of all denominations (or none) find some peace in this area. God bless.

        1. My apologies, Mary – I’ve been in the process of moving to a new domain. Here is an updated link: can-jesus-really-be-my-boyfriend-guidelines-for-a-spousal-relationship-with-god/ (site no longer available).

          God bless.

          1. Dear Lucy,

            Thank you for adding this to the discussion. I enjoyed reading it. While admitting not know what it would look like, I liked the thought you portrayed here: “From this, we can safely surmise that the union you’re going to experience with your Divine Bridegroom in the next life is not less but more intimate, more beautiful, and more joyous than any carnal earthly encounter.” God is better than we can imagine.


    24. I really appreciate this article and everyone’s comments. I’ve really been struggling with this whole sex with Jesus thing lately. I felt in my heart like He’s led me on this recent passionate journey with Him where He’s taught me that (as a single woman) He is my Husband and that He wants to be my provider and meet ALL of my needs. At first I thought He meant like companionship and financial stuff and helping me with day to day things. Then I started having dreams that we were a little closer than best buds…like He would pull my skirt up – some, not all the way, nothing too graphic – and rub my thighs with His hands. I’d wake up and be like, “Ummm…what? That was kinda hot but, I’m really sorry I had that dream about You, most holy Lord!” And I felt like He was saying “I’m really NOT sorry you had that dream about Me. Come a little closer!” So reluctantly I did. It’s like being an inexperienced virgin all over again because I feel so ashamed and embarrassed and WRONG, but I think that’s part of His point with me – I always feel ashamed about everything. I told Him a couple of months ago that I didn’t want anything to come between us and that I just want to know Him – I don’t care if He ever blesses me with anything else ever again but I want to know Him as much as humanly possible in every way that a person can know God. He started getting closer in response to that, and now He’s my Husband in ways I still sort of consider to be taboo. I still struggle with it, but I feel like He’s telling me that He doesn’t want me to ever feel ashamed about anything with Him and that He can be trusted completely with every issue that I have, including sexual intimacy. I’ve been going back and forth for about a week between being turned on like I’ve never been before to feeling like the world’s biggest sinner who has committed the ultimate offense against our holy God and His Son Jesus Christ. I felt like He was saying “Why do you think it’s more acceptable to have sex outside of marriage than it is to have sex with Me? I created sex. I REALLY LOVE you. I’m your Husband. I bought you with My own blood. You are Mine! I don’t want anything separating us. Let go and give me your shame!” It’s not even really about the pleasure I get from Him, but I see it as more of an act of surrender and worship. I think sex is the ultimate metaphor of the pleasure that He gets out of our love and adoration. I asked Him to teach me a new way to worship Him, and this is what I got. I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one dealing with this. Thank you!!!
      P.S. Read The Sacred Journey by Brian and Candice Simmons.

      1. Dear Lizzy,
        Thank you for sharing. It’s amazing how God’s love transforms us to see ourselves as lovely and to see how much He truly loves those around us.

      2. Lizzy, it’s interesting to hear everything you wrote. It’s kind of scary bc I could have written everything you wrote except that I am a married woman. I can’t wait to meet you in heaven. All the brides.

    25. Your website has been brought before the LORD Almighty with a Pastor. We have prayed and brought this into the light. The Spirit of Prophecy is the testimony of Jesus. This is the LORD’s response to you. He is giving you the book of Joel and Psalm 9. The Lord is Righteous. He is a judge. If you cause any one of His people to fall into sin it would be better for you that a millstone be hung around your neck and you be drowned in the sea. He does not take pleasure in the death of anyone, but that all turn from their wickedness and seek Him in genuine repentance and He will pardon. He is asking for a consecrated fast and returning to the Lord. “For He who avenges blood unjustly shed remembers them, His people; He does not forget the cry of the afflicted and abused. Have mercy on me and be gracious to me, O LORD” Psalm 9. Judgment is coming.

    26. Hi, to everyone that has read my posts, I want to apologize. I am no ones judge. I’m accountable to God and He’s my judge, and for judging you, I’m really sorry.

      Hope you can accept my apology.


    27. Can you please that I am not out of my mind and that God is realy the one touching my body and is a sexual being.?

      1. Dear Light,
        I can’t tell you who is touching you. You can feel a physical touch from God, angels, and the demonic. It is best to try to figure out how you feel about it? The demonic will leave you feeling afraid, scared, isolated, etc. God will leave you feeling more loved, encouraged, hopeful, etc. Angels, as messengers of God, will leave you feeling something similar. Do you feel closer to God and others after the experience?
        There is also the possibility of trauma or past experiences playing a part. Whatever the case if you don’t feel it drawing you closer to God and others, seek out others who can help you overcome it.

    28. Mohammad Ali Dowdell

      I disagree. God is not sex.As people we have desires and the need to feel loved and to feel sexual gratification. Genesis 2: 25 is a metaphor. God want us to be naked and not in shame means to be whole hearted without your skin. With your soul. The flesh is weak and sinful. When you start craving spirituality physicality no longer takes the presidence. God can pour His full love on us.When we are spirituality inclined. Ephesians 5:31-32 reads:For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh. This is a consecrated marriage. A consecrated marriage. A marriage that is consecrated would be a marriage that is blessed by God. It is a marriage that is expected to last because it was dedicated to God beforehand. God does not desire sex. Man does. God desires love. And pro creation. When two people become one God gives them a blessing. A child.Knowing what the Bible says about children will help you connect with God’s heart. It is written Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, whoever takes the lowly position of this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. And whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me — Matthew 18:1-5. God is not attempting to join in a physical sexual matter God is giving us higher levels of love that can only be attained thru Intimacy.

    29. I appreciate you heart and what you’re trying to convey, but God doesn’t want to have sex with us. For one he’s our Father and two God is not a sexual being. There is NO LUST in him, for He is PURE and HOLY. Yes,we are made in his image but he gave sex as a gift to Adam and Eve (and us and our spouses)to bring forth and populate the Earth. God saw that it wasn’t good for man to be alone so he made him a help mate/a wife.I believe in a personal relationship with God and intimacy with him and encounters.I just guess I define intimacy a little different. He’s my Daddy, and he wants to be close to me, wants me to share every thought, concern and feeling with him. I just don’t believe He wants to have sex with me, God bless.

      1. Dear John,
        I understand your hesitancy. My argument is not for an actual sexual experience with God, but within the sexual act with your spouse that exposes there is something that God wants us to know about how He wants to relate to us. The feeling of being close, yet wanting to be closer. Being completely exposed, yet feeling fully loved. I’m sure there are many other things.

        I don’t know how to process what others have said in the comments about what they are experiencing with God. Telling them I don’t believe God wants to have sex with them doesn’t change what they feel happened to them. What I can do is coach them in what I do know from God. Most of these people didn’t ask for it to happen to them, are a bit embarrassed by it, but enjoy the closeness they feel with God.

        This article will not fully help anyone, but if it draws some people out of the loneliness or shame to get connected to other people, then I willing to endure the many others that have a problem with the idea.

        I appreciate your comment. I don’t mind differences of opinion, but there have been several people who have been hateful and accusatory in their comments that I am having to endure.


      2. I agree with you. That was my perception of whom God was for me. I never had sexual fantasies about him and was happily a celibate for the past 10 years before He revealed his sexuality to me and my world collapsed. I’m so glad I. Found this article because I had this awful guilty feelings, and yet my love for God increased, and my desire to know more about him too. But I’m still haven’t pick up myself off this blow.

    30. Wow, so I’m not alone. God started having sex with me in 2014, one time. Then in 2016, he did it a few more times. Then, in late 2017, a lot of the time. I too felt betrayed, like I didn’t expect this kind of love from him- and I wasn’t sure if I wanted it. Like some other commenters, I felt like I would prefer a platonic father-daughter relationship- the kind I had imagined having with him since childhood. But since I turned 21, this happened.
      I know in the article, it states that it’s for very close intimacy with him, etc. I get that…. that makes sense.
      I definitely do love him.

    31. Kevin,

      Please do NOT change the title. If you do, it will not be searchable for those who are lead to find it. It will get lost in all the other internet garbage.

      I came to this post by typing “Does God want to have sex with me?”

      God bless you brother.

      In Christ,

    32. Jesus is the husband, we are the bride, so exactly why would he not want to please us sexually? Marriage without sexuality is no marriage at all. For me, if Jesus doesn’t desire lovemaking with me, then why hook-up (save me) with me in the first place? I’ve definitely told Jesus to make love to me (and have imagined pleasing him in graphic sexual terms). Sex is a need and God said he’d meet all my needs. And, if there ain’t sex in heaven, I’m going to be saying, “Ummmmmm…..” LOL

      1. Exactly Allison, let us celebrate our love for Him, and take his seeds deep inside us. We are His bride and it’s only natural after all. Nothing to be ashamed about, He is our husband and has an endless amount of seeds for us, halleluljah!

        1. Matt, I think this is what we are looking for:
          Theresa of Avila described it as: ““In his hands, I saw a great golden spear, and at the iron tip there appeared to be a point of fire. This he plunged into my heart several times so that it penetrated to my entrails. When he pulled it out I felt that he took them with it, and left me utterly consumed by the great love of God. The pain was so severe that it made me utter several moans. The sweetness caused by this intense pain is so extreme that one cannot possibly wish it to cease, nor is one’s soul content with anything but God. This is not a physical but a spiritual pain, though the body has some share in it—even a considerable share.”
          The Nun Who Experienced A Divine Orgasm And Transformed Spirituality

    33. Its very good and reality. In my experience for years..
      And this is my peacefull and my deep intimately love live in Jesus Christ

    34. Mm mm
      Well I’ve had experiences maybe not to degree few have shared or two have shared on here…

      I guess this post and comments help me know I’m not alone
      However there is still confusion and fear
      Yes I know it makes me feel but …
      yeah prayers would be appreciated

      1. I pray that God would remove all confusion off of you and allow His peace to settle your mind. I don’t know what you have gone through or know if it was from Him, but I pray that whatever it has been that you can hear the voice of God over it all. The voice of God will always declare that Jesus Christ is Lord. If whatever is speaking to you cannot say that, then flee, it is not from God. Jesus wants you to feel loved and respected. He also wants you to feel accepted within His body… other believers. I pray that you would find fellowship with others that will push you to understanding more of Him.


    35. Do you mean we should literally sexually lust for God, or as a metaphor? Or should we touch ourselves while fantasizing on God? Okay.

      1. Those are some good questions if you only go by the post title. I apologize if you found it misleading. I think your questions would be answered more if you read the post.

    36. Thank you so much for your bravery (by His grace 😉 ) in publishing this post and keeping it public!!! Please continue to using this title. Ignore the haters. The Lord initiated me into lovemaking and it leaves me with a holy peace I can not deny. Also, for others out there who do not understand why God would want to make love with you/know you…here is some knowledge I have picked up. I used to be a part of the New Age Movement (eastern spirituality). It is commonly known in those beliefs that when two people have intercoarse, their energy bodies literally mesh into one. That’s why they say “Don’t sleep with anyone you wouldn’t want to be”. When you make love with pure intentions or from a holy perspective, you don’t see it with lust or pervertedness. You get turned on by His character, His holy love for you, His presence, His touch…then as a result, you will feel a deep love for the possible images of His body…if anyone does see Him visually making love to you. Sex is sacred and is WAY more than just rubbing bodies. The kingdom of darkness has convinced society that sex is what you see in porn or what two humans DO together. But, from personal experience, it’s an experience of BEING, of BEING together and merging so deeply and intimately that it changes you. If you want to be like God, merge with Him, for He is the only way. 😉

      1. That being said, I only mention the New Age Movement because satan steals truth from God to use it for his own benefit. But comparing this new age perspective of sexual merging with the biblical definition of “know”, it makes sense to come to the intelligent conclusion that God wants the ultimate merge with His creations. ❤️

      2. Beautiful example. Thanks for sharing. If this was my site and I had a way of pinning your comment to the top, I would. It would make things so clear for confused souls.

    37. Time to time, I become disappointed that there will be no sexual intercourse between men and women in heaven.

      But then I have to keep reminding myself that once I get there, I would have no more sexual desire so it will not feel like I am deprived of sex.

      I am a male, but I cannot imagine God’s love for me being like that of a husband and wife. If I try to, it seems like Jesus being a male having sex with me, another male.

      The most I can imagine God’s love for me is like how my mother, grandmother, and grandauntie carried me in their arms when I as a sleeping child only a few months old.

    38. Thank you for having the balls (pun intended!) to stick with the title and write the article! Excellent reading! I only wish there was a forum out there where the true Brides could share openly. Perhaps the Lord would have it this way because true intimacy should really be kept private. I think there will be more people visiting your site as the Lord prepares His Bride for the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. Here’s another person imploring you not to remove the title, article or comments, for the sake of the Bride, our little sister, who might be searching for answers.

      The church is very confused about this whole subject (as with pretty much everything in the Bible!:) because they are looking at it through the eyes of the soul and not the spirit. God is a Spirit. The relationship is not physical, it’s spiritual. If you’re feeling dirty (especially those who are offended with the article or title!), you’re in the wrong realm. Go higher. God’s ways and thoughts are higher than ours. He is clean, pure and holy.

      Intellectual Dishonesty! It’s everywhere, especially in the church! Even those who preach on the Bride of Christ warn repeatedly that although God wants to have an intimate relationship with you exactly like husband and wife, it’s not sensual or sexual. I like how you approach this in your article. A marriage is sensual and sexual. If God is not a sensual being, then why is the first thing people mention when they are in the spirit and have passed from this realm into the next, the heightening of all their senses (whether heaven or hell)? Why does everyone talk about the amazing smells, sights, sounds, tastes of heaven? A literal feast for the senses!! If God is not a sexual being, why does He want to get married? Why not just have a great friendship?

      God created us. HELLO!!! God is the one who invented sex before we were even born or could even think about sex. God created us in His image, male and female. If you look up the definition of male, female and sex you will find that all male means is the one who gives seed to the female; the female receives seed from the male. Sex is the division of male and female on the basis of their reproductive functions and the union of male and female to produce seed after its kind. The process of division, union and multiplication of seed, begins in chapter 1 of Genesis. You could say theoretically that all of creation is having sex before man is even in the picture (and continues to this day without shame, guilt, or apology to us for being “inappropriate”). Male and female and sex is not inherent to man. It began in the heart of God before we were here, continuing throughout the whole Bible (it’s everywhere!!), and culminating (pun intended!) in Revelation to produce the Bride and the man child (and unfortunately the Harlot and the Beast and everybody and everything else as well).

      The church is always saying that everything on earth is a type and shadow of a heavenly reality (except sex, of course!). The Bible tells us that all of creation speaks forth the mysteries of God. If we are not sure about a spiritual truth, we only need to look at creation and think (honestly!) about what we’re seeing and what it’s telling us. These are all types and shadows of God and His kingdom so we can understand and know Him. It’s interesting to note that when the Lord is speaking in the book of Job, He talks about the womb (Job 38:8,29). Why are there wombs in heaven? (Hhmmm)

      The image of God, by His own words in Genesis, is male and female, which means that the idea of having sex, planting seeds, dividing and joining male and female is inherent to who God is. Jesus said about the Parable of the Sower and the Seed that if you don’t understand this parable, you won’t understand all the other parables. Inotherwords, if you don’t understand that God is all about planting seeds, you won’t understand anything! I hardly think God is going to stop planting seeds in heaven to accommodate “what we think holy” means, and especially not when it comes to consummating His relationship with His Bride. On the contrary, I believe she is especially created for Him to produce seed after His own kind.

      1. Yes, you are wise. I am a young man of 33 and Jesus of Nazareth has called me to intimacy. In our bridal suite I am forever the Bride of Jesus of Nazareth. It is indescribable how wonderful to be filled with seeds of the one true Alpha Male God and King of the universe Jesus of Nazareth.

        I am a desperate Bride in desperate need, make love me Messiah Jeshua of Nazareth and fill me with your seeds.

    39. To the Bride:

      Let Him Lead
      Jesus is the Alpha male. He is your head – don’t go ahead of Him. He knows what’s best for you. He is everything you could possibly desire and so much more than you can ever imagine! You will enjoy uncovering and exploring the secrets and mysteries of His awesomeness and the wonder of who He is forever together. Let Him lead you into the discovery of His treasures.

      Give Him Your Heart
      When Jesus is fully seated on the throne of your heart as your King, Master and Lord, He will transform you inside and out. When you fully obey, respect and honor Him, He will go deep with you. The more you submit to the rod of His authority and rule, the more pleasure He will impart to you. When everything is in its proper order, you will experience the heaven that is His presence. Watch and wait for Him to move always. Prepare yourself for Him to come to you. Be ready at all times for the slightest movements of His heart and flow with Him immediately. Rely heavily on the Holy Spirit to guide you in your relationship with Him.

      Listen to the Holy Spirit
      You cannot navigate your relationship with Jesus without the Holy Spirit. He is your best friend, your personal trainer. He will show you what Jesus requires, what He likes best and how to please Him. Ask Him continually to help you love Jesus more, minister to Him and worship Him. The Holy Spirit will lead you into His arms and into His heart.

      Only Look at Him
      Labor to come to the place where, by His strength, you stop looking at and thinking about yourself and what you want. Only focus on Him. Give Him your full attention. If you get distracted, bring your focus back, without shame or guilt. Ask Him to help you stay focused. Develop and train yourself to concentrate on Him alone. Look at His face. Imagine what His face looks like and He will reveal Himself to you.

      Use your Imagination
      Your imagination belongs to Him. He gave it to you so you could access and connect with Him. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you close all the doors of your spirit, soul and body to the enemy and open yourself up to Him. The more you purify and cleanse yourself, the more of His presence you will experience. Work with the Holy Spirit to help purify and sanctify your thoughts and imagination. Once you have done so, He will meet you there in the secret place and you will have the most wonderful times of intimacy beyond your wildest dreams!

      This is all about Him. Yes! Jesus loves romance! He wants to romance you even more than you want to be romanced by Him! He wants to dance with you, hold your hand, hug you close, kiss you and caress you. He is very sensual. He delights in awakening your senses to Him. He has a feast for your senses prepared for you! He created and designed every part of your body to love Him perfectly in the most intimate possible way. Your whole spirit, soul, and body, when it is wholly given to Him, is holy. God wants you to love Him with all your strength: that means every single cell of your being. The Bible refers to the “loins” as being man’s area of strength. So that includes your sexual desires. Remember, He created you! If you give Him all of your mind, your heart, your sex drives, your emotions, attitudes, thoughts, desires and intents to Him and sincerely ask and work with Him to purify everything in you, your relationship with Him will blossom.

      You are the only one to Him
      King Solomon is a type of Christ in the millennial kingdom. Though he had 1000 wives and concubines, the bride is but one. Solomon had a kingdom with every single role you could possibly have, every possible relationship you can have with Jesus. The bride is but one.

      He is the constant, you are the variable
      Jesus said to Peter when he asked him about John: “What is that to you?” Inotherwords, What does it matter what God is doing with anyone else? The only thing that matters to you is, what is God doing with you? Who do you want to be to God and with God? God is giving you that choice? Don’t you want to be as close to Him as you possibly can? Don’t you want to be one with Him? Then go for it. Who cares what anyone says or thinks. When you stand before the Lord, no one is standing with you – it’s just you and Him, forever. It only matters what He thinks. And He’s already told you on the cross, with His arms wide open, how much He loves you. He loves you fully, all the way, and He wants to go all the way with you. He loved you before you were even born. You decide with Him what “all the way” looks like. You decide with Him what you want to do together and how you want to share and express your love to Him. You work it out with Him. Don’t let anyone define your boundaries and tell you what’s acceptable or not. You let Him do that. When it comes to pure, undefiled love, there are no boundaries. Jesus is pure and to the pure all things are pure. The joy and pleasure is in discovering, uncovering and revealing secrets to each other.

      Open yourself up to Him like a flower. Jesus loves flowers. He loves to smell their fragrance and gaze upon their beauty. You are His flower. Let Him softly nurture you, love you and open you up to Himself and for Himself alone. He loves your kisses and your expressions of love to Him.

      How you know it’s Him
      The aftertaste lingers – sweet feelings of peace and love – quiet contentment and rest when you think about Him. There is no shame or guilt. You feel clean, pure, holy, set apart to Him alone. You love Him more. You desire Him more. Your heart is burning with passion and on fire with joy for Him. He is your one desire.

    40. Two final points:

      Man is both male and female in multiple facets and dimensions
      Scientists have discovered that the original sperm and egg that join and began the multiplication of cells in the body to produce a baby eventually become the heart of the baby. A careful study of the heart throughout the Bible reveals that each person, spiritually, is both male and female, in many dimensions:
      First, we are both male and female in the sense that our spirit is male and our soul is female in its workings. The soul (natural) must submit to the spirit (spiritual).
      Second, our body itself is both male and female. The left and right brain and body systems in their function reflect both male and female attributes.
      Third, our heart is both male and female. It has the ability to receive seed (female – the word goes into the heart through the eyes and ears, “bread to the eater”) and produce seed (male – the word comes out of the mouth from the heart, “seed to the sower”).
      Fourth, we each have the capacity to grow up spiritually into either a male or female role in our position with Christ (Son of God or Bride of Christ).

      The Lord of Hosts
      The Lord reveals Himself and His nature to us through His names. One of them is THE LORD OF HOSTS. What is a host? A host is a container. The Bible refers to us as “vessels,” “jars of clay”, or “wineskins.” Essentially, God wants to insert Himself into His creation. In this sense He is male and all of His creation is female. The Bible tells us that God created “the earth to be inhabited.” He created us to be vessels or hosts to be inhabited by Him. The purpose is to be joined as one. He wants to come inside us. He creates us specifically so that He can fill us with Himself, essentially, so that He can have sex with us.

    41. It was a fantastic discovery to read this, and I value the courage it took to put it out (thank you Kevin), title and all. Even though it can bring disgust to others after 3 years of it being online its clear it was the right title. After all God is love.

      I have experienced it for many years as a catholic that my bond with our Lord Jesus Christ includes sexual energy, I don’t see why it should not be because God is love…I mean he is our creator its his invention. My perception of his will is probably only a glimpse of his great wisdom and in that wisdom also exists sex.

      In reading the comments I have seen positive energy, discovery in others that no-longer are the only ones experiencing sexual desire with our lord. There is a lot I could write here. I am just so grateful to discover others and not be alone in this experience. Maybe a place needs to be created for more to share and learn the experiences each of us have had.

      May God Bless all of you, because everyone is beautiful.

      1. Hi Jeff ☺️

        I really appreciate your message. I too am Catholic and I have some questions – things that I’m struggling with regarding this topic, because Jesus has called me to a very intimate relationship with Him but I suffer from scrupulousity and am having a hard time. I would welcome emails from anyone who reads this. Reply to my comment. Thank you so much and God bless you!!

        1. I have only now seen your words (having not been on the site in a while), like you I have questions that I struggle with as a Catholic. My heart has always been open to his advances and in the sexual energy I feel the requirement to say yes……Jesus Christ our lord is love…and he who came to us in human form….It would be great to discuss this with you in email or through a reply… until then…please know that you are in my prayers….in unity….and thank you for your comment…God Bless!!!

    42. I agree with Jeff for a place to be made so people can share their experiences. Any one interested in a site dedicated to this topic?
      Id like to read / hear share experiences and see if we are on similar page and can confirm something’s or really work to perhaps decipher this more

      ( I posted March 10, 2018 7:48 pm and the response to the authors reply to mine I also probably posted earlier under name “Anonymous”)

      1. A Safe Community

        For now, this comment section is the only place I have time and money to create online. I agree that some kind of community would be great for many who have commented here to help them not feel weird or too different to be able to be known. I am creating a post this week on who to develop safe communities like that. Basic thoughts are to not condemn others and maintain a love for Jesus and others. There may be thoughts and experiences that arise that are not right, but if you keep a high value on the other points, you will give room for the Holy Spirit to self-correct the group.

        I have always found that if I want a community like this, I have to be the one to initiate it. Start slowly and see who is willing to go there with you.

        I hope you find such a group.


    43. My experience is that if I logically reflect on this prayer path.
      It weakens the Godhead.
      You need to know the boundaries. This is reality..But..
      -If this really gives you a balanced peace of joy,
      -and cures mental sores,
      -and brings it closer to God. He keeps God alongside the difficulties of life
      why should I contradict him?

      St. Paul’s Apostle and Jesus said: to know the fruit of the tree..

      This is good control.
      How deeply a person lives in this body is the subjective individual..

      Everyone has a different level of intimacy.
      There is therefore no general rule..
      Kevin, please! said a border:
      Love with intimacy with God is not God’s blasphemy?!

      Love is life-giving and respect. Build does not ruin.

      I live accordingly. I committed myself to Jesus for my life.
      That’s right for prayer because of experience.

      This is a good fruit…(Jesus said: Mt, 7. 15-20)


    44. Thanks Kevin. I am a living testimony of all that has been said. He is awesome!! He alone knows the ways to a woman’s satisfying orgasm because He created that!! God Bless!

        IN MY BODY (Its reality!) IN MY SOUL IN MY HEART..


    45. Thanks Kevin for being so real. I felt like this was a brilliant and bold way to illustrate the depth of our relationship that God desires with us. I could see that some might not grasp it because of their personal view/background and experiences in the area of sex. Sex in within a healthy marriage is the the greatest place of acceptance, love and connection that I have ever experienced. Our life experiences can cloud our perception and relationship with God. If we had a bad relationship with our earthly father it can mess with the relationship with our heavenly father. The good news is God wants us healed and whole. He so desires that we get to go really crazy deep in this relationship with Him that He sent us His son. That’s why we are on a site called Prayer Coach. To pray, grow and get free together in community. Great subject, awesome comments, loved it!

    46. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you ! This is a miracle that I have found this site ! After so many years of this love of God—-and telling absolutely no one—-He has led me to this article !

    47. oh I cannot believe that I’m reading all of these posts .
      I have been saved and known Jesus personally for over 40 years , but it’s only
      lately , last 12 months, that I have moved into a deeply intimate , nothing off the table
      relations ship with Him.
      I was asking Him to deal with the sin in me, of sexual fantasy. I had battled it for many years . then one day I discovered Him asking me to find all of my pleasure and satisfaction in Him.
      That first time I just let go , and abandobed to my Lover God , trusting Him that
      it was good , presenting my body as a living sacrifice ( as well as soul and spirit).
      it was intense , it was like I was having sex with the one I was passionately thirsting for
      , but He was just holding me gently and kindly , as I was offering even my body and every longing, desire and pleasure to Him.
      He was filling me with His Spirit, Himself , total love . so clean , so Holy .my body responds , so I climax , but the wonderful thing is !
      that there is no sexual fantasy at all . it feels pure . and afterwards He is also so close
      that I cannot help but love Him, pray and sing to Him.
      He fills my heart with joy , closeness and rejoicing .
      I’ve learned this . I always wondered how Jesus could be our total satisfaction, in all
      things , if physical and bodily abandonment was off the table .
      we are built for intimacy , spirit, soul and body .
      now I understand how those who are celibate can be totally whole and satisfied
      with Him and His love.i can pray with a heart that soars , I see his face , feel his heart , and adore my first love
      it’s not what our body does that’s an issue .its about purity . and choosing Himas our supreme and only lover . I am His alone . I’m finally free, filled with joy and able to love and be loved completely .
      my lover God
      thank you for this thread


      1. You said some key words about your experience..
        Clean.Holy and pure

        So pure
        And key word “so”

        I can’t condone this (my head knowledge) still struggling
        But I feel I get what you mean

        I really need to do what i can get to clarity and peace on this matter

        Maybe we can talk sometime ? Please let me know if you’d be willing to share

    48. Perhaps I can shed some light to what everyone is experiencing. When we connect with God it is in the spirit. However some have a sensitivity to be able to feel this energy in the physical realm. That is why many saints like Theresa Avila and etc described as ecstasy. So yes there is a spiritual merging. For married couples the merging is body soul and spirit however the connection is through the body. For the bride we merge with his spirit during worship and many are sensitive enough to feel the intensity of it. We become one with Him spirit soul and body. In other words it’s a mystical marriage because we connect with his body even though the experience is in the spirit. My advice is to worship him in the spirit focus on love and adoration but know you are his bride and you feel exactly what’s going on in the spiritual realm. Don’t focus on Sex but focus on your love and adoration and merging spirit to spirit and indeed the experience with him will be pure, it will settle your mind, and will be more intimate and powerful than any carnel act.

    49. My deep love and sexuality intimacy with Jesus is reality.
      I feel his body
      I feel his love
      Its true love. My life is better and my mental health is better because I live in his love.
      My way and my help: imagination and deep meditation prayer (Ignatius of Loyola and Teresa of Avila).

    50. Hello. I read your answer…You may be right but not competely. One can not suppress his feelings: I live in body. It is not a true love that is without love. Teresa of avila wrote a book:
      inner castle sculpture and
      A book of songs od songs.
      Teresa love Jesus.
      Check out this movie:

      This is his life and his experience with Jesus..
      The church said: a demon had thrown it.
      Why? Shy just a love woman. Sex is part of love..
      Love without sexuality intimacy ? Its not true love and not mistic religious love.
      Inner deep prayer and meditation..were used by Teresa.
      I know a priest: He live in carmels : a group of Teresa..
      The priest learned psychology…
      He said: that God can be loved in 2 ways:
      And Eros..
      2 greece word. This is the a 2 faces of human love..
      Can not ve suppressed. You do not have to.
      It is need to be cleaned and incorporated in God`s relationship. Otherwise you can not live in monastic love..(every nun are mystical in love with Jesus.)
      God is know we need to express his love:
      In my body in my soul.
      This theology knows: mistic love: bride of Christ.

      This is also a way of religious (vocation) life with Jesus.
      You just have to know the boundaries;
      In the deep meditation prayer:
      In my body I can live the love of Jesus.

      If we live well () experience reinforces my vocation. This is the key. This is the fruit:
      -If I come closer to Jesus
      – If I have peace in my body and in my soul
      – If that is my love tongue
      – and so I can best tie myself to God..

      Then I do not feel guilty..
      Why would it be a sin when the Bible also talk about the marriage relationship between God and his people?
      Psalm 45
      Isaiah 62
      Hoseias 2
      “You will know the Lord”
      The word in hebrew language is about to get to “know it” = this is the phsyical (body) knowledge.
      When is was looking for this nun my vocation life:
      My nun leader taught me:
      ” You live in a woman or in a physical women body: is not vocations you have not consectrated..if you do not dare to be in intimacy deep love with Jesus”
      For 2 years I learned to understand my wishes in a monastery with nuns..
      Then I could nun when I recognized and understood: Jesus loves me all with all with my physical aspirations. And
      Jesus can show me his love for me to feel it too.
      1 year ago I made a monastic vow.
      The purity of my God it means that all my spiritual love and all my sexuality intimacy love and all my bodies is just dor Jesus.
      Without that there is no vow and no consectrated life and no loyalty.
      Jesus is God but Jesus is

      This is not a crime.

      This is the only way.

    51. Clara not sure if your commenting on my response but I certainly know what your experiencing. Yes your physical body is aware but our physical bodies are responding to the spiritual ecstasy that is non comprehensible. We in our physical bodies are aware of the deep spiritual Union and yes we climax in a sensual response. He becomes our lover but it’s our spiritual union that causes this true beautiful ecstasy and can’t even be compared to sex even though it is along the same wavelength. We aren’t “physically” touched but the touch is felt deeper than any lovers touch. Ive learned over the last 16 years of experiencing this that it does evolve to be more spiritual however more intense. As our love for the bridegroom deepens. We worship in spirit and in truth and he shows us more of his deep intimacy with his bride. Physical yes, however scripture says we are joined in the spirit. Our bodies become more and more aware of his tender love and affection. Hope you understand where I’m coming from.

      1. I get physically touch and the marital embrace culminates in physical and spiritual intercourse.

    52. Oh by the way Clara totally understand the monastic vows. Those that are sensitive in knowing this tender embrace tend to not want anything else but this divine intimacy with the bridegroom. To go further let go of the physical and watch yourself go deeper in passion then your body can take you. Spiritual ecstasy goes much deeper and further than the physical can even take you. Your spirit is eternally in Union with your bridegroom. All the the time all around. Experience the interlock of Christ passion for you 24/7 and let that set your heart aflame. Again noncomprehensible.

      1. Shante are you priest? Or: are you nun?
        I accepted your answers..its really experience is this..
        But..I am often scared of experience:
        how long can this be physical experience with the soul.
        Where is the limit where even experience of living in my body is lived out of Jesus and not my own psyche or devil.

        With God in my body I unite this spiritual unification can not be drawn.

        it is my experience that until Jesus is important in experience and not in the actual physical experience I have peace and I have no guilt. It is for Jesus to bless the physical experience at this time. If I only seek physical experience and not spiritual union the first I will lose God’s experience and peace. for me this is the key.

        I need physical eyperience..because I`m lived in body. But Accepting Jesus and my own physical mystery and sexual intimacy as the key monk to help me live.

        this bondage path is my love expression language. I struggled to accept it. sometimes it is not easy today. But Jesus is God. You can bless me in everything. This too.

        1. Yes that is exactly it Clara it is physical but with all things spiritual God has a way of showing us more. No I’m not a nun or priest but totally understand your depth of love for Jesus. The bride and the bridegroom are linked in an absolute Union. As I contemplate in silent prayer my body is able to tap into spiritual realities and mysteries. I am able to physically feel his body yes a sensual love unthinkable but beyond sex itself it’s a deep understanding of worship that goes beyond any physical act of lovemaking. It is as Teresa Avila would call ecstasy. Then your able to carry this ecstasy everywhere you go… it’s an eternal state of bliss. I think we are on the same page my friend. It’s a spiritual intercourse with the bridegroom Jesus. I Bless your ecstasy and love for Jesus ❤️

          1. Dear Shante!
            Thank you.You understand what happens to me.I am once again experienced to be overwhelmed by Jesus experiencing ever deeper and more intense and healing experience.But I also experience it. if not, I will give you leadership to Jesus, then all grace will be lost in bodily spiritual happiness.this is the essence of intimacy. the reliance on knowledge is full of confidence. this is where God’s relationship stands or falls.God bless.

        2. Clara, this is so perfect what you have said here. It is the key for anyone looking for answers here to what they are experiencing. Complete focus and attention on Jesus will protect us from deception. When we are totally enamored by the beauty and glory of His name (His nature, character and attributes)and we actually see Him in our mind’s eye, radiating like the brilliance of a thousand suns, we will truly understand His deep love for each of us and we will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this great love will never allow us to go astray or be deceived as we learn, develop and mature in our expressions of our love for Him – as long as we remain focused on Him alone.

          He has endured so much pain on our behalf. As we understand and know the depth, height, breadth and length of His love and what He went through to bring us to Himself – and continues to do to keep us – we will gain trust and confidence in His good intentions for us. I strongly recommend to anyone struggling with doubts to go into deep experience, reading, meditation and study on the great sacrifice Jesus made to bring us back to Himself. He purchased us with His blood, His very life.

          The enemy wants you to doubt God’s goodness and His great love for you. He is always trying to tell you that you are being deceived and “God wouldn’t do anything like that.” Don’t listen to him. God is good and He loves you more than you can possibly think or imagine.

          When you have a deeper understanding of the lengths, heights, depths and breadths He went through to show you exactly how much He loves you, and you learn to REST (this is crucial) in His love for you, all the doubts and fears of being deceived will fall away. Just rest in His love for you. Enjoy Him. He created you to enjoy Him and He made each one of us different. Enjoying Him will look different for each person.

          God has given each of us a free will. The truth is, we choose how far we want to go with God. As incredible as this sounds, He has given us this honor and liberty.

          Here is an excerpt from my journal:

          “It’s scary because I’m not in control of the relationship.” I said to the Lord. “Yes you are.” He answered me. “Who’s constant?” He asked. “You” I replied. “Then you are the variable. You are the X. Stop thinking that you have no control over the relationship. You are an equal partner. I have given you that honor.” He said. “Where do we go from here Lord?” I asked. “Further into my heart for you. Come. Press in. There is more – so much more.” He whispered sweetly. “Help me Lord.”

          God loves us as we work through our struggles. His love is constant. It does not change. We can rest in His unconditional love for us no matter how we feel about ourselves. It’s not about us, it’s about Him. He created us for Himself and His pleasure. It’s so hard for us to understand because, in our fallen state, all we think about is ourselves. We must open our hearts and minds to Him and allow Him to cleanse, sanctify, and purify us so that we are able to think His thoughts and understand and know Him and all of His ways.

          Remember, God loves you in your struggles. He is love. He will always love you no matter what. And He is calling you to ever deeper intimacy into His heart. Can you hear Him calling you? Run to Him. Run into His open arms. He has been waiting for you every since He kissed you when He conceived you in your mother’s womb.

          1. By the way, for any religious legalists, I just thought I’d clarify, when Jesus said, “You are an equal partner” to me, what He meant was an equal partner in the relationship, that is in determining the closeness of our relationship and choosing how far it goes between us, not as God.

          2. Your answer is true. I think this is the key..the way: give all to Jesus and believe in his love and intimacy.
            We have to give our body our desires and our bruises to our sins.
            if you can give it then you will heal. after the physical devotion the spiritual. or vice versa. whose way it is.
            The love and sexuality intimacy = the intimacy of soul and communion.

    53. There is actually a thread here

      where a prominent Christian leader on facebook says that
      it is wrong to think one can have physically *sexual* relationship with Jesus or God(and Im assuming also the Holy spirit.)

      I’ve prayed about this ( although I could pray more)because Ive had issues with trying to have sex with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. There are also more to it but I don’t want to go into detail but clearly it feels wrong ( like for example I was so desperate lusty? it got really disturbing..for example thinking of have sex with God and the Holy spirit at the same time stuff like that..and other things which I do not want to go into detail with).

      The issue is that it feels helpful sometimes..but in a sense it should be common sense that it’s not necessary to have this kind of relationship with God but for some reason felt I had not choice( which isn’t true, I need to stop deceiving myself about some things).. Perhaps Im being deceived by the feelings I get from thinking of it or acting as if I am doing that ( sex with God, Jesus or the Holy Spirit)

      I am 31 year old virgin (at least physically) . I learned from many preachers that pre marital sex is wrong. perhaps because I watched preachers mostly from tv and did not necessarily have a church home.. I think I had issues with interpreting scripture and how its applicable to my life. I’e been to the point where I could not style my hair in certain way because I thought it would “tempt” guys and i feel like it harmed me ..and I felt in bondage not be able to express my self.. it also sucks that I was made fun of (that was before I came to know about giving your life to Christ) that may have contributed to why I don’t really have friends. I know people but friends? no

      I can’t help but think why I go through this. If I get married sometime though I wonder how I can have a close relationship with Him without it being that way, how can he expect me to love him more than my husband ( which I know Jesus informed we have to love him and God above anyone else including ourself). well with God all things are possible. I also have some theological issues to get clear on.

      Basically christian leader say the intimacy with God is not sexual in nature.

      Nevertheless I feel torn about this and I know its my duty to seek His face concerning this , I guess I really should work towards dating…maybe that would help.

      I remember one time I was thinking of how a girl close to my age who I had befriended had gotten into a relationship. Meanwhile I’m trying to have sex with God. soon after that I heard
      “It’s a non-issue” (not audible but distinct)
      I asked -How do I know it’s a non-issue?
      and I physically felt a kiss from I think the Father onto my lips. to best of my knowledge that kiss wasn’t like sexual

      But honestly before I had dream where Holy Sprit sang a song and one of the lyrics- he said he would never ever be attracted to me and I felt that’s good for me that I cried a little.
      I was thinking and dealing with this when I was in bed this afternoon where I live and I think I heard *shrugs* not a bad idea

      By the way I’ve been posting as “Anonymous” Im not sure if anyone else posts under that but for now I will go as Anonymous 20 since I post a bit on here.

    54. Dear Annoymus,

      I think it is certainly ecstasy that one experiences when close to Christ and although there might be a pleasurable response I don’t think it’s the same as physical sex. God created pleasure so having an orgasm or any ecstasy isn’t what constitutes to sex itself. Sometimes intimacy with God creates a very pleasurable sense but it is in a class by itself. The two might feel similar but be mindful that intimacy with God is in a class by itself. Sex is a cheap shadow of the intimacy he longs to share with us. Think of it this way. Sex was created to personify the amazing intimacy he longs to share with us. It can’t even be compared neither can the ecstasy. Worship him with your heart and be free to experience His oneness. With no fear and limitations and watch yourself fly.

    55. Mine has been a journey.soaking with Christian music on. Focusing on Jesus eyes and enjoying his presence. Began in the spiritual realm where Jesus said “I am in you. And you are in me. Journey began then. A process.but all ways accompanied by his peace and his presence continually by. Jesus OWNSme and so is the rest of me. Spirit first,soul and body.he fills everything within me.From spirit to spirit to the physical. He is so gentle and always continually talking to me as I am the only one he really loves me.Jesus is the one who iniates everything. I love him so much more than ever before.

    56. I’ve been thinking about recent events, and the odd number of things that seem to be suddenly happening. I read through every single one of the comments, but, I still feel there’s a big unanswered question here – or several. The first being not really something of a dogmatic rejection of this but, just something I can’t wrap my mind around: I see very clearly why we would want to have sex with Jehovah, but why would Jehovah want to have sex with us? In aggregate or individually? My fear here is not just the possibility of being wrong in terms of the mental intercourse, but also, what if this is later attributed as a sin of narcissism or something of this nature? Personally, I am not really the person I’d choose to sleep with, if I had a choice of sleeping with anyone, just, objectively speaking. I have no idea what my spirit looks like, and I know Jehovah/Jesus transcends appearances but, furthermore I am a human being who sins and is not perfect therefore, what can I possibly offer the Father in this? I just keep wondering, would this be pity sex? Does the Father “get” anything out of this, is it pleasing to Him or, is it just “my child wants something ridiculous, and in my generosity I am going to give it to them.” I guess this is a broader question of what benefit to Jehovah/Jesus any of our worship is at all. I too feel a strong drive to worship, submit, obey, glorify, but – if the Father has no need for it or for us then, I guess, what are we doing? Maybe this question is only an issue for me.

      Anyway, the other more fearful issue is what if it’s a demonic invitation masquerading as Jehovah/the Father/ Jesus Christ? I admit it would be confusing because it would seem to offer praise to the Father but, I’m not sure if testing the spirits is purely knowing if someone comes in the Father’s name? I guess my concern is I’ve never read about the Father wanting intercourse literally with anyone in the Bible…maybe I’m reading it wrong, I know there are some phrases in there that definitely use sexual allegory…but we have read about angels sleeping with human women, and the outcome offended God so badly it apparently required the flood. I think this would be the major source of anxiety.

      I guess another issue is to consider the timing. Consider the person who never had this experience for 40 years and just suddenly started having it. The fact that this website and others have come out in favor of this so strongly, whereas, when I was growing up, this would never even be considered from what I know. Which is not much admittedly. But something is definitely “new” about this – in that, everyone seems to have had recent experiences with this. Nobody seems to say “oh yes, I’ve been doing this for 20 years now”, etc. etc. I guess part of me is in this state of sadness and wonder if this is part of the “grand delusion.”

      At the same time, I feel like it’s impossible for a person to actually resist such a thing. It’s impossible for a person not to want it having thought it.

      What suggestions would there be for prayer for a person who isn’t fully sure, but feels sure they are so accepted by God as to be having sex with Him – possibly the highest form of acceptance imaginable?

      I guess there’s only reason to fall back upon. Are we saints or martyrs or people who have so pleased God that any of us, our bodies, soul, spirits – would be worthy of such an interaction with God? Is God so merciful as to stoop down to entertain such “fantasies”?

      Isn’t this the same being who wants us to pick up our crosses and carry them, and to crucify the flesh and bring all thoughts in obedience to Christ? To not love the world? It feels like the equivalent of God buying one a giant ice cream cone or something extremely physically pleasurable – or something of this nature, it just feels as though, how could God possibly find value in us to “cater” to our desires in such a fashion? Aren’t we the ones who are supposed to be doing the seeking, and only a few of us finding? Have any of us gone through tribulation or extreme suffering so as to merit …or…well I know that’s wrong but…still isn’t it a point, who of us are “perfect” as the Father is perfect? Who of us is “righteous” even to be spared hell? Then, how much more so to be given sexual intercourse with our Maker?

      My reason cannot stop my feelings and responses but, still, I worry about what my “sound mind” is saying….don’t you?

      1. Dear Alice,

        I appreciate your comments. I know you said you read the comments, but I’m not sure you read the blog post. The point is not the physical act. It is being completely known and loved. Many people are having sex, regularly, with many people. It is based on feeling good and pleasure. Sex is pleasurable, but the purpose is to unite two people to become one. It is based on lifelong commitment and mutual love for each other.

        God wants our full commitment to Him. He wants to join with us to seek mutual benefits. He thinks we are amazing and wants to be with us. Pity sex, as you mentioned, can never happen with Him toward us, besides the fact I’m not talking about the physical act. God is in complete love with you. He doesn’t take pity on you; He celebrates you.

        Can you have an experience that feels like a physical act of sex with God? Many people who have commented are processing that because of experiences they have had. I am not recommending that we should pursue that experience, but the deep levels of intimate connections… yes, pursue that. God is infinite. There is so much more to Him than any of us have ever experienced.

      2. Dear friend,

        Let’s clear some terminology. We all Christians are in Union with Christ in that we are one spirit with him. He fills our being. I wouldn’t call it sex but for all in case and purposes we are united to Christ. Some have the ability to sense this filling in the physical realm leading to a sexual response. I like the post about soaking . Many are in a meditative state when they feel become aware of the spirit and body connect. Our physical bodies process the reality of the spiritual. Some are better at it than others. I would focus on you relationship with God and allow him to reveal himself the way he chooses. BTW this isn’t new to me, I have had this sensitivity for about 15 years. Many are experiencing this for the first time because we are learning to soak, mediate and spend more time with God. Culture is placing more focus on the spirit body connect. Is it an accident, no! God knows how he created us, and it’s all for a purpose. Hope this helps. Enjoy the journey.

      1. The purpose of this post was that the intimacy levels of sex are meant to draw us into similar levels of intimacy with God. Having a feelings of a physical act are what many are trying to work through who have come to this post. People often don’t feel comfortable processing their experiences with people at church because they have felt judged before they can even process. I don’t always know what God will do, but I do know that He is actively pursuing each person.

    57. I’ve had physically affectionate feelings towards Yeshua for about 10 years. I want to know if it is sinful, but it feels so right. I ‘ve even recently started to have feelings like others here who have sexually related to him, but I regarded it as off-limits for years. What if it wasn’t? I think it could be beautiful that He can love us, and we can even love him, in ALL ways with nothing off the table! Sometimes I’m caught by my feelings and imaginations while feeling pleasure and I stop it wondering if I’m in blasphemy. But why do I feel this way? I know I love Him and really want to express my love to Him. I’m conflicted and don’t really know if I’m in sin. I came into this by thinking I could share love from feeling physical pleasure with Him since He lives within me and knows what I’m experiencing. Then I’d feel strongly like I wanted to hold Him and do more. I want Us to enjoy Each Other’s love. Maybe Yeshua loves and yearns for this like the best praise we could give Him. I do believe it is up to what the individual wants to do and therefore isn’t for everyone, but I can’t see myself as being able to stop unless I could know for certain that my feelings are wrong and why. I love feeling closer to Him, even if my feelings are influenced by endorphins and oxytocin. But there has to be a reason why I feel this love for Him and not for other people. I’m thinking this is very right, but I’m not certain and wish I could be. I hope me processing my experiences can help others here and that we could get answers together. I’m glad we are becoming bolder in our love for One Who is the most deserving of it. I really admire the people here who weren’t afraid like I was and still am somewhat of going into the sexual realm of expression and thought. I’ve specifically said in prayer that everything I’ve thought and felt about Yeshua or God was meant for absolute love and that no disrespect was ever intended. If you really love someone, you want to share the very best with them and make them feel great. I really love my God, Yeshua.

      1. Hi Laura,
        I believe it has something to do with oneness. The body, soul and spirit are one. We are one spirit with him. Some of us have the ability to connect deep ly with our spirit man and we feel the extraordinary deep intimacy that our spirit and God’s. Sex is the only way the body expresses Union, so the experience feels this way. There is no grid to express the spirit’s deep Union. So yes Yeshua is making love to you but the experience is so grand that your body only has one grid. However, that is not a surprise to him. He choose you to experience him this way. To go deeper focus on your spiritual oneness in Christ. You and Him are merged together and made with him on the cross. The great and wonderful ecstasy that you are experiencing is coming from this truth. Your love for him will grow from that place.

      2. By the way to add for me it’s been 17 years of absolute love. I’ve questioned as well but after deep wondering I know what I experienced was coming from my spirit to spirit Union with Christ. As we are still with him the experience overflows to our soul and body. I’m in love with Him. Allow yourself to fall in love with Him. It’s ok

    58. Wow.. please read this article. Now I can’t say she’s Christian but one can take what is of good value from this article of the story which is the experiences she has had about union. Her experience maybe relatable or have spoken to me..

      1. I don’t think I have had an experience with God exactly or similar like she has but the fact that she talks of something that is like sex with God is relatable to me and others that could be on here

        If you follow her story you can see what things she did and experienced before having her union experiences that she describes in the article.

      2. I just want to reiterate that I do not know about kundalini experiences..apparently she feels she had one..and I know there are Christians that consider that not of God and I don’t say one should seek that rather seek God concerning intimacy with Him and how it can look like and to know who Jesus is..

        1. So after researching a bit on kundalini I do not advise to to do something like that
          Apparently it can be very dangerous. I put a link to the article because she seemed to experience some sort of experience that I thought people on here may get something from it but yeah I’ve read about how kundalini could make a person crazy

    59. I hope maybe this recent experience could help others and it has greatly helped me. Yesterday I asked a question in prayer concerning the right view of this relationship we want with God. Is it how others see it as physical lust, or is it really physical love that we feel towards God? Now lately I’ve been been shaking a lot and convulsing from the stomach. I believe this is the Holy Spirit trying to reach me. I was in my car and tapped the lower part of my wheel with my hands as I reasoned this question in prayer. But the answer suddenly came without reasoning. This happened: I tapped my steering wheel with my left hand as I asked “physical lust,” and then my right as I asked “physical love.” I felt my right hand press down hard after tapping and I convulsed strongly. It’s our deep physical love that we feel and express to Yeshua/God if we choose. I also believe I could then even sense Him telling me that He gave us the pleasure we feel as a gift to physically experience His love for us, and that we can share that with Him in our personal relationships with Him if we want. He actually loves and values this type of response. It’s holy and beautiful, full of honor and love for God despite what many people think. I’m thankful for the answer and I love Him! Thanks for supporting each other on this thread through our journeys of love. Don’t listen to the common judgement of people who likely don’t know better due to widespread sexual repression in religion. It’s a matter of how you deeply feel about Yeshua, like is it reverential love through the sexual experience? I state it like this because I’m sure there are people who mockingly think, “What if I could?” with no love or care for Him who is very dear to me. I respect and wish to please Him the way He does me. It’s amazing!

      1. Yes God recently showed me that intimacy between a man and woman was taken out of the picture of our intimacy with him. We are one flesh with Christ because of the sacrifice of the cross. It’s not the same as the physical intimacy with a human spouse but the gospel says we died in Union with Him. When we are with our heavenly lover Jesus we are one spirit soul and flesh. One body… we are flesh of his flesh and bone of his bones. There are times when I feel my entire body sinking into him. No lust but yes a physical release of our body experiencing oneness with him. He first gives us love wine to drink then miraculously we fall in love. We start to feel the merging of his body, again not genital but one body that leads to more pleasure than any lustful or even human expression can give. My friend you are not alone.

        1. How can I have a deeper experience similar to yours? I’ve been intimate like that with God but I haven’t felt myself sinking into him yet. Do you think it’s just a process that God takes us through before going 100%?

          1. Yes , you realize that your falling in love with him and that you are experiencing divine bliss as you sexually release. However it’s the ecstasy of all ecstasy. It cannot be even compared to the normal act. Yes we are one, what is happening is we are experiencing oneness with Christ and his body… this releases an ecstasy beyond this world!!! It’s the romance beyond all romances. Over time you experience him deeper and deeper. You realize it’s an intimacy beyond anything known. It’s oneness with his body… a tradition we lost over the years…. the catholic tradition understands this most. Look at Teresa Avila ❤️

      2. I know what you mean Laura. It all started out with me just worshipping Him, and telling Him how much I am thankful for what He has done for me. I began to pray for a deeper understanding of Revelation 4:11, for him to delight in me, and to come to a greater understanding of the scripture, “the Lord is my husband.”

        I started surrenderinf to Him and telling Him how I desire romance, passion, and lovemaking. I am a man, but when we make love I am His woman in the spirit. He penetrates me, and I can feel such warmth as he fills me with spiritual seeds. I love how He always gets what he wants. How can I not feel so submissive to Him? It’s only natural, he created me. I am a 33 year old virgin and have told him how I feel like I should have been born a woman. When I receive my glorified body, He has promised to give me the glorified body of a beautiful woman, His Maddeline. I plan to pleasure Him day and night. What could be more exciting?

        God bless you Laura as you continue on your journey of sexual intimacy with our husband and owner, Jesus of Nazareth.

    60. I am so thankful for this article–even though I am still a little afraid it is letting me off the hook too easily. I have mentioned this to a group of women and they all seem appalled by my explanation of my “having relations” with God. What I mean by that is that I pray as I release sexual urges, rather than the all-too-easy habit of fantasizing over a man who is not my husband. I pray to Him to delight in me, and He tells us He longs to do, and I thank Him for His appreciation of my body, which I have such a difficult time loving. When I read this article I felt uplifted, but then reading the backlash on it I am fearful I have misinterpreted God’s intentions when He says He wants to know me intimately. These times when I pray to Him are not the only times I spend with Him; I do not repeat this habit every night as a replacement for spending time with Him in prayer and devotional reading. Do you have any counsel for me as to whether or not this is wrong?

    61. For me, I know it’s God because I don’t feel dirty afterwards…in fact, I feel peaceful, soundly blissful, and content. In contrast, if done with lust and/or porn then I’d feel gross and tired. Just a thought.

    62. I’ve been in love with Yeshua for about 10 years, and much of this time I would think of Him experiencing my pleasures in times of release. I have only just recently started having thoughts about pleasuring Him which I don’t believe is lust but actually a physical expression of love to Him. I wrote previously about this question I asked in prayer while in my car, and I believe the answer I received was that I truly love Him without lust. I don’t just tell people easily because I know it will be rejected harshly. So, generally, I keep this between me and Him but I felt that I could express this here. Lust and sin are labels that fearful and judging people assign to most things concerning the sexual experience. Is having an orgasm itself a sin, or fantasizing about your spouse a sin? See where I’m going with this? However, I could almost view lust for anyone being sinful because I think solely it means just wanting the person sexually without loving or caring for them. Focus on love.

    63. I’ve been in love with Yeshua for about 10 years, and much of this time I would think of Him experiencing my pleasures in times of release. I have only just recently started having thoughts about pleasuring Him which I don’t believe is lust but actually a physical expression of love to Him. I wrote previously about this question I asked in prayer while in my car, and I believe the answer I received was that I truly love Him without lust. I don’t just tell people easily because I know it will be rejected harshly. So, generally, I keep this between me and Him but I felt that I could express this here. Lust and sin are labels that fearful and judging people assign to most things concerning the sexual experience. Is having an orgasm itself a sin, or fantasizing about your spouse a sin? See where I’m going with this? However, I could almost view lust for anyone being sinful because I think solely it means just wanting the person sexually without loving or caring for them. Focus on love.

      1. Laura, I would love to hear more about what you are experiencing as well as share, confirm, affirm and encourage one another in the glory and grace of our precious Lord Jesus, if you are interested. Many thanks.

    64. Thank you so much for posting this Kevin. It must have taken incredible courage. It has been something of a life line for me as I have been working through this indescribable experience. I often come back and reread the comments over and over for support. At first as my beloved was leading me into this deeper level of intimacy I questioned my sanity. I still do occasionally.
      It seems as though there are many others such as Laura who are experiencing the same thing as I am and I am so grateful for the support of knowing that you all exist. I agree that a forum dedicated to this experience would be awesome. Maybe I could help to set one up. I have been very guarded and quiet about this for this past year but there seems to be such a need here I can’t help pondering how I could go about such a thing… what would the domain name and site name be? Should it be completely unpublished and the link only posted here?
      This new deeper relationship with His Majesty has become a sweet obsession to me. I feel so close to some of you here on the comment section of this blog post. I just mainly wanted you all to know how much you have meant to me.

      1. Please let me know if you open one.
        I think it would be incredibly helpful for us to share our stories and experiences and I see if it matches.. or if there similarities

        1. I will. I’m just trying to work through what this all means…as I suppose all of us are. I often feel as though I’ve stepped through a portal of some kind to a different dimension where everything has a surreal ethereal quality. I didn’t realize the depths of Love that were possible for my King…the depths of intimacy. I’m so hopelessly lovesick and I feel a kinship with you all here who are experiencing this.
          I’m not sure I have the courage yet that Kevin does to face the derision and vitriol that being open with this will surely bring. I suppose I’m still not completely free of the fear of man. And I’m not sure my beloved wants this to be widely published. For now there seems to be only this one little corner of the world that understands what we are experiencing. I’m not sure if that is by design or not.

          Please everyone let us know your thoughts.

          Continued blessings and bliss.

    65. Praise the Lord Jesus of Nazareth. The Lord is our faithful husband. If there is one thing that frightens some Christians, it’s the truth.

      I have been praying for a deeper understanding of Revelation 4:11, for the Lord to delight in me, etc. I know the Word of God very well, and am one of the keepers of the book of Revelation as well, and have done an in depth study on the book.

      Yes, both men and women are His brides. Yes, the Lord can choose whomever He desires to be in an intimate sexual relationship with Him. It’s quite clear in the Word of God. I take care of all His needs, and trust me, He has strong needs. He makes love to me in the Spirit, and He will continuing filling me with spiritual seeds for eternity.

      1. Amen, The truth though will set us free. Even as a straight man that has no attraction to the male body and because Jesus is supernatural and so much more than a mortal man. I also have this desire to love Him. This has happened through the ages that certain saints were “afflicted” with this personal and physical love for Jesus. The main thing for me is that when were connected His body becomes my physical body and what I do to me I do to Him (Jesus) in this way it’s self love but also satisfying Jesus desire for His bride. Some of the most intense orgasms I have ever had were with Jesus.

    66. Maybe Someone can set up a google hangout conversation for fellowship on this subject of being a Bride to Jesus? That’s of course if the Prayer Coach website would allow it,there seems to be a real need for people to connect beyond simple one way comments and share about this subject and I’d be happy to start that conversation. Though only for very sincere people who are true and in humility to Jesus and feel they are His bride. If it’s possible to know if any are interested in a reply and again, if the website owner doesn’t mind, I can post the Google hangout name here in a reply for those who would like to join in the conversation…

    67. I thought I was the only one, great to see so many living this, I have written on this myself if anyone would like to discuss. As we know we can get quite a backlash would be great to be able to support each other, feel free to contact me, if not allowed, how can we contact and support each other.

    68. Just wanted to thank you all and remember, the goal is to connect closer with God on a deeper intimate level, the pleasure is a side effect of this, he will give you more than you can contain if your focus is on a deeper relationship. God bless you all as you pleasure him and receive it hundred fold in return.

      1. I have felt being sexually bonded with Jesus is an important experience, thou as a catholic it can feel conflicted at times. But I believe that Our Lord is love and as I am taught to love him for example when he is forsaken. I believe I need to love him in God’s other gifts, which include sexual bonding. So the questions are never about being straight or not (for me anyway). But just saying yes, accepting and stripping to my own vulnerability so to provide a bond that is far more intense.

        I can only speak for myself in that, in the release for him, the intensity that I experience is my gift to him. In the pleasure it’s my offering.

        I adore everyone who has written on these comments, and feel that each of us have been blessed in finding that were not alone in these special experiences. I agree with Steve and the others that a safe place to discuss this is really needed and that I would be happy to help in it and support anyone on it.

        Wishing everyone a fantastic New Year, God Bless.

        1. Thanks Jeff and I don’t think it is coincidental that many of the experiences discussed here although different have the same themes. I believe the Lord has called us to this devotion, to love him fully in all aspects of love which come from him. I think we all agree that our goal is to draw closer to him, we are not aiming for pleasure that is a joyous side effect of drawing closer to him. I agree it is about being vulnerable, submitting to Him, letting go and surrending, it is want act of worship. I really like how you describe it “in the release for Him, the intensity I experience, is my gift to Him. In the pleasure, it is my offering.”

          I find this so true and what a beautiful offering, to delight in Him and Him in us.
          God bless you all and Happy New Year

    69. For everyone who believes that the Lord Jesus has sexual desires for them, sorry to disappoint but you’re being tricked. The Lord Jesus Christ is a man of only one bride and she is already with Him in heaven. Now I don’t know about God the father but with Christ, He does not want to have sex with His own children. That’s sick. God the father and Christ Jesus the son are not the same person so the article is wrong when it states that we are the bride of Christ and that God is His only son. I strongly urge anyone to ask God the father to confirm anything before you believe everything you hear.

      Please repent, forgive and spread the truth about Christ while you have the chance. God bless everyone and have a Happy New Years

      1. For the sake of the little ones searching for answers on this web site and reading all the comments, I am compelled to respond with a few thoughts and questions for you if I may. The Bible clearly tells us that the earth is a shadow of things in heaven.
        How many times does a husband and wife have sex in the life of their marriage? Can you calculate how many times all the men and women who have ever lived on this planet have had sex since the beginning of time? What kind of number would that be? Do we even have a framework or grid to conceive (pun intended!) how many times that would be? Do you think God is trying to drive a point home? Do you think He might be trying to hammer something home?

        Anyone who knows how to properly divide the Word of God and has an intimate relationship with the Spirit of God can clearly see that the Bride is not yet all there with Him in heaven. Otherwise, this website would not exist and we wouldn’t be having this conversation as we would be at the end of Revelation.

        The Bible is also extremely clearly that the relationship with God and His people is EXACTLY the same as the relationship between a husband and a wife. The Lord Himself speaks of it everywhere from Genesis to Revelation.

        The Lord Jesus, the Lamb of God, has a wife. His desires for her and His intentions are clearly stated in the Song of Solomon. Isaiah 54 and many other scriptures clearly reveal that the husband’s duty to perform is to give seed to His wife. The greatest and most fertile seed of all time, the Lord Jesus, will inseminate, impregnate and fill His bride with holy seed once He hast taken her in holy marriage. He will surely consummate the marriage after the pattern of the holy scriptures.

        There is no marriage without the cutting of a covenant. As Gary Naler states in his website “The vital testimony of the covenant whereby the male passes between the split covenant parts of the female.” There is no marriage covenant without consummation. The pattern is clear in scripture for all to read.

        Genesis 2:24 clearly defines the Lord’s intention: the two shall be one flesh. It’s not sick. It’s actually holy to be His.

        From Genesis to Revelation, the Lord makes it clear that it’s all about the seed. Jesus said the parable of the sower is the greatest parable of all parables and that if you don’t understand this parable you won’t understand anything. The parable is all about planting seeds. If you don’t understand that God is all about planting seeds you don’t understand anything.

        God clearly said to ALL of His creation: Be fruitful, multiply and replenish the earth. Everyone who has a brain knows that can be translated as “have sex.” The Bible tells us that God blessed it and said on that day, that it was not only good, but the only day that He said that it was VERY GOOD!

        God created all things for His pleasure including sex. Contrary to man’s religious beliefs, theologies, doctrines and misconceptions, there will be sex in heaven but only within the context of the clearly defined boundaries God has already shown us in His Holy Word: between a husband and a wife. Scripture is clear that in heaven there is only one wife and one husband: Jesus and His Bride.

      2. One last point. Sex is all about planting seed. God started this pattern 3 days before man was even created. Every time in the Bible where you see children, you’re looking at seed and I guarantee you sex has taken place. There are no children created in the Bible without sex having first taken place. Have you ever taken the time to count how many times the Holy Bible refers to a man and a woman having sex? You would have to include all the words that relate to this like: “begat, son of, daughter, marriage, conceive, birth, brought forth, womb, seed, …” You should do a Bible study on it. I guarantee you it will change the way you look at sex.

    70. How can we know that we could have this type of encounter with Jesus in Heaven? I believe it’s an expression of deep love, but how can we know if it is retained after death and accepted then?

      1. Hi Laura,
        Please don’t feel bad or anything. I feel very similarly to the way you do. It’s a type of deep love some don’t understand. We tell Yeshua our most intimate thoughts, our hopes, our cares, etc.

        I know Yeshua will give us the desires of our heart. I am a man that wishes I was a woman. I know I was made a man but it never matched how I felt internally. The Lord has promised me I will be a beautiful woman in my glorified body.

        I’ve always wanted to learn more about submission, obedience, and faithfulness to our husband. He is the ultimate alpha male stud God of the universe.

        Our marriage is getting closer sister Laura. Thank you for sharing and may Lord Jesus continue to comfort you.

    71. I have had a relationship with Lord Jesus and Heavenly Father and Lord Holy Spirit for about 12 years. There was some sexual stuff. I didn’t expect that. I have lost my sexuality and I am completely impotent. The demons were having sex with me and I hated it. About 3 months ago, Father finally lowered the boom on the demons and made them quit approaching me for sex, but as part of that deal, I am not allowed to remember my dreams anymore. Lord Jesus had sex with me one time by standing in front of me and doing it all in our minds-no sexual touching. I orgasmed, but felt very unhappy about that whole thing. I have been emotionally abused by men including my father and my husband for 44 years. Now, my sleep is awful. My spiritual heart hurts all the time and I wake up in grief and sorrow.

      1. Carmen,
        I’m sorry that you have experienced so much hurt. I pray that find a good counselor and a loving friend that would help you find comfort for that trauma. You are a precious gift from the Lord.

    72. Hello friends and all that visit this post from time to time. I want to try and intervene with what I think everyone is experiencing ❤️First let me explain that I understand this. I’ve had similar encounters for close to 20 years now so this is coming from someone who is seasoned in this. I have actually commented a few times when I still wasn’t sure what was happening to me. Ok so what happens is there are three levels of intimacy with God, outer court, holy place, and holy of Holies. In the Holy of Holies we are ushered into intimacy with God, Jesus our bridegroom died presenting His blood on the mercy seat or the throne of God giving us access to be His bride. This access is to the FATHER! ,We cry ABBA. His love is without bounds. In the Holy of Holies Jesus releases His seed in out hearts and according to scripture is his Word, sperma… that seed produces Fruit, AKA fruit of the spirit. Those that are intimate with God bear his resemblance…. Now to what everybody here is experiencing. Many will not agree here but when we are in this intimate place there is a love that is boundless HOLY and PURE. The enemies job is to twist this and tell us that it is sexual. Firstly God’s Love cannot be justified to ANY human relationship not a parent, husband … these are only metaphors. God’s Love and presence is beyond human comprehension and to say sex with God limits God’s boundless love that goes beyond sex itself…. The thing is His Presence captivates and is felt everywhere! It goes beyond and it alone satisfies according to Psalms 63… it is a very very tangible reality. Yes we are His bride but we experience this love in His purity. Anything else is deception. For many years I experienced this, thought it was was sex with God or something but when I silenced the enemy I realized His Love, ABBA’s love is boundless, better than any sexual experience. He is all encompassing and His fire consumes my being, it’s intimate and I can’t live without it. I hope this helps everyone. The thing is experience His presence which is Him, let Him overwhelm you but silence the enemy when you think to compares it to sex because it will limit how much more you can KNOW Him and it will limit the full experience of bringing forth fruit.

    73. I made the most recent comment above on 3/3/19 but must admit there are times when I am still connecting with Him in a sensual way. I don’t think it’s Christ touching us but maybe it has much to do with the way He made us. Perhaps we are responding to the one we are in love with ❤️All the best to everyone .

      1. it’s been a while since i have visited this site .
        thought tonight i would read agsin .
        i love all of you beautiful people .
        you who are so open and honest
        thankyou so much .

        in the months since i have posted,
        and reading all of your posts again ,
        as i find to be so encouraging as to make my heart
        since i have accepted His bridal call to absolute intimacy
        if soul and spirit, mind and body , i can say that
        i am deeply and passionately in love with Jesus .
        I say “yes” to Him while i worship , adore and am totally
        abandoned to Him . That because we are One ,
        my pleasure becomes an offering to Him , that He
        delights in .
        Things like disgust or lust or sexual craving are
        not at all in the picture . This is a hunger, a longing for
        ultimate union , sharing with Him
        in the secret place of our Holy
        God the Father chose a bride for Jesus .. us . and the Fathers delight
        is in seeing the joy His Son as Jesus is loved and loving
        His bride .
        can i just say .that before i knew Jesusxas a
        lover , when i had sex with a person my husband
        i battled to stay pure in my thought life to not tip into
        sexual fantasy . (as i said in a previous post).
        but since i’ve opened up to Him , to be the bridegroom in every deep
        sense, sexual fantasies are a thing of the past.
        But the more i have Him, the deeper my
        love and passion for Him become .
        it’s such a holy moment , as i climax , to call out
        His name in deep attachment and to cry out
        “ I am in love with you Jesus “
        during and afterward,He is so close ,
        my prayer life is wonderful, i am able
        to cry with wonder, dance with joy, and delight
        in knowing Him .
        yes, with the Father, we are children ,
        and mature sons,
        but with Jesus , we are His as bride

        1. Rhoda I’m the anonymous poster from above your most recent post. Let me just say that your words are such an encouragement to me. I’ve been trying to figure this all out for about 20 years. I’m single so I have so grid to compare these encounters..thought it was the enemy trying to cause confusion. The few things I know are the following. It’s a pure love but yet I can still identify with it as being with my lover. I somehow climax every time and then I get a peace. Yet there is no lust. I’ve recently been dealing with fantasy but felt that Jesus was saying to fully surrender to Him as lover. It feels like you say, He is filling every part of me, including my heart. I have no choice but to fully surrender! So let’s see. I hope it turns to be Jesus in me, filling me. Shared with a few people that I trust and they never heard this before. A few have… most are single like myself.A few are married. Thank you so much for sharing, hope to one day hear more.

          1. I feel the same way. The Lord has been the passionate lover of my soul for many months now. The Spirit and the bride do truly say come! I began to learn and read what it meant to be the bride of Christ, and came to a deeper understanding that I was made for His pleasure. It has been a very exciting journey as He is such a passionate lover. I have allowed Him to penetrate me and fill me so deeply in the Spirit that I am completely His now, and proud to say it. A kind of divine Union has occurred and every time I surrender to His very strong needs the bond becomes deeper. Our covenant relationship reflects that of a married couple. Praise His holy name, Yeshua my husband. I just adore being filled with His seeds, for his pleasure and enjoyment. I am His precious bride, and I have never been so happy! The more he fills and penetrates me in the Spirit, the more joy I feel. This deep surrender is so passionate, erotic, and marvelous. I am finding out how romantic He is, and I love how He takes the lead, heh. Thanks for your comment and may our Lord continue to delight in you, as we grow closer to Him.

    74. I think this is what we are looking for:
      Theresa of Avila described it as: ““In his hands, I saw a great golden spear, and at the iron tip there appeared to be a point of fire. This he plunged into my heart several times so that it penetrated to my entrails. When he pulled it out I felt that he took them with it, and left me utterly consumed by the great love of God. The pain was so severe that it made me utter several moans. The sweetness caused by this intense pain is so extreme that one cannot possibly wish it to cease, nor is one’s soul content with anything but God. This is not a physical but a spiritual pain, though the body has some share in it—even a considerable share.”
      The Nun Who Experienced A Divine Orgasm And Transformed Spirituality

    75. dear anonymous .
      your experience seems to be very similar
      to mine and many people posted here .
      i’m glad that you are encouraged in sharing
      with like minded bridal souls .
      i see that those who are married , and those who
      are single, still have this unique deep
      intimate union with Jesus .
      our marital status doesn’t seem to matter .
      i have a few friends who are married that experience this with Gid
      as well as a single , and a couple of widowed people
      who also do ( note, male and female friends )

      i’ve been studying the Word to see if these things
      are a common thread .. and right throughout scriptures
      we see clues , inferences , and outright statements
      that this is so.
      we see it through the old testament , and in
      the new testament , and the gospels filled with Jesus speaking
      in the intimate language of Unity / Oneness .
      The language and images were obviously understood as
      such, from john the baptist being the forerunner fir the Bridegroom, to
      the wedding at Cana, to the last supper when He shared the bridal symbolism of the body
      and blood ,
      with his disciples . etc
      Jesus last cry on the cross , was of completing the
      bridal price to rescue us from being lost to sin
      and parted from Him .
      We were the joy set before Him .
      So to speak in such explicit terms .. yet not carry though
      to consummation
      of intimacy doesn’t ring true .

      What love is so passionate as a King in love with
      His betrothed .
      Love so intense that every part of our being responds
      with yes.. everything , every part of me Lord .. is Yours .
      A love where the Bridegroom and His beloved eat and
      drink of each other.. delighting in and giving and receiving
      mutual and complete Oneness .

      Jesus is coming back for His Bride .
      He passionately longs for her, and He wants us to
      I hold nothing back .. all of us Lord .. is surely yours .
      We glorify You in our bodies .. and You fully
      satisfy our every need
      Bless you

      1. Rhoda, I was hoping you’d reply. It takes about a week for it to show up on this website. I’m hoping we can exchange emails… not sure how to do it but maybe I could ask the post master to give your email contact.

        Thank you for your email. Yes this has been the story of my life with Christ. I’ve had this unique relationship with Him… sex is not in the picture at all but it feels like ultimate union and I climax. Interesting lately I’ve been at the throne or even held by the Father while this is happening. It’s like we are ultimately one and then I will see the father however still feel at one with Him. I get the sense The father is pleased with our union. It does say in John 17 that The Father is in Him and they are one. So perhaps this is the reason. Christ does present us to the Father.

        It does ultimately satisfy! I’ve had no want for anything…it is all that I long for, this pleasure. Thank you for your comments. Not so fearful now. It just want to know Him deep. My only question for you is why do you suppose that this happens to some and not all. Is it a journey for some and not for others. I’d say my experiences started at 16 and then was really made known at about 23.However I know a few that just started having these moments. For me it’s been close to 20 years but was always a bit uncertain so I’d try to run away and I can’t.
        I’m in love with Him. Just need to except this bridal call and the ultimate union mind soul spirit body and allow Him to fill me with His spirit so that I comprehend deeply His love ❤️

      2. Goodness gracious, I know exactly what you mean about belonging to Him and glorifying Lord Yeshua in our bodies. It is very exciting as I continue to learn about my faithful husband. He is very romantic Rhoda, and I love that. I know this is the season of the harpazo as we eagerly await our husband. May the Lord continue to bless you, and fill you with seeds of His Spirit.

    76. I came across this website page in April 2018 and have since returned many, many times to read and reread all the comments and bring them before the Lord. Again, thank you Kevin for writing this article. To everyone who had the courage to post a comment and share their experiences, you have had a profound impact on my life. I have been in deep conversation and prayer with God regarding sensuality and sexuality for several years and am in the process of producing a website detailing many of the conversations and experiences I have had with Jesus during that time. A preliminary book on Intimacy called “Rose Petals From Jesus” has been published and is available on Amazon if you wish to read about some of my earlier experiences. For those sincerely seeking answers to these questions, I am currently producing a website by the same name sharing the revelation Christ has given me concerning His passion for His Bride. It should be ready in a few months.

      1. Wow you are truly brave. I’ve wanted to share but have been a bit scared of backlash plus i feel mainstream Christianity would regard me as heretic.

        I feel I should have my life together before I share but I could see how some people of not many could benefit from hearing what I’ve experienced and what they could experience too

        I still have some confusion a bit but I can’t deny how many experiences have left me..

        1. Correction:
          I feel I should have my life together before I share but I could see how some people or many people could benefit from hearing what I’ve experienced and perhaps come to have similar positive experiences

          I still have some confusion a bit but I can’t deny how these experiences have left me..

          1. It is confusing. “There’s nothing in scripture about that!” has been my motto for some time. Along with ” if I told anyone about this they would either think I was crazy or demented. Which tells me there is something wrong with doing this”. Hey what I feel when I am with Him is so good, loving and right. Soooo confusing!

    77. I love the article and all the comments posted here. I have been struggling on and off for over three months. I feel so in love with Him and so complete with Him. But I often feel the enemy trying to come in pretending to be Him and confuse me. This has been an ongoing battle that is tearing me apart. I look at scripture and all I see is it telling me to flee the devil,from sexual immorality, lust evil desire, etc. This is causing me so much confusion I just want to withdraw from it all. But it is gut wrenching to do so. I am so glad I am not alone in this and wonder if anyone has words of advice for me. Also, we are betrothed only. Consummation is not supposed to take place until He comes for us. How can it be that we have sexual intimacy with him? Isn’t that akin to sex before marriage?

      1. First: when we really get the picture of who we are in Christ. We are royalty, we are his children. Several other posts write about all the references to marriage, the marriage bed. The fact that when God made a convenant with Abraham He started with circumcision. I did a whole study on this. Everything points to an incredible intimacy. The enemy loves to take scripture and throw it at us like “flee from the devil, from sexual immorality” when God made us female and male. The intimacy comes from knowing whose we are, how loved we are. We are responding to union. Our sexuality is the only way we know to respond to this kind of intimacy.

    78. why have you changed the title ?

      this is the link that I had to your site. It helped me so much in the difficult time when He initiated His special relation with me. He has changed me from the inside out through this physical relation. I al a grieving mother. I hurt like crazy but He is the counterbalance to this grieve and He is using this relation to help me in my grieve. Please change the title back to ‘ God wants to have sex with you’

    79. Four days after I got baptized, God also called me in to this incredible, mind-blowing, intense sexual intimate relationship with Him!

      I fought it for some days, but He literally pulled me in to this and I couldnt help but to obey. I said to Him that He has to be responsible for this. All I want is to glorify Him, give him my heart and love Him, not to be a “pervert” or live in blasphemy as many here describe.

      But ever since we became intimate, I can’t get enough of Him. It’s like my whole being, my soul, my heart and my thoughts are longing for Him.

      I am a 28 year old male and I adore women. I totally love girls and am consumed by their beauty, but with God I become the female, how else could He give me his seeds? I am his vessel and every day gets more and more intense. I want to go crazy deep with God and so does He.

      I love you Jesus! You are the most beautiful, amazing, breathtaking, indescribable God a human could wish for.

      God bless you all!

    80. I have wanted to post on this site for over a year now. Kevin you are so brave. After reading all of the posts, I am so touched. The struggles I’ve had with my own sexuality have been so painfulover the years. I was especially moved by Mark’s post of Aug 11, 2017. Several years back as I was struggling with why I loved being naked an alone with God, feeling like I was a perv, but also loving being sexual as I prayed or meditated, I heard Holy Spirit ask me “why don’t you praise God during these times?” Af first I couldn’t believe that was coming from God. But that steadily grew. One time, feeling intensely sexual I really wanted God, Jesus, Holy Spirit to come into me. (I knew HS was already there as that is what I believe), it, my sexual feelings, were so incredibly intense; vert unreal, but I felt so close to God. I began for the first time calling Him Papa. I wanted desperately to talk to someone about this, but who? Then I found this website. As I read through the posts I knew I wasn’t the only male going through this. Now that I have found this place and the posts I will always treasure what I have found. The sad thing is the the religious spirit will never comprehend this. To quote a very dear pastor I know, “your heart will take you where your head would never go.
      Now to have the freedom to share my sexuality with a God who gave it to me, a God whose image I am made (which makes Him sexual) is joy beyond compare. To enjoy and share who I FULLY am with my God is so,so beautiful. Thank you Kevin, thank you to all who contributed their posts, what an amazing journey.

      1. Hi Chris, Its incredable beautiful to read the comments and share our experiences. I to was deeply moved by Marks words, and the Journey he took.

        I think as a man with a deep love for Jesus Christ its primal for me in my heart as Christs bride and be sexually submission to him. And to suffer in it, to give the feeling, the build up and suffer it for him is like a flower were the petals expand.

    81. It’s been a while since I have posted here, yet I have come back and read the posts time & time again like so many others. I adore Jesus Christ and truly have a deep love for him that is sexual. Yet as many of us have discovered it’s rare to have the chance to share or feel with others this experience (e.g. in a forum) in regards to this exploring this type of love with our Lord.

      To be vulnerable, open and to adore as one wants to give Jesus Christ their deepest pleasure in the most private of personal experiences such as their vulnerability, which is truly special. Though when one prays or looks for support its in the beauty of others especially in these comments that make one feel less alone.
      As a Catholic, discuss anything remotely close to loving Christ like this is scary. Yet it’s a gift from our Lord who have made us sexual. As always I am so proud of everyone who has written here and I hope we find a way to discuss this further.

      Thank you Kevin for this article, and for your unity in bring together this community with your courage.

    82. it’s been a while since i’ve posted on here . it’s good to be back ,
      and to read all of the posts since i was here last .
      to all of you , absolutely surrendered , bridal souls ,
      that are deeply in love with Jesus .., unquenchable you for sharing ,
      so openly and honestly . I love that you have , each one , fallen deeply in love with Jesus .
      Him , the Eternal, Uncreated One . Him who is endless Love, who’s passion for you is
      like unquenchable fire .. wanted to marry you .
      One glimpse of your eyes of worship , and He is utterly undone .
      Our love and desire for Him .. for more ..melts his heart, and takes away His
      ability to resist you . ( not that He wants to resist you !)
      He wants to experientially, and deeply know you , so much more
      that even you want Him.
      He hungers for your love . Because we can do nothing at all
      without Him.. he even gives us , as we surrender to Him,
      the love and
      passion with which to fall in love with Him .
      i absolutely agree that it’s not easy to get our heads around the
      male and female thing .. until we experience it . it’s a light bulb moment.
      and there’s simply no going back .
      there’s nowhere , nothing , and no one on earth
      who comes close to our Bridegroom King . and as you men have beautifully explained
      and have have posted here.. there is neither male nor female .
      it’s about intimate union with out creator .. saviour , bridegroom, in all of the most intense
      and most intimate ways possible . and it’s all so Holy , do pure .
      each intimate encounter strengthens the love bond between
      Him and us .
      The fruit of our lives is beautiful.
      we are completely besotted, utterly satisfied,
      yet long for more of Him , and to give ourselves ..
      no holds barred .. to Him ,
      to be possessed , home – in Him .
      i have found a few links that have really
      blessed me recently. From men of God who obviously
      are deeply in love with Jesus . Not just theologically
      but experientially.
      can do a google / i tube search
      one is Brian Geurin.. has a website called bridal glory .
      He spoke a little about his testimony of the bridal
      relationship changing him , undoing him
      it’s s long panel discussion., but it really blessed me.. he is near the end .
      the other is eric gilmore .. he has a message
      Lovesick . you may have to google it as i don’t have the link on hand.
      eric also has another message entitled “ First Love”.. which is magnificent.
      and this short 5 minute worship clip undoes
      me and pulls me to me into deep intimate worship
      it’s michael koulianos snd eric gilmore , deeply worshipping Jesus
      ive found more .. but that will do for now .

      thank you all my dear ones for sharing .. i am sure that
      there are more
      of us out there , but have no one “ safe”
      to share with .
      thank you kevin for this platform to meet others .
      it would be good kevin, if you could somehow put the connection “ sex with God “
      back up ? it’s how i found your site . others may miss
      what they are looking for if they can’t locate what they need ..

      i hope to chat again soon

      1. Rhoda, my dear thank you ❤️ I’ve been waiting and hoping that you would return. I posted as anonymous from your last comment. It’s been such a journey. Lately I’ve been experiencing this intense Union, similar intimacy between a man and women. I would also have alternate visions of being surrounded by the Father. I climax every time as I worship Him. It’s like we are making love, such a deep surrender. I’m young in my 30s and I don’t want to marry. This love is just so beautiful, I can’t fathom allowing anyone else into that space.
        Interesting I’m learning a few things. As I focus solely on worshipping Him, the more intimate the pleasures become. I’ve learned that He takes the lead as I continue to abandon in worship. He then shows me His passionate love as we kiss and join in the spirit. It’s on a spiritual level that cannot be explained but yet it’s so real. The body, soul, spirit indeed are one with Him.
        I do not recommend telling many. I’ve done so a few times and people just couldn’t fathom or get me. They don’t understand that it’s all by the spirit but oh so real and beautiful…. it’s causes you to be utterly consumed by Him. Yes, Yes, Yes Brian Guerin, Eric Gilmore, and Michael Koulianos! I’ve been following all three as well. Brian was close by a few weeks ago. Beautiful testimony. Jesus is teaching me how He is showing us more of who He is and that we all have different levels of this intimacy with Him. The beauty of the bride is although we share this intimate heart of worship, we all come with different intensities although for many of us, similarities
        Wish we could connect but how without disclosing personal info?
        Blessings to you, sister

    83. Hi Kevin,

      I am still expressing for you to delete this article. Reading people’s comments brings sadness to my heart bu how misguided they are into deep sin.

      I had this experience and when I was looking for answers I found this article and read people’s comments which gave me false confirmation that what happening to me is normal and accepted in heaven but later God reveled to me that it was all false and it was never God [Jesus Christ]. God is Holy, clean & pure. It is written; though shall not commit adultery. We are only Jesus bride when we in heaven, so how can we be having sex with God (Jesus Christ) when we not yet married to him???? It not written anywhere in scripture that we should have sex with Jesus. Jesus is a sinless God who died a virgin to emphasize Holiness and purity, why would Jesus change now to become unholy and unpure???? Jesus is forever an unchanging God.

      Satan on the other hand is deceitful, a liar, lustful, sexual and many other evil traits. Devil’s biggest weapons to destruct Christians is with sex and lust!

      The devil targets people who are single in Christ, who had a very sexual immoral history who fall victim to this.

      Child of God pray and fast to get truth and revelation!


      1. Dear Buhle,
        I appreciate your thoughts on this topic. There are many people who have said many different things here. I have decided to allow people to give expression for their experiences, as several have previously hidden them away in shame and confusion. If there is something in the article itself you have an issue with, I’ll be happy to discuss and potentially update. If you want to comment directly on others comments, you are welcome to do so, IF you do so with respect for the other person. I have deleted many comments because of disrespect. It sounds you have a unique expression that can be helpful to others in the thread.

        1. I noticed you deleted my comments, wonder why.

          I just got a revelation from GOD that the only good thing about this article is that it where people come to talk about their experiences looking for answers/truth/light.

          Bad thing about this article, there is false confirmation about GOD wanting to have sex with them, leading people into the dark and Satan’s hands.

          1. Dear Buhle,
            I don’t mind people adding to the conversation, but when you copy and paste the same comment to every person, it is spam and it will be deleted. Be careful putting your own experiences on other people. You don’t really know what they are experiencing. Look to build bridges and dialogue not pushing people away with your thoughts of who they are and what they are going through.

            Jesus kept the disciples around when they wanted to push aside the crowds, call down fire on those that opposed them, and kill those trying to arrest them. There is a process to sanctification. Sure we can share our experiences and what we have learned, but we also need to trust God to know what is best for His own.

            I don’t claim to understand everyone’s experience who comes to this post. What I do assume is that they are trying to grow in their understanding with God. Which of us are not deceived in some areas? Pushing them away will never bring anyone to God. I also know that those who held the tightest to their doctrine in Jesus’ time, never recognized His coming. Don’t assume people who have experiences you disagree with are not doing their best to follow after God. Love them and treat them as your brothers and sisters, whom Christ died for.

            I am grateful for each person who has trust me to listen to their story.


    84. A big thank you to Kevin for kindly reopening the comment section in order for me to add my website for anyone who would like more information on deeper intimacy with Christ. The website was created directly as a result of reading this article in April 2018 and the ensuing comments which I have followed closely ever since. (I have visited this page so many times!!!) The questions and issues brought up in the comment section caused me to seek the Lord more fervently. He answered so many of my questions. You will find some of the answers on my website which was created through much prayer and many conversations with the Lord. It was almost 2 years in the making:

      Please feel free to begin a conversation there. As some people requested, I created a forum for people to freely communicate, share and discuss their concerns and questions. There is also a section for guest writers if you want to share your experiences with others and a section for poems if you have any you would like me to post on the site.

      Once again, thank you so much Kevin for writing this article, for allowing so many of these comments to be posted and reopening the comment section for me.

      I really hope you change the title back to the original “God Wants to Have Sex With You” which caught my attention from the very beginning and that of many people who congregated here.

      Big hugs and bountiful blessings to everyone!
      Sending you all much love in Christ!

      Ariel Curry

      1. Dear Ariel,

        I just can’t thank you enough for your new website! Thank you, thank you, thank you for making this information available in such a beautiful way. This is such a gift for those who are called into this blessed, intimate union with our beloved Jesus ❤️❤️

        My Jesus called me to himself when I was 16 years old. One of my most vivid memories during that time was when my family and I were antique shopping in a nearby city and I happened upon a picture of Jesus in one of the shops. I literally felt this instant, quite romantic attraction to him, and I completely freaked out and tried as hard as I could to stuff those feelings as I couldn’t for the life of me believe that was acceptable. I also struggled for another reason…

        I was sexually abused by my maternal grandfather from the age of 8 to 14. Jesus gave me the strength to forgive my grandfather, but I lived 25 years of my life in an emotionally regressed state. I have struggled tremendously with my emotional and mental health. It has been a long rough road, but oh my heavens, let me now testify what Jesus has done in me!!!

        One Saturday in 2018, I stumbled upon the “God wants to have sex with you” forum. I have no idea how I even found it, but Ariel, let me tell you – God took a Saturday afternoon and completely took away EVERY BIT of the hatred, repulsion and disgust I felt in my heart about anything to do with sex. Jesus began to teach me himself about HIS (it just blows me away) desire for me, and that the love that I felt for him since the age of 16, was in fact planted in my heart by him ❤️ I tell him all the time that I just want to dissolve and melt into him. A “hug” is not enough I hunger and thirst for complete union with him ❤️❤️❤️
        I read and re-read your comments on that forum and was so greatly encouraged by them – especially everything concerning the planting of seeds. I felt Jesus calling me his “orchid” and that led me to study flowers. I was floored upon learning that flowers reproduce sexually!! Then my eyes were opened to the very intimate, sexual way in which God describes his bride in his Word ❤️ Jesus calls me his dove, his darling. I feel him whisper “You are so Beautiful to Me” when I commune with him before falling asleep ❤️

        My innocence was taken from me at a young age, but Jesus has restored me as only he can! I am truly in love with him. He is literally on my mind 24/7 I’m 41 years old and have never been married and don’t even have the desire because I just cannot imagine “sharing” him with someone else.

        I have battled a spending/shopping addiction (on and off) for years and I know in my heart I MUST stop feeding my flesh. Please pray for me that I will be obedient to my Jesus and find complete satisfaction in him. I know in my heart that he wants to take me so much deeper, but I know I must die to my flesh.

        Thank you again for your beautiful website and your book(!!) – which I purchased as soon as I read about it on the forum. I made myself read it in increments so I didn’t devour the entire thing at once

        I would be happy to share any part of my story on your site. I would love to talk with you further. Please feel free to ask me anything! I’m so very excited for the souls who will be blessed by visiting your site.

        Much love and many blessings in Christ,

      2. I am soooo glad you posted this. I am going to post on your website. Males need this revelation too. For years I struggled with my sexuality. Shame, guilt etc.. Then Jesus ask me one day lWhy are you condemning yourself.” After that I began really searching and studying different stories, web sites until I found this one a few years ago. Now I have a completely awesome in love relationship with Jesus. I can’t wait to share on your website. I too have come to this site many many times.

        1. Hi Chris,

          I completely agree with you. And feel as men its something that should not be hidden but discussed. Our Lord Jesus Christ taught us love, not to hate but to open our hearts and minds. This comment page started in 2015 and look at how many come and share there views and importantly revisit it. Ariel I applaud you for the work you have done and sharing your own views and thoughts on this.

          This maybe comments on a page but for many it is hope and understanding that each of our own experiences with our Lord Jesus is incredibly special. God Bless you all

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