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God Wants to Teach Us Through Sex

God Wants to Teach Us Through Sex

Ok, What’s the Catch?

I realize that some of you are hesitantly reading this post. You are half-interested and half-scared what may be said. With that in mind let me quickly clarify what I mean.

God gave us marriage to represent His love for His people. (Ephesians 5:31-32). This verse is about the two becoming one flesh. Sex represents the level of intimacy and partnership He is after with us. He wants a relationship with us where we are naked and not ashamed (Genesis 2:25), so He can pour His full love on us.

What Does Sex Look Like to God?

I really believe this will look different for each person. However it will be an intimate encounter that that is deeply personal which we can pursue. It may be hard to explain to others and even a little bit embarrassing to talk about, because, the experience wasn’t for them but an expression of love between  you and God.

The Bible tells us that we are the bride of Christ (2 Corinthians 11:2). Bear with me a little here. If we are the bride, then God is the male in this relationship. Stereotypically this means He is the initiator and the one more desiring sex. Women generally understand this role and therefore typically have a more intimate relationship with God. They know how to respond to His initiation and even how to encourage it.

As men, this subject is very confusing, and we often leave God wanting more. Still this type of relationship with God is available. Here are two aspects of sex we should understand to grow in this intimate part of our relationship with God.

Passion for Jesus has been a great resource through the years that could help you understand this deeper intimacy with God.

How Can Sex Teach Us How To Relate To God?

1. A Relationship Without Sex is Not a Marriage; It’s Just a Friendship.

We love our friends. We enjoy them, but there is a part of our relationship we don’t share with them. That is saved for marriage. Sex is an intimate encounter that bonds you to your spouse. The husband puts his DNA into the wife and the two become like each other. The two become one and can never fully become two again.

My wife and I went to a marriage conference when we were first married, and they said if you want to get your wife ready for sex, then you should do the dishes. What they meant was that women were not like men, who are always ready for sex. Women stereotypically will have trouble engaging in sex if there are unfinished details in their lives. Fights with the kids, stress over finances, and busyness of work all can hinder a woman’s ability to give herself to sex.

In our relationship with God, the problems of this world can hinder our relationship with God. We no longer come to prayer to spend time with God, but now we need things from Him. We stop reading the Bible to connect with more of Him, but rush through it to check it off our to do list to get to the next thing. Are we willing to take every thought captive in order to give Him our full attention, which is needed for intimacy?

2. Sex Without a Relationship is Not Intimacy; It’s a One-Night Stand.

Encounters with God can be very enjoyable, but they are invitations to know God more. The Israelites experienced the deeds of God, but only Moses pressed in to know God’s ways (Psalm 103:7). Saul experienced a touch from God after being anointed king (1 Samuel 10:9-11), but he didn’t develop his relationship and lost his kingdom. Encounters with God are intended to deepen our love. God wants more of us. God wants all of us.

It may still be too uncomfortable for you to think that God wants to have sex with you. However, please know God wants personal encounters with you. Knowledge about God is good. Praying to God is good. Worship is good. But, don’t stop there. Press into the holy of holies. Jesus tore the curtain so we can come before the throne of God with confidence knowing He wants us with Him. May you experience more and more encounters with our loving God even this week. Blessings!