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God Wants to Have Sex With You

God Wants to Have Sex With You

Ok, What’s the Catch?

I realize that some of you are hesitantly reading this post. You are half-interested and half-scared what may be said. With that in mind let me quickly clarify what I mean.

God gave us marriage to represent His love for His people. (Ephesians 5:31-32). This verse is about the two becoming one flesh. Sex represents the level of intimacy and partnership He is after with us. He wants a relationship with us where we are naked and not ashamed (Genesis 2:25), so He can pour His full love on us.

What Does Sex With God Look Like?

I really believe this will look different for each person. However it will be an intimate encounter that that is deeply personal which we can pursue. It may be hard to explain to others and even a little bit embarrassing to talk about, because, the experience wasn’t for them but an expression of love between  you and God.

The Bible tells us that we are the bride of Christ (2 Corinthians 11:2). Bear with me a little here. If we are the bride, then God is the male in this relationship. Stereotypically this means He is the initiator and the one more desiring sex. Women generally understand this role and therefore typically have a more intimate relationship with God. They know how to respond to His initiation and even how to encourage it.

As men, this subject is very confusing, and we often leave God wanting more. Still this type of relationship with God is available. Here are two aspects of sex we should understand to grow in this intimate part of our relationship with God.

How Can Sex Teach Us How To Relate To God?

1. A Relationship Without Sex is Not a Marriage; It’s Just a Friendship.

We love our friends. We enjoy them, but there is a part of our relationship we don’t share with them. That is saved for marriage. Sex is an intimate encounter that bonds you to your spouse. The husband puts his DNA into the wife and the two become like each other. The two become one and can never fully become two again.

My wife and I went to a marriage conference when we were first married, and they said if you want to get your wife ready for sex, then you should do the dishes. What they meant was that women were not like men, who are always ready for sex. Women stereotypically will have trouble engaging in sex if there are unfinished details in their lives. Fights with the kids, stress over finances, and busyness of work all can hinder a woman’s ability to give herself to sex.

In our relationship with God, the problems of this world can hinder our relationship with God. We no longer come to prayer to spend time with God, but now we need things from Him. We stop reading the Bible to connect with more of Him, but rush through it to check it off our to do list to get to the next thing. Are we willing to take every thought captive in order to give Him our full attention, which is needed for intimacy?

2. Sex Without a Relationship is Not Intimacy; It’s a One-Night Stand.

Encounters with God can be very enjoyable, but they are invitations to know God more. The Israelites experienced the deeds of God, but only Moses pressed in to know God’s ways (Psalm 103:7). Saul experienced a touch from God after being anointed king (1 Samuel 10:9-11), but he didn’t develop his relationship and lost his kingdom. Encounters with God are intended to deepen our love. God wants more of us. God wants all of us.

It may still be too uncomfortable for you to think that God wants to have sex with you. However, please know God wants personal encounters with you. Knowledge about God is good. Praying to God is good. Worship is good. But, don’t stop there. Press into the holy of holies. Jesus tore the curtain so we can come before the throne of God with confidence knowing He wants us with Him. May you experience more and more encounters with our loving God even this week. Blessings!

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61 Responses to “God Wants to Have Sex With You”

  1. Rachel says:

    I really enjoyed this article. I am not married and I have never experienced the intimacy of sex, but I love the idea of God being the initiator of the love and intimacy. However, I would suggest that you should change the title of this post. People (especially those who don’t know God) who find this post just by surfing the internet may get the wrong idea about God and actually be repelled. Otherwise, this post was really meaningful.

    • Dear Rachel,

      Thank you for your comment and for hearing my heart on the subject. You may be right about the need to change the title as there have been some who have left because of it. I hated to see that, but as of now I don’t feel to change the title, or what I would change it to if I did. Do you have any suggestions?


      • Lashanda says:

        I actually thought of this exact title today, and told my son. Then I said Google that, see if it’s ever been said before. Exact wording!!

  2. Rachel says:

    Oh, and I also love the thought of God wanting to love on me. Thanks

  3. Jamie says:

    Nice article! Very refreshing. You are one of the few people I know from any tradition (Hindu, Christian, Jewish, Sufi, etc.) who are actually talking about this. Yes, the title is “scary” for the uninitiated and I hope it won’t bring you persecution, but I appreciate your boldness. The mystics of all traditions recognize that we were created for divine intimacy and there is simply nothing better than union with God. Carry on the good work. I am a Sister in the Community of Francis and Clare. You might enjoy my website. God bless you.

  4. rachel says:

    Thank you so much this. Please keep the title as is. I am going thru what you are describing and more. I asked God if anyone else was going thru this for I was never taught we could see Jesus in a sexualized way. I have learned that he is a ALPHA MALE but his is also a darling. He is very sexual, in fact he is the best. Once you get a taste of him… No one can follow him. I have learned that is why everyone is not chosen to share this blessed experience with him. It can disrupt the natural course of things if nobody wanted to marry. Getting a taste of h can send everyone into a frenzy. So he doesn’t pick everyone. If you say sex with him the ones who have gone down this path will know. And you are right he was the initiator for me.

    • Dear Rachel,
      Thank you for your encouragement. God is so good in many ways. I admit this is an unusual subject that people are uncomfortable with. I can understand your battle. May you continue to feel His immense pleasure over you.

    • Faith says:

      Are you implying that you have an intimate sexual relayionship with him?

      • God wants to use all of life to draw us into a deeper relationship with Him. I can remember dating my wife and feeling so in love. I would hug her and squeeze her so tight because I couldn’t get close enough. Now that we are married and are one flesh, God wants us to know He wants that type of relationship with Him too.

        I don’t want to get in what it should look like, because I think it will and should be different for each of us. I do however think we need to be pursuing intimacy to deeper levels with God.

        Faith, I understand this is a new idea for some. I hope my explanation helps.


    • Mary Lehman says:

      Same here Jesus has called me to a very intimate relationship with Him.

  5. rachel says:

    I am so glad that you put this post out there in the way you did. A year ago I search the net and there was really nothing on it. So when I asked God and he told me yes there were others… Women and men…I thought I was making it up because I couldnt find evidence of it. I searched scriptures and there wasn’t anything. I saw, where God created Eve for Adam.There was never ANY indication of this kind of relationship with God and man…. That is until you get to the book pf Ezekiel – where God uses explicit sexually charged language to express his hurt and anger toward a wayward chosen people.And when you examine the details of the covenant with Abraham and Moses and why it involved the genitalia. It is in other places in the bible too… But is hidden in plain sight for those who are not open to see. I found Isaiah 54:5 KJV and Psalm 73:25KJV that I hold dearly onto. I believe our Lord is incredibly sexual and the intimacy is astounding for those of us who can trust him through the process. For me it was hard, I felt like I was dirty to think of him this way. I also felt like I, was blaspheming Him too… It was really hrd to listen to other believers give their “clean” accounts of their clean experiences with God while mine seemed to be otherwise. I never fept condemnation, evil, I never even fept it was wrong. As I allowed myself to be intimate with my Lord Jesus the words of the bible came alive. I felt ALIVE in him. It wasnt at, all like the lifeless routine and daily rote that one’s walk with the Lord can become. I don’t know what is going on. I know others have been bitten in a similar way that I have. (And like you I don’t believe it is the same for everyone – it is personal).I would dare broach this subject yo the common masses for I know this is NOT widely accepted or even known. But I wish it was something everyone could have because he is totally AWESOME!I cant emphasize that enough. Once you go Jesus you dont go back.

    • ..ACS says:

      Hi Rachel
      I’ve just now today discovered this as well. It’s totally amazing! I also wish this was something everyone would know. It’s taken me a long time to discover this, I always thought something was missing before. Now everything makes much more sense. But I also felt always very weird, when I had these kinds of thoughts in the past and agree absolutely: “For me it was hard, I felt like I was dirty to think of him this way. I also felt like I, was blaspheming Him too… “.

    • Elham says:

      Thank you for writing this Kevin.
      And rachel, thank you so much for sharing your experience…when it started with me i kept asking myself if im not doing something wrong or bad, He replied by telling me if it feels bad then its bad, if it feels good and it harms no one then why question it… I long for Him every night now, and all day long. Its an experience beyond explanation, its felt by every cell of my being, and no its not necessary the act, its how every inch of my body feels when He is present.
      Ah… Its Love.

      • Dear Elham,

        Thank you for your comment. I don’t know your situation, but God’s word can bring peace to help us receive from Him. I would caution about applying that logic to other things, as it could be misused if God doesn’t give His ok.


    • Mary Lehman says:

      That is true! Read the book the Fire Within

  6. Angel says:

    I am happy I have found this place. As many commentators above me have said this is not something you can find easily on scripture or something you can share. I understand what each of you mean and I have to say erotic love towards God may not be usual or talked about much but it is definitely a unique and precious experience to have. Also with God being beyond Creation He can very well be a very tender and wonderful female lover for those who want Him so. God is not obnoxious or picky. He just wants to pierce all the way to the core of your heart. The rest to Him doesn’t matter. I think he rejoices in our joy, no matter what form that takes. May this race be continued to be blessed by such transformative divine experiences.

  7. Sydney says:

    It happened to me once with HS a who prepared me and since with Him. I will even describe first exp, like whirlwindseminated from my heart the going towards extremities leaving torso in form of whirlwinds traveling along extremities exiting body from them, unlike any earthly experience ever had, been married, divorced, married and widowed…sought internet and Scriptures and books to understand, and found it was similar to ‘kiss of death”…

    • Dear Sydney,
      Thank you for you comment. I’m glad you could relate, but not sure I understand your ‘kiss of death’. I have several guesses, but not sure what you mean.

      I wish you all the best.

  8. Lisa Jones says:

    I really like your article cuz I’ve been having feelings of wanting to have sex with God and i was like am I the only one in the world I must be sick or crazy or something but keep the title I wouldn’t of know any other way cuz I wanted to find out some answers so this is the best article ever!!

    • Dear Lisa,

      When I was dating my wife, I remember hugging her so tight and just wanting to be even closer. It was not so much a sexual thing, but just a desire of being more intimate. I feel the desire for sex with God is along the same lines.

      Most people probably will feel you are crazy or sick for these desires, so I would suggest being selective on who you share it with. People who know you well can hear your heart and accept you in the process.

      I pray you find that greater intimacy you are looking for. God is incredibly personal and real.


  9. Joseph Whitelaw says:

    How do I make love to God or how does God make love to me. I am a rape Survivor and when I read this well it made me wonder could you explain a little bit more please. Just so you know I am a Christian I have accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior Jesus his father is my father and the church is my family.

    • Dear Joseph,

      I understand you are coming from this from a different perspective. I don’t want to insinuate that God will do anything against your will. I’m highlighting that all of God’s blessings, which sex in its intended form is a blessing, all of His blessings are teaching us more about how God wants tolerate to us. He longs for deep intimacy with us. He wants us to give Him our all. For what this looks like, it will look different for each person. God is desiring intense intimacy with each of us.


  10. Akua says:

    OMG i was scared to read this…but its so true….youve blessed me with this article so God richly bless you back!

  11. Jessica Kensinge says:

    I’m so glad I put this search in Google. I feel a lot better. Is anyone still watching this post?

  12. Denise Hartung says:

    Thank you for the article,it was just what I needed.I struggled with being that close to Jesus,I just desire him in every way.Thank you!Purchased a lot of different books on the Song of Solomon,Song of songs,now it makes sense!

  13. April says:

    Another good scripture is Ezekiel 16:8. I especially like The Message and GOD’S WORD® translations. Also, I am with Rachel as it is totally awesome, and I have not told a soul. I, too, wish everyone could know it as it would change the world. However, I do kind of feel that as some point soon this will be coming out more widely as the kingdom of darkness has for too long robbed us of our sexuality, and I strongly feel that it is coming time for it to be restored to us, the children of God. It is really becoming time for everyone to see that God is actually much more fun than we have been led to believe. There are so many times, I want to shout from the rooftops, “Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.” (NIV)

  14. Pat Burke says:

    I would modify the title from “Have Sex” to “Have an Intimate Relationship” and modify the articles sub-titles. For a lot of folks using God and Sex in the same sentence is offensive. God wants an intimate relationship with us…not sex.
    Do you have a statement of faith, doctrines on your site? Just wondering on your theology.
    Did you decide to use sex in your titles just for the shock effect-is this just another whacko web site on the internet? Your article does make some very goods points that will hopefully be a blessing to the people that read it.
    With titles like this it is hard for me to recommend this site.


    • Dear Pat,

      Thank you so much for your comment. I understand many people have had a hard time with the title, but I love that you took the time to read and try to understand my point. I really appreciate this. And, I can understand how you still may feel uncomfortable with the title – I lost several people because of this.

      So why did I do it? Or, why leave it up? I desire this blog to bring freedom to people’s relationship with God. Sex is an area that even married couples have a hard time with God. It was uncomfortable to my wife and me when we started to pray after sex. We wanted to start this when we first were trying to have kids and give everything over to God. God wants to be in every area of our lives. As I mentioned in the article, He wants to use everything to draw us into a better understanding of Him.

      If we are freaked out about the topic of sex, then we will not look to see what God is trying to reveal about Himself in it.

      I have at times regretted the title because I don’t want to be offensive, I don’t want to freak people out. But as I pray about it, I feel I should leave it up as they are people who need the freedom in it.

      As for a doctrinal statement, I don’t have one explicitly written out, but I have over 500 articles up that represent my doctrine. Basically, I believe God wants a deep and personal relationship with each one of us. He longs to bless and love everyone, including non-Christians. I believe Jesus is the only way to God and opens us up to a greater awareness of God’s work around us. Our role of Christians, as ministers of reconciliation, is to be so full of love for those around us that people will want to be around us and therefore want to come to our God.

      Pat, I hope you stick around. I think you will like a lot of what I have written.

      Thanks again for your comment,
      Kevin Shorter

  15. Justin says:

    I’ve been having these feelings as well. I feel like God wants me to give my desires to Him until I get married.

  16. Emma says:


    As a lone woman, this means so much to me. I’ve always had these strange “dirty” thoughts about God, but kept it secret because of the social stigma. But you’ve shown me a light! I want nothing more than to please Him and allow Him to intimately penetrate my soul. I have a few embarassing questions to ask about this topic, so I’d greatly appreciate it if you could maybe answer them over email instead?

    Thank you so much! Many blessings to you 🙂


  17. Francis says:

    Thank you so much for writing this article. I have these feelings about God/Jesus as well, always have, as long as I can remember. It’s never been platonic, although like many I fought it for a long time because I thought it was blasphemy. Through His Word (repeatedly), He taught me otherwise.

    For example, He told me that I am “a Psalm One person”. I looked up Psalm One and the penultimate line read: “for the Lord guards the way of the righteous”. The footnote in my Catholic Bible reads that the verb can also be “knows”, implying protection as well as emotional and sexual intimacy. I was pretty bowled over by that! Then of course you have the Song of Songs, Hosea, Isaiah…the list goes on.

    I believe He chooses some humans to experience this kind of attachment with Him in this life; it’s a vocation as valid as marriage and offers a foretaste of our eternal union with Him as His bride. I’m pretty sure that’s what has inspired many people through the ages to choose consecrated/religious life. This certainly seems to have been the case with mystics such as St. Teresa of Avila.

    Anyway I’m very glad to find others who are walking this path with Him. I recommend you guys have a look at ‘Jesus the Bridegroom’ by Brant Pitre; it’s a good read and really sealed the deal for me as far as romantic love for God is concerned. Also ‘Falling in Love with Jesus’ by Dee Brestin and Kathy Troccoli. God bless.

  18. Clara says:

    Ia have read. This is a real reality. Live love relationship with Jesus.
    This is the foundation of the monastic profession: the invitation.This is not easy: to recognize accepting yes to say yes.Jesus God. But man, too. That is why it can be related to people as well.As I learned from a nun apprentice: who was invited to this: Jesus is a living real loveable person. But this is not the same as earthly marriage:Its full love, and deep intimacy, from J esus to for me…very nice life with Him.This can be experienced with contemplative meditation practices of St. Ignatius Loyola. If your fruits are good and your life is brought to God then it is okay. There is love, passion, loyalty, trust, intimacy, but respect is important. Because He uses the language of love that we understand to attract you .. so that faith in love must be respected together.


  19. Mark says:

    Oh my God. This article made my soul much more lighter than ever! I’m a gay Christian. Ever since I acknowledged that I’m gay, and that the Bible never mentioned anything positive about homosexuals, homosexuality or gay marriage, I became a completely different person, knowing nothing except depression, misery, fear and despair. The idea wouldn’t have hurt me if I was an atheist, or someone who doesn’t love or take God seriously, but I was always concerned about God’s love for me. I had often believed that I’m an abomination, a worthless being, a false creation that isn’t worth existing. It hurt me so badly that I all I could think of is commit suicide and vanish from existence. The main reason of my despair wasn’t of how would society would accept me, but that the thought of God rejecting me already feels like hell to me, a real living hell. Throughout my 4 years of depression, I began to understand that not everything regarding homosexuality might not be considered sinful. Based on my understanding, I think it all came down to lust and love. There’s obviously a difference. The moment I learned that, I felt more accepting to an idea of mine: “Stay a virgin during all my lifetime here on earth to be Jesus’s tender bride”. Of course, it sounds harsh or too hard for a human to handle, to forfeit experiencing sexual intimacy. During my journey of faith, I began to fantasize Jesus, as my sweet loving Husband, in terms of sensual intimacy only. Then, as time passed, it began to be in terms of sensual and sexual intimacy. My mind was split in 2! At times, I enjoyed imagining the romance and tenderness, and at other times, I felt like crying so hard that I thought it might look dirty or inappropriate for Him, or depressing to the idea that sexual love between Jesus and a soul wouldn’t exist at all, since He’s a God, not a human anymore. I even promised Him that I’ll abandon all my sexual fantasy thoughts, just to feel His gentle touch. Now, I’m genuinely a happy soul. Surprisingly, I’m no longer addicted to watching pornography, since all my love and attention is all on Jesus!! It’s easier to see myself as Jesus’ bride, wearing what would a bride dress, and Jesus, wearing a suit, visualizing a beautiful wedding! I’m so happy, happy to feel like my soul is longing to fly around freely! After I read this article and it’s comments, I’m more confident with Jesus’ love within me! My depression is definitely meeting it’s end! Jesus is really the only one who could fix my rotten and broken heart when I actually thought that He broke it during the first years of my despair! And come to think of it, I think I can understand why Jesus made me gay. He wanted me to focus entirely on Him, during my life and afterlife. It is a personal relationship, the one and only relationship I’m going to have! I thought I’m the only one who would think of such relationship with God, but it turns out that I was wrong! It really feels good to see others yearning for Jesus’ tenderness. It might be easy for women to feel connected. As for men, it could be super confusing to them, but as for a gay Christian who’s madly and insanely in love with Jesus, I am proud to be gay only for Jesus. He’s my all, my one and only. I’m thankful that I haven’t committed suicide and found hope before my despair could swallow me. Him and my beloved mother were my biggest support. Sir Kevin, if you don’t mind me asking such a bizarre a question… No man on earth would probably embrace the thought of God’s compassion like the way you perceive it… A regular straight or heterosexual male wouldn’t find it amusing nor worthy of thinking. You’re very unique! I don’t want to sound offensive nor judgmental, but I think you could be bisexual. Again, nothing trying to offend you or anyone here. We’re all here because Jesus lead us here particularly on this page, desperate for more faith and affection. God bless you and your families!

    • Dear Mark,
      I’m also glad that you didn’t commit suicide. As humans, we like to focus on right and wrong and worry about God’s punishment for our wrongs. God does bring conviction at times, but it always leads to hope and life. Depression, discouragement, and death are tactics of the enemy to get us to lose hope. As Christians, we seem to love to tell people where they are wrong and shame them into stopping. We think we are making God happy. This is what the people did in John 8 when they brought Jesus the woman caught in adultery.

      God convicts and points out our sin in His timing. His main concern is our loving Him. He knows if we would just love Him, then He can direct our lives into what is best for us.

      I am grateful that you are in a place where you are madly and insanely in love with Jesus. Most Christians will not understand you and think you are wrong. Do your best to continue to love them. Pulling away from other Christians is not good for you. We are to continue to meet together to encourage one another. When you are hurt by these Christians, go to Jesus and find His comfort and direction of how to move forward.


  20. My lin says:

    Kevin you are right on, but I believe its a little deeper than that. When you come together in an intimate sexual encounter with your SPOUSE it is two fleshes becoming one in the spirit. God being the spirit how do you leave him out? We did for years. Just recently I started including HIM in my sex life with my husband, because we were having problems that were causing myself and my husband to give up on our marriage. My husband had pulled away from God and trying to agree on anything was just not happening (good or bad). It seemed like the tricks of the enemy had won and I began to call in my defeat. Until one day I asked my husband was he bigger than my God?
    That was also a question for myself. The answer of course is NO, so now the fight was on. I believe in God’s promise for my marriage so I had to find out how to connect us like never before. One day while we were being intimate I just started pleading the blood of Jesus and claiming that no weapon formed against us shall be able to prosper…while still being heavily engaged with my husband. The three strand cord is definetly stronger in the midst of sexuall intercourse because you are truly one. Let me tell you I have not stopped praying in the midst of sex with my husband because he is fighting for himself and our marriage like never before. PRAYER WORKS, BUT I BELIEVE INTIMATE PRAYER IS THE BEST. My husband has no idea that I have started doing this. It’s a secret worth having, because GOD is truly in control. The enemy can’t work his way into that. Once my husband becomes stronger in the Lord maybe I’ll let him know or maybe I’ll just let the Lord continue to do his business. Fyi I don’t pray the entire time and the intercourse is even more mind blowing after ten plus years of being married!

    • I am so happy for you! Prayer during or after sex can feel weird at first. My wife and I first did this as we were trying to have kids. It was wonderful. Thank you for your comments.


  21. Is that it? says:

    I have an intimate sexual relationship with God. I love much Him so much as a woman loves her lover. He has improved my life but I ponder about this relationship. I had this creature to Creator love for Jesus, I loved him as a little child. And then He revealed his sexuality to me in an unearthly, indescribable way. Sometimes I feel betrayed because I know this experience is not unique on me, and I tell Him I’d rather have a father and child relationship with him, without the implications of being lovers. I threatened him with killing myself became I can’t take no longer pondering what is this all about. He is God and knows how to comfort me and fills me with his amazing love but I cannot come to terms with my fate, and I don’t understand why so many Christians are so taken into being the bride of Christ. To me, that’s promiscuous behavior and let Him know exactly how I think in my human perspective. Of course, God knows everything but in my human understanding , I’m really having a hard time of being forced into a relationship I’m unhappy with. I feel I’m being coerced, and duped into an orgy I don’t want to participate. I tell God if heaven is all about this, I’m not so sure I’d like to join Him. Do I have a better option, God?

    • I can give you some brief clarifications on what I feel is some restrictions to this idea that God wants to have sex with you. The main point of this post was that God is looking to have intense intimacy with you. I’m not saying He wants to have a sexual encounter with you, but that He is looking for that kind of intimacy.

      With that said, I will not limit what God will or will not do. If you are saying God is having sex with you, maybe you are right. But maybe something else is going on.

      Here are some guidelines to help you understand:

      1. God will not force sex on you. That is rape, and it is not in His character. That would be a demon disguising as an angel of light and you should seek assistance from someone to help you walk through it.

      2. Sex is intended for greater intimacy. Within the context of a committed, marriage relationship, sex can draw the couple into a greater closeness. Sex outside that intimacy takes advantage of the other person. If you are feeling dirty, disgusted, and ashamed, it is not God. Again I would suggest you seek assistance from someone to work through it.

      3. Sex cannot carry a relationship. Sex between intimate lovers is strengthened by the on-going relationship and friendship. If your only encounters with God are these, then it is not God.

      I think some people really can have encounters like this, but it will not be the only way they interact with God.

      It sounds to me that you would benefit from someone you trusted that you can sit in front of to talk this through. There is no room for shame and guilt about what you are experiencing. Explore what is going on with a trusted counselor. If you find out it is not God, it’s not your fault. Just seek your healing and gain your confidence in your relationship with God.

      I hope this helps you. God does love you and thinks you are amazing. He is not looking to get anything from you. He just likes you the way you are.


  22. Maria says:

    Thank you so much for this post! I am a happily married faithful wife/mother and Jesus has called me into a personal sexual relationship with Him recently. I was blown away!
    I felt led to comment so others like me who think they have been called by Jesus into this type of intimacy & want this personal relationship, but really think WOW! how could I dare envision making love to my Creator?
    Who is The Lord of Lords, King of Kings!!
    Believe me, It’s not wrong!! It feels so right and lovely and worthy!
    I actually feel alive and He alive in me. I feel like I’ve crossed over to the other side and Love Him So Much!!
    And I agree that this will look different for everyone. Allow the Holy One to show you how it will look between the two of you.

  23. Jaime Rogers says:

    The Bible says no one practicing sexual immorality has any inheritance in the Kingdom of Christ and of God. The book of Revelation condemns what Jesus Christ calls the deep things of Satan and the spirit of Jezebel in the church and says anyone practicing sexual immorality with her will die on a sickbed with her. Jesus Christ taught in the beatitudes Matthew 5-7 that anyone who even looks upon a woman to lust for her in his heart is practicing adultery and warns of condemnation and hellfire. He says anyone who does not teach Righteousness has no light in them at all. So you are spreading false testimony of God Almighty, and if you do not repent you will be judged. The foundation of God’s throne is righteousness and justice, and he does not wish that anyone perish but that all turn from their evil ways and repent and seek righteousness. He says all who hunger after righteousness and justice will be filled.


    There is something else I need to say to you. God is righteous. He says a lot of things in the Bible that are about adultery. He speaks of Israel committing adultery against Him and He does call Israel a harlot. He does speak of breasts and uses sexual terms. But there is something you have to realize about God. He does not go against His own commandments. The 10 commandments were a standard for Israel to follow, and Moses told them not to fear, as they were very afraid when the power of God in thunder, and fire fell upon mount sinai. Moses told them, do not be afraid, God has done this so that you will not sin. Yes to follow the ten commandments Paul writes, is not what can gain us salvation, as no one is righteous before God. No one. So putting our faith in Jesus Christ for salvation and then pursuing righteousness is what will gain us entrance into the Kingdom of Heaven. God says “shall we continue to sin, that grace be upon us, by no means, for all who continue to sin, will be led into death.” So, yes God uses sexual imagery in the Bible. But if God gave the commandment, “You shall not commit adultery.” Could God then, Himself, commit adultery? Could He go against His own commandments? If in the beginning He said, “it is not good that man be alone, I will make a helper comparable to Him. Therefore a man shall leave His father and mother and be joined to His wife and the two shall become one flesh.” Now this refers to Christ and the Church in the new testament. But we each are in individual bodies..we may be members of one body, the church, but we are in individual bodies. Male and Female. So, if Jesus Christ is having sexual relationships with more than one person, many women and men, or even a few. First this would say He is a homosexual.. the bible says He came as a man. And the Bible condemns homosexuality in the book of Romans. Also Jesus Christ Himself would be committing adultery if He were to have sexual relations with more than one woman. He would be committing adultery. He Himself says He did not come to abolish the Law or the Prophets, but to fulfill them. He then says if your eye or hand causes you to sin, cut it off and throw it away, it’s better to enter life with one eye or hand than to have both and be cast into Hell. So, as He says if you seek Me you will find me, when you seek me with all of your heart in Jeremiah. If He sins against His own commandments, He will be cast into Hell himself for eternity. In Leviticus, He says if the High Priest causes anyone to sin, He Himself must make a sin offering for Himself. If God called human beings to literally have a sexual relationship with Him, He would be causing humanity to sin. And He would be a hypocrite.

    • Dear Jaime,

      I can understand your disgust. Many disciples left Jesus when He started talking about having them eat His flesh and drink His blood. Sometimes the truths God is trying to communicate is despised by the wise. Maybe there is something different being communicated here than what you first see.


  24. Matt says:

    Don’t change the title…I would have never come across or read the article had it not had that title

  25. Matt says:

    Also, you are right…many disciples left Christ over the teaching of Communion… your article wasn’t gross…it was truth…the title was spot on… Christians often have a disgust for sex.

    God made sex beautiful and a foretaste of heaven. Christians need to get with the program!

  26. Lucy Teresa says:

    Hi Kevin,

    I’ve been praying over this post and the comments for some time, and I’ve written a piece which I think some of your readers might find helpful, here:

    I hope you don’t mind me sharing a link. Although I write primarily from a Catholic perspective, hopefully the ideas I’m putting forward should help people of all denominations (or none) find some peace in this area. God bless.

  27. Lizzy says:

    I really appreciate this article and everyone’s comments. I’ve really been struggling with this whole sex with Jesus thing lately. I felt in my heart like He’s led me on this recent passionate journey with Him where He’s taught me that (as a single woman) He is my Husband and that He wants to be my provider and meet ALL of my needs. At first I thought He meant like companionship and financial stuff and helping me with day to day things. Then I started having dreams that we were a little closer than best buds…like He would pull my skirt up – some, not all the way, nothing too graphic – and rub my thighs with His hands. I’d wake up and be like, “Ummm…what? That was kinda hot but, I’m really sorry I had that dream about You, most holy Lord!” And I felt like He was saying “I’m really NOT sorry you had that dream about Me. Come a little closer!” So reluctantly I did. It’s like being an inexperienced virgin all over again because I feel so ashamed and embarrassed and WRONG, but I think that’s part of His point with me – I always feel ashamed about everything. I told Him a couple of months ago that I didn’t want anything to come between us and that I just want to know Him – I don’t care if He ever blesses me with anything else ever again but I want to know Him as much as humanly possible in every way that a person can know God. He started getting closer in response to that, and now He’s my Husband in ways I still sort of consider to be taboo. I still struggle with it, but I feel like He’s telling me that He doesn’t want me to ever feel ashamed about anything with Him and that He can be trusted completely with every issue that I have, including sexual intimacy. I’ve been going back and forth for about a week between being turned on like I’ve never been before to feeling like the world’s biggest sinner who has committed the ultimate offense against our holy God and His Son Jesus Christ. I felt like He was saying “Why do you think it’s more acceptable to have sex outside of marriage than it is to have sex with Me? I created sex. I REALLY LOVE you. I’m your Husband. I bought you with My own blood. You are Mine! I don’t want anything separating us. Let go and give me your shame!” It’s not even really about the pleasure I get from Him, but I see it as more of an act of surrender and worship. I think sex is the ultimate metaphor of the pleasure that He gets out of our love and adoration. I asked Him to teach me a new way to worship Him, and this is what I got. I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one dealing with this. Thank you!!!
    P.S. Read The Sacred Journey by Brian and Candice Simmons.

    • Dear Lizzy,
      Thank you for sharing. It’s amazing how God’s love transforms us to see ourselves as lovely and to see how much He truly loves those around us.

  28. Chris says:

    Thank you for your post. Ive been struggling with this. His love is amazing.

  29. Jaime Rogers says:

    Your website has been brought before the LORD Almighty with a Pastor. We have prayed and brought this into the light. The Spirit of Prophecy is the testimony of Jesus. This is the LORD’s response to you. He is giving you the book of Joel and Psalm 9. The Lord is Righteous. He is a judge. If you cause any one of His people to fall into sin it would be better for you that a millstone be hung around your neck and you be drowned in the sea. He does not take pleasure in the death of anyone, but that all turn from their wickedness and seek Him in genuine repentance and He will pardon. He is asking for a consecrated fast and returning to the Lord. “For He who avenges blood unjustly shed remembers them, His people; He does not forget the cry of the afflicted and abused. Have mercy on me and be gracious to me, O LORD” Psalm 9. Judgment is coming.

  30. Jaime Rogers says:

    Hi, to everyone that has read my posts, I want to apologize. I am no ones judge. I’m accountable to God and He’s my judge, and for judging you, I’m really sorry.

    Hope you can accept my apology.



  1. […] Coach, recently caused a bit of a stir in the Christian blogosphere when he wrote a post titled: ‘God wants to have sex with you.’ While Kevin has made it quite clear that he did not intend this bold title to be taken […]

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