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Are We Blessed Only to Be a Blessing?

    We Blessed only to be a Blessing

    Give All to the Poor

    I have a friend that has a passion for cars. He has done well with his career and now has the finances available to pursue a bit of his dream. He has bought a couple of beautiful cars, and they give him great joy.

    At some point, he had someone over, who happened to be a full-time minister. My friend, of course, started showing him these cars he enjoys so much. After sharing his passion and joy, this minister started to reprimand him for having such materialistic possessions. He said, “God wanted him to sell those cars and give the money to ministry.”

    What makes us think that God doesn’t want us happy? Do we have to forsake every pleasure to make God’s work advance? Is this the only way for heaven to come to earth?

    We Are Blessed Only to be a Blessing

    There is a saying that is going around churches that we are blessed only to be a blessing. This means that God only gives you money so you can give that money to someone else. You are not to important by yourself; you worth is only in what you can give other people.

    It really is a ridiculous philosophy, but it’s pervasive. It sounds so religious, and so we accept it without question.

    Let’s be honest, God blesses so we can be a blessing is kind of true. God is amazing at multitasking, and He can use our blessings to bless others. He also wants us to be like Him, which is being generous to those around us.

    Why This is Dangerous Thinking

    However, to think He blesses us only so we can bless someone else is harmful. It’s like saying He saves us from hell only so we can save someone else. He didn’t really care about us, but it was the only way to get to that other person. Dangerous thinking.

    If you are Christian, please know that God loves you. He loves to make you the center of His attention. Blessings are natural from a father to his children because fathers are so full of love for their children. As a good father, God loves to bless you.

    How have you understood the comment, you are blessed only to be a blessing? Leave a comment. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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