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target for holy spirit

Become a Target for the Holy Spirit

    The Holy Spirit is attracted to people who glorify Jesus. Let the things that motivated Jesus, motivate you and you will always be filled with the Spirit.

    Year of Love

    The Year of Love

      Let’s make a resolution that this year will be a year of love. Let’s think about God’s love and embody that love. May we represent it to the world.

      Let's All Be Brave by Annie Downs

      Let’s All Be Brave by Annie Downs

        Let’s All Be Brave by Annie Downs has two purposes it is trying to tell: 1. God made you on purpose and 2. God made you to be brave. Here is a quick review.

        How to Resist the Devil

        How to Resist the Devil

          Most discussions on how to resist the devil reside in knowing more Bible. We forget the devil used the Bible to tempt Jesus. There’s more to resisting satan.

          Jesse Skinner

          Staying In the Race – Be Encouraged

            You may have setbacks. You may even forget why you’re running sometimes. But rest assured, you are further along than you think. Stay in the race.

            Who Does God Say I Am?

            Who Does God Say I Am?

              There are days when the voices of fear, rejection, insecurity and competition seem louder than the Father’s voice over me. Who does God say I am?

              Beginning to Look Like Christmas

              A Season of Love

                Christmas is a beautiful holiday. Love fills the air because the spirit of Jesus is woven into its fabric. Love can change the world.

                God Laughs at Our Plans

                God Laughs At Our Plans

                  God scoffs at the plans of His enemies. He also gets a good chuckle at our plans. We make such definite statements that rule out His leading towards us.

                  Your Dreams Help You Persevere

                  Your Dreams Keep You in the Game

                    God has placed dreams in your heart to keep you in the game when all looks lost. They’re clues to the wonderful purposes for which you were created.