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The Gift of Weakness

Gideon’s Wonderful Weakness

    As you give yourself to God, your weakness becomes your greatest strength. God promises to be strong in our weakness, as we look to him with trust & faith.


    How the Devil Encourages You to Pray

      The enemy knows if we get too focused on what we want from God, we can easily be led astray. By becoming too focused on the prayers we lose focus on God.

      Embrace the Mystery

      Embrace the Mystery

        I don’t believe God wants to explain everything to us. He wants to leave room for faith. Without faith it’s impossible…, so let’s embrace the mystery.


        Have Some Regard for Human Frailty

          We talk about red flags, blind spots, and trouble areas. Freedom in Christ scares us. Failure scares us even more. We need some regard for human frailty.

          How to Live From Your Heart

          How to Live From Your Heart?

            As you begin to do things you love to do, your heart will come alive. As your heart comes alive you will know what God’s heart is for you more and more.

            How Do You Read Events

            How Do You Read Events in Your Life?

              My wife calls me up to tell me what just happened. We were step away from losing our daughter, a step away from having our lives drastically changed.

              Make a Habit of Prayer

              How to Make a Habit of Prayer

                Do you want to make prayer habits? Forget the 21 days. To build a prayer habit you need to create a Cue, a Routine, and a Reward. Here’s some thoughts:


                40 More Bill Johnson Quotes

                  Many Christians miss out on God encounters because they are satisfied with good theology. / Check out 40 Bill Johnson quotes to challenge your thinking: