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How Do You Read Events in Your Life?

    How Do You Read Events

    Life Can Quickly Flash Before Your Eyes

    Last week I mentioned a close call I had with a biker. A couple weeks before that our family had another close call.

    My wife had taken our girls to a tea party that a girl was having who is in the same class as my oldest. My youngest was also invited and excited to be included in this big girl activity.

    After the party and hyped up on happiness, she ran across the yard to the van. Typically both girls are very good about staying close to us especially around cars, but I can only conclude the joy of the moment overcame Elizabeth as she sprinted towards the van. My wife was slowed coming outside as she was saying goodbye and gathering things. She looked up as Elizabeth was running between two parked cars toward to cross the street to where we parked.

    Fear and Relief at the Same Time


    Elizabeth stopped one step short of running past the parked cars into the street. Not even a second after she stopped, a car sped down the road.

    My wife calls me up to tell me what just happened. We were step away from losing our daughter, a step away from having our lives drastically changed.

    How Do You Read Events in Your Life?

    Close calls have been seemingly more common around our house, and this is a bit unnerving. As my wife and I have discussed this and feel that there three ways we can look at these events.

    1. They are completely random and are just a part of life.
    2. They are being orchestrated by the enemy to distract us from the direction God is moving us into.
    3. They have had the hand of God on them to protect us from some incredibly negative consequences.

    We are convinced that #3 is the truth. We are not going to give way to fear. God has protected us each time. Our lives are His. Does this mean evil will never hit us?

    What I am saying is that fear will not direct us. God has a good plan for our lives and He will protect our hearts. Why beat ourselves up with what could have happened, when what did happen was a sign of God’s protection?

    We are still trusting in God’s breakthrough for us, and we believe that each hardship that has happened along the way has expanded the blessing on the other side. We have a Father that gives good gifts. I don’t know of another way to view life.

    What do you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

    Original image courtesy of Lucas Sankey Photography

    2 thoughts on “How Do You Read Events in Your Life?”

    1. God’s hand of protection was upon your daughter. I’m glad to hear see stopped and nothing happened. I know God has protected me from many close calls both before and after I started serving Him.

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