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The Amazing Dance of Faith Expressed in The Christmas Stories

    Christmas Dance of Faith

    As we unwrap the stories of Christmas, it’s not just tinsel and carols that captivate us; it’s the untold tales of courage, of those who dared to follow God’s calling in ways that set them apart. Sure, we’re familiar with the checklist Christianity – attend church, tithe, be kind, read the Bible.

    But what happens when the divine playlist takes a surprising turn? When God, like a DJ with a cosmic mix, invites us to fast, skip certain movies, or perhaps, donate our car? In our walk of faith, there may be things God calls you to do that are challenging simply because it is different.

    Have You Ever Pondered the Origin of the Wise Men?

    The wise men are some mysterious figures of the Christmas story (Matthew 2:1-12). They stir up trouble in Jerusalem searching for some king that had been born because of a star they saw. Did nobody else see this star? Were they the only ones that knew to look to the sky for this royal announcement?

    Questions abound, but what sets them apart is their audacity to embark on a journey with costly gifts, fueled by an internal assurance that refused to be silenced. What gave them this confidence?

    What Would We Have Thought of Anna?

    Now, meet Anna, the prophetess (Luke 2:36-38). Sixty years of temple devotion, day and night. In today’s church circles, she would be ostracized as looney. Did she possess a secret revelation that eluded others? The details are sketchy, but her steadfast worship earned her an introduction to the baby Jesus.

    How Many People Would Have Believed Mary?

    And let’s not forget Mary – the original scandalous storyline. A virgin with child? That story was no more believable then than it is now. Joseph decided to divorce her quietly when he heard the story (Matthew 1:18-21). Mary goes to visit her relative Elizabeth to presumably spend time with people who did believe her fantastical tale (Luke 1:39-45). Does living a life greatly favored always look extremely different than others’ lives?

    What Does Your Dance of Faith Look Like?

    The Christmas narrative isn’t meant to be a spectacle confined to ancient times. No, the tapestry of Christianity should be as diverse as the cultures, races, and fingerprints God crafted. Each of us, a unique instrument in the grand symphony of God’s creation, marching to the distinct rhythm God plays for us. Others may not hear the beat, but we must still dance because our Father is pleased with our obedience.

    So, let’s consider the rhythm of faith:

    • Encouraging the Dance: How can we inspire more souls to step onto the dance floor of divine destiny? Let’s celebrate the uniqueness God has woven into each person’s calling.
    • Harmonizing with Others: What about those whose dance steps seem perplexing? How can we support and harmonize with the seemingly nonsensical calls on someone else’s life? Perhaps it’s as simple as tuning our hearts to a melody only they can hear.

    As we unwrap the gift of Christmas courage, let’s not just admire from the pews but join the dance – a dance that defies the ordinary and embraces the extraordinary cadence of God’s call.

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