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Embrace the Mystery

    Embrace the Mystery

    I have a lot of friends who would describe themselves as theologians or deep thinkers. God has given us a mind and they love to use it. I think I may fall into this category because I can see how often wrong beliefs can hinder our connection with the God who loves us so much.

    One of the hardest thing for thinkers to embrace is the mystery of God. There are things that God has left hidden. God wants to be known, but there is always more to know. Therefore there will be times things that happen that we can’t explain.

    Are we ok with the mystery of God?

    This is where we have to check ourselves.

    • When we see the wicked prosper, can we still praise God?
    • When we experience heartache, can we still say God is good?
    • When God speaks to us through the heathen’s mouth, can we hear Him?
    • When God’s directions don’t make sense, can we still follow Him?

    Personal Example

    Over our 15 years of marriage, my wife and I twice felt God lead us to start the adoption process. So far neither one of them has panned out. We have spent long amounts of time processing paperwork, reading, and preparing to adopt. We have spent a whole lot of money to be in that process.

    As we look back on that process, it would be very easy to say it was all a waste, because we have never adopted. However, we embrace God’s mystery.

    We feel confident that God started us in the process both times, and what He starts He brings it to completion. Therefore since we don’t have an adopted child in our home, we believe things were done in the spiritual. We have earned rewards, which we may or may not ever know about this side of heaven.

    Your Application

    I don’t share this adoption story to highlight us in anyway. My guess is that each of you have had experiences in life that have left a mark. It may be an area that has hindered you from trusting God. There is a phrase going through your heard: “I’ve tried that before and it didn’t turn out well.”

    I want to challenge you to allow God the right to not explain Himself. Allow Him to circumvent our minds at times. I don’t believe God wants to explain everything to us. He wants to leave room for faith. God loves it whenever He finds faith in us (Luke 18:8 & Hebrews 11:6). Whatever happens, God is good and He loves us.

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