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Christian Leaders Falling

Why Are Christian Leaders Falling?

    This article is not to point any fingers at the Christian leaders who have fallen, but really to try to pull out something that would prevent future scandals.

    Make Time for the Important

    Make Time for the Important

      Most of us struggle to find time to spend just a few minutes in prayer. God wants to walk with us through this life, but we need to make time for the important.

      Simple Statement of Faith

      What I Believe

        For the growing community that gave me their confidence by following this blog and for those that need to hear God is for them, here is what I believe.

        Why is it hard to follow God?

        Why Is Following God So Hard?

          There are two main reasons following God is so hard. If we can overcome these, we will find the abundant life that Jesus promised is not far off.

          Who Should You Vote For

          Who Should You Vote For?

            There is nothing wrong for a Christian leader to support a particular candidate, but it’s more important to help people learn how to decide who to vote for.

            What is Hindering My Prayers?

            What is Hindering My Prayers?

              In my efforts to not manipulate God, I hinder my prayers by limiting them to things I feel are reasonable. I create my own lid to what God may do for me.

              Pray for Leaders

              How to Pray for Our Leaders

                World leaders have much on their shoulders and as Christians we are responsible to life them up. What are we to pray for our leaders?

                Tell Them God Loves Them

                Tell Them God Loves Them

                  If they are struggling with prayer, tell them God loves them. God loves you and wants to be with all the time and in every circumstance.