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Prayer Coach Prayer Coach : worldview : A Season of Love

A Season of Love

    Look Like Christmas

    Love Changed the World

    When Jesus came to earth, the Jews were hoping, praying, and expecting the Messiah to come. They were under the tyranny of the Roman authority. While they had some independence of worship, they were not free. They were expecting someone to come and overthrow this oppression.

    Jesus did not come as they had expected. The expectation was that He would come in power and show some muscle. Nobody expected that the weapon He carried was love. Love crashed in and changed the world.

    We Still Don’t Understand Love’s Power

    As Christians we still don’t understand the power of love. We have our truth bearers that debate the principles of the world to create a foundation of believing like we do. We have our legal teams that push back on the advancement of secular laws and the encroachment against our rights. We have prayer warriors that battle in the heavenlies with declarations and petitions. We have our evangelists that go win converts and expand our churches. When we are attacked, we attack back.

    Not that any of the above are necessarily wrong, but how do we lay our lives down for our enemies? How can we ask God to forgive those that want evil for us? Where is the desire to see God bless those that hate us?

    We Have the Power of Jesus and It is Love

    This is the power of Jesus. He didn’t come to destroy His enemies; He came to make His enemies His family (Romans 5:8). Jesus believes in everybody He created. He knows the good He has put there. Let us see others through His eyes.

    Christmas is a beautiful holiday. Love fills the air because the spirit of Jesus is woven into its fabric. Jesus is love. People were made for love. We were made for Jesus. As Jesus surprised the world with His love, may it so fill us that we overcome our world with love. Instead of praying people out of office; let us pray the favor of God on all that they do. Instead of demanding our rights when someone cuts in front of us; let us look for a way to show kindness.

    Nobody can cause you to have a bad day. Nobody can stop you from loving. Allow the love God placed in you penetrate the hearts of others around you. Love can change the world.

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