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Prayer Coach Prayer Coach : worldview : Following Rules is Boring… and Dangerous

Following Rules is Boring… and Dangerous

    Following the Rules is Boring

    I spent most of my Christian walk trying to learn principles to find success in life. I looked for the specific responses God wanted when I faced specific situations. My leaders encouraged this in me by having me come up with 5- and 10-year plans and the steps needed to accomplish them.

    While there are benefits to such planning and preparation, strict adherence to our plans will keep us from God’s surprises along the way. The last post looked at Joseph’s life, which is great example of God’s path to our success does not often look like what we could have planned.

    I recently read the prison experience of Peter and then of Paul and Silas (Acts 12:6-11 & 16:25-28). Both were under heavy guard and were given a way of escape. Peter was encouraged to leave the prison. Paul and Silas chose to stay.

    It is important for us to watch for what Holy Spirit is doing. Did the earthquake come for Paul and Silas’ escape, or was it for the salvation of the prison guard? Did those guarding Peter also need salvation?

    Wisdom will fail us if it distracts us from what God is doing in that situation. Strict adherence to your plans will cause you to miss God’s unconventional ways. Don’t be afraid to make plans, just be willing to hold onto them loosely. God cares about your dreams; He just cares about your relationship with Him more.

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