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Bible Verses on God's Passionate Love

Bible Verses on God’s Passionate Love

    God’s not just casually in love with you, but most Christians miss it; He loves with a passionate, unfailing love. Read these Bible verses on God’s love for us.

    A Thankful Heart

    Be Thankful. Don’t Be Anxious

      We all know Phil 4:6-7 tells us don’t be anxious but pray. However when we pray, we don’t always experience the peace. Here is closer look at Paul’s words.

      The Extravagant Fool by Kevin Adams

      The Extravagant Fool by Kevin Adams

        Have a hard time applying Biblical faith to your life. The Extravagant Fool by Kevin Adams shares his humbling processes used to trust God completely today.

        Giving Up or Overcoming?

        Giving Up or Overcoming?

          Disappointment sets us back where we downgrade our view of God so we will not get hurt again. Are we giving up on God or overcoming in our faith?

          God Wants to Bless You

          God Wants to Bless You

            We devalue God’s love to think He only blesses us to be a blessing. That’s not love; that’s manipulation. He didn’t spare His Son, won’t He also…


            Prayer Quotes – Heidi Baker

              Be inspired by these Heidi Baker quotes like “when you are in love with Jesus, then all you do will radiate Him”. Read 22 Inspirational Heidi Baker Quotes.

              Your Dreams Help You Persevere

              Your Dreams Keep You in the Game

                God has placed dreams in your heart to keep you in the game when all looks lost. They’re clues to the wonderful purposes for which you were created.

                The Gift of Weakness

                Gideon’s Wonderful Weakness

                  As you give yourself to God, your weakness becomes your greatest strength. God promises to be strong in our weakness, as we look to him with trust & faith.