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Jim Cymbala Quotes

Prayer Quotes – Jim Cymbala

    “The main thing that God asks for is our attention.” – Check out 30 Jim Cymbala quotes on prayer that will lead you to fresh faith in God:

    How to Live By Faith-2

    How to Live Out of Faith

      Fear of what others may think or do strangle our ability to live a life of faith. Developing a community that believes in us is how to live out of faith.

      Do We Know Who God Is?

      Do We Know Who God Is?

        Our main problem with prayer is we don’t know who God is. If we really knew His love and how He wants to give to us, we would have no problem with prayer.

        Overcome God's Silence

        2 Ways to Overcome God’s Silence

          We have a God that loves to speak. Pray through these two ways to overcome God’s silence and may you be released into a greater awareness of His voice.

          Add Power to Prayer

          2 Ways to Add Power to Your Prayers

            Jesus’ life is awe inspiring which leaves us admiring Jesus. However, Luke 8 shows us how to add power to our prayers and have a life like Jesus.

            The Importance of Believing in Yourself

              We need reminders of who God says we are because our past, the world, and the devil will tell us a different story. It’s important to believe in ourselves.

              Teach Us Through Sex

              God Wants to Teach Us Through Sex

                God wants a relationship with us where we are naked and not ashamed. God wants to teach us through sex, so He can pour on you the fullness of His love.

                DON'T Limit Your Prayers

                Don’t Limit Your Prayers

                  Don’t limit your prayers by what you think is possible or right. Trust the Holy Spirit’s leading and pray in faith. You may be surprised what God will do.

                  Is Your God Really This Good

                  Is Your God Really This Good?

                    Do people who don’t know Jesus making any real impact? Is your God really this good that He would bless areas in people who don’t believe in Him?