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Time to Upgrade Your Prayers

    Upgrade Your Prayer

    Men and Women of Faith

    Hebrews 11 talks about men and women of faith who believed God for something and lived their lives accordingly. Faith is the assurance of things hoped for (Hebrews 11:1). Faith comes from hearing the word of God (Romans 10:17). Those people in Hebrews 11 heard the word of God. This is more than just the Gospel; it is God giving specific direction to them.

    This list of people in Hebrews 11 is not for us to read and make heroes out of them. Sure we can be inspired by them, but these stories are to call us to that same behavior. It is only together with us will they be made perfect (Hebrews 11:39-40).

    Following the lead of the Holy Spirit is a lot harder than just reading the Bible and living a good life. God may call you to do things that other Christians will call you nuts about. You may not be able to point to a verse to explain your actions. Other people may try to change the way you feel God told you to do it. Sure we are to be accountable, but ultimately we are accountable to what God is saying to us.

    God’s ways are not man’s ways (Isaiah 55:9). He has not called us to normal lives. Have we really given our lives completely over to Him? Will we go anywhere? Do anything?

    Upgrade Your Prayers

    Prayer is so much more than reciting a list. It is more than asking protection, healing, or direction for those we love. Prayer is an act of dependance on our Master who is leading us on an adventure. We pray to get our marching orders. We pray to gain confidence with each step. We pray to overcome discouragement. We pray for the resources we need to accomplish the vision He has given us.

    Prayer is one of the most exciting things given to us as Christians. We get the privilege of communicating with the Creator of the Universe. Life is never boring when God is talking, and since God started the world by speaking and maintains the world with His voice, we know He likes to talk (Hebrews 11:3 & 1:3).

    Since Christians know His voice, we know He wants to speak to us (John 10:27). He calls us His friends and makes known to us the things of the Father (John 15:15). Let’s upgrade our prayers by taking time to listen and follow the voice of the One who gives us life.

    2 thoughts on “Time to Upgrade Your Prayers”

    1. Dear Prayer Coach,
      Thank you for some of the stuff you said in this post. I never thought of it that way before. I like it that you deduced that God likes to talk. It’s nice to think of Him as an expressive personality. Lately, I have really been trying to research God’s personality.
      I also like how you talk about the different aspects of prayer. It makes it more powerful, especially since prayer is a conversation with God, and part of a conversation is listening. I think that is one of the hardest things for our society to do, including Christians. It’s something I am still working on. What you said reminded me of this Christian woman who my dad heard about in a sermon from a long time ago. She was the known as the Prayer Warrior, because God seemed to always answer her prayers unlike other people’s. Well, one day, the pastor giving the sermon said he went to visit this woman to discover her secret of successful praying. When they were together, and were beginning to pray, for the longest time, she just sat there, in total silence. At one point, the man thought maybe she had fallen asleep (as she was well along in years), but when he opened his eyes, he saw her, sitting totally straight, hands folded, and eyes closed. So he knew she was still awake. After a long while, she started to lead in prayer. Afterwards, he asked her why she sat there in silence for so long. She said she was preparing herself to get in the presence of God. She was not just barging into prayer, as if she is demanding something or with an equal casual friend. She became totally reverent and still before the Lord. She then could pray in perspective, even when praying for things that she desired. That story really affects me. I still don’t have the spiritual discipline to do what she did, as I have anxiety and depression a lot, and just want to confide in God often times. So I don’t have the patience to do what she did, because I want to be heard. But I want to learn to be still before Him, so He can be pleased with me when I come to Him. But I just wanted to share that story with you.
      Thank you for this post.

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