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It is great to see what Christian leaders are doing to keep up their intimacy with God. This is a resource of some that I have collected.

How to Pray Prayers that Make an Impact

How to Pray Prayers That Make an Impact

    We’ve to get beyond asking for just comfort and pleasure if we want to have impactful prayers. This is a part of a sermon by Bill Johnson of Bethel church.

    Safeguard Against Failure

    Your Safeguard Against Failure

      The reason that vulnerability and relationships are our safeguards against failure is that we need to share these things we feel are true in order to find freedom from them.

      Upgrade Your Prayer

      Time to Upgrade Your Prayers

        Prayer is much more than reciting a list. Prayer is an act of dependance on our Master who’s leading us on an adventure. It’s time to upgrade your prayers.

        Don’t Move Ahead of God

          Os Hillman wrote this great warning from Jeremiah. It’s strong, but the thirsty need a sharp rebuke before drinking poisoned water. Don’t move ahead of God.

          Bill Johnson preaching

          Bill Johnson on Death

            How does Bill Johnson keep himself from disappointment when the people for whom he pursues healing do not get healed? Here are some of his quick remarks.

            faith the size of a peanut

            Faith the Size of a Peanut

              There are amazine discoveries yet to be found that God wants us to ask Him about. George Washington Carver is a model of how God wants to speak to us.

              Saint Bartholomew's Day

              Saint Bartholomew’s Day

                Today the liturgical church seeks inspiration from St. Bartholomew’s example and prays for the same behaviors and attitudes in ourselves.