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Christian children's book about panda

New Christian Children’s Book

    In this heartwarming series, children will learn about the power of prayer, the closeness of God, and how life with Him can be an adventure.

    how we can recognize Jesus

    How Can We Recognize Jesus?

      I think it is reassuring that the disciples had to learn to recognize the resurrected Jesus. It reveals to us the way we can know Him.

      Who is Protecting the Pastors?

        Godly leaders can still make horrendous mistakes. David needed Nathan. Are you brave enough to protect the pastors and leaders around you?

        What God Wants - What God Does

        What God Wants vs. What God Does

          There are things that God wants to do and things that He lets happen. And, the difference between them has a lot to do with prayer. God likes our faith.

          Expect Good Things from God

          Expect Good Things From God

            It’s wonderful my daughter asks things, but ultimately she trusts our love. Let’s present our requests to our Father and expect good things from Him.