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Praying to Infinite God

Praying to a God Who is Infinite

    There is nothing God will not do for us. We are the ones limiting Him by expecting too little. Let’s remember we are praying to a God who is infinite.

    The Bravest Prayer - Batterson

    The Bravest Prayer You Can Pray

      Have you given up praying about something because it seems that God doesn’t what to answer it? The bravest prayer you can pray is to continue praying that prayer you’ve prayed 100 times.

      Faith Without Works

      Faith Without Works Interpreted

        Most Christians believe that they are saved by grace, but this passage in James can seem to push us back to earn our salvation. Let’s look at interpreting how faith without works is dead.

        God Wants to Provide For You

        God Wants to Provide For You

          God’s provision is easy to believe when things are going well. When we are in need, we start to worry. Prayer reminds us that God wants to provide for us.

          Give Thanks in Everything

          How to Give Thanks in All Things

            Things happen in life that makes us sad. Giving thanks in all things doesn’t remove our grief, it positions us to see the goodness of God coming from it.

            Shocking Fact Non Christians-bg

            A Shocking Fact About Non-Christians

              We feel the need to convince non-Christians of their need to accept Jesus, but we often doubt if they would really desire it. Here’s a shocking truth: