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30 Faith-Sized Steven Furtick Quotes on Prayer

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Steven Furtick Prayer Quotes

  1. Accomplishing the impossible is all about seeing the invisible.
  2. Audacious faith is not passive. Neither is audacious prayer. Every aspiration you have in prayer needs an accompanying action. Otherwise you’re not really praying. You’re just pontificating.
  3. Everyone experiences what seem to be unanswered prayers. But in God’s economy, no one’s faith is ever wasted.
  4. Faith leads you past your fears and reassures you of God’s presence.
  5. God appreciates it when His people pray in a way that’s actually worthy of the God they’re praying to.
  6. God expects you to expect Him to be able to answer your requests.
  7. God has never been nervous about His ability to live up to our faith in Him.
  8. God wants us to push the limits of what we can ask or imagine.
  9. God wants us to pray in such a way that we have to immediately remind ourselves of God’s infinite greatness so that we don’t freak out.
  10. If God always met our expectations, He’d never be able to exceed them.
  11. If the size of your vision for your life isn’t intimidating to you, there’s a good chance it’s insulting to God.
  12. If we have the audacity to ask, God has the ability to perform.
  13. If you don’t get some blank stares from people, you’re not dreaming big enough.
  14. If you want to change the direction of your life, change the declaration of your lips.
  15. If you’re not daring to believe God for the impossible, you’re sleeping through some of the best parts of your Christian life.
  16. If you’re going to ask God to do something impossible in your life, you’ve got to have some clarity about what you’re asking for.
  17. Maybe God wants to do something beyond your abilities, and He is far less intimidated by your failures and limits than you are.
  18. One of the most glaring discrepancies in the Christian faith today is between the size of our God and the size of our prayers.
  19. Prayer is not the FOUNDATION of your work. Foundations are stationary. Real prayer MOVES you. It is the ENGINE.
  20. The measure of God’s abilities will always surpass the measure of our audacity. No prayer is too big for our God.
  21. The presence of God is not a place to bypass your emotions — It’s a place to process them.
  22. The presence of God will not always fix your problems, but it will clarify your perspective.
  23. The same power that stopped the sun and raised Christ from the grave lives in every believer.
  24. The strength of your faith is directly related to your willingness to apply it in places you don’t fully understand yet.
  25. We say ‘all we can do now is pray’ like prayer is the last kid picked in dodge ball.
  26. What matters most is not what I think I am or am not. What matters is what my Father sees in me and what He says about me.
  27. When God speaks to you about your potential, He will cause you to confront your past.
  28. When you have a dream in your heart, but no earthly idea how to make it happen, keeping your faith intact is a full-time job.
  29. While the greatest moves of God might start with the prayer of one, they’re sustained by the prayers of many.
  30. Wouldn’t you like to know how it feels to see God accomplish the impossible right in front of your eyes?

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