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Praying to a God Who is Infinite

    Praying to Infinite God

    God is Infinite

    I was thinking recently about God’s infinite nature. He has unlimited power, He knows everything, nothing exists without Him, and nowhere we can go without Him. He is infinitely good, infinitely kind, and infinitely loving. God is infinite.

    Because of this, we will never stop learning or exploring all that God is. There is always more about Him that will astound us. We may know that He is good, but we can always learn He is even better than that. We may know that He love us, but we can always learn He loves even more deeply than that.

    We Needed Jesus Show Us God

    Theology is helpful to give us direction in understanding God, but it can never fully satisfy who God is. A book or teaching will only give us a static view of something that is infinite. That’s why God gave us Jesus as the model. Only something living could fully express the complete view of God. That is also why He had to raise from the dead, so He could continue to show us the fullness of the Father.

    Jesus shows us that God is not looking to condemn us (John 8:10-11). God does not send us sickness (Matthew 15:30). God cares for us (1 Peter 5:7). He will cry with us, even if we would be happy if we only knew what He knew (John 11:33-35). He will go against the laws of nature (Matthew 14:25-29).

    Jesus conquered death. There is nothing He wouldn’t do to show His love for you (Romans 8:32).

    We Limit His Limitlessness

    Most of us limit our prayers to what we think God will do, when we could be praying for what He just might do.

    Last week I was talking to a leader at my work. He has had some painful back spasms the last few weeks. He has seen several doctors to help him find relief. Standing in the corridors of work, I asked him if I could pray with him right there.

    I knew this person was a Christian, but there was still tension in me about whether I should only pray for wisdom to find the right doctors or should I pray for complete healing of his back. God has infinite power and He has healed people in the Bible. Why would we hesitate to pray for healing in this case?

    Let Our Prayers Match a Limitless God

    Let’s start to expect God to show up. Invite God to surprise you this week. Ask Him to overwhelm you with His love. Pray for things that only God can do. There are no limits on God except our willingness to pursue the more found in Him.

    There is nothing God will not do for those He loves. We are the ones limiting Him by expecting too little. Let’s remember we are praying to a God who is infinite.

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